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50% Commissions On Product That Sells Itself
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Learn How to Absolutely ‘Smoke’ Your

Firefighter Interview So You Can

Come Out on Top And Get the Job!

. . .Once you know what
questions will be asked during your interview and how to answer
those tough questions, there’s simply no way you can fail


Dear firefighter applicant,

It’s exciting. Every
day, I get letters and emails from new firefighters thanking me for
my help during the interview process… People that were once firefighter
applicants just like you, who are now living a great life doing a
job they truly love.

Letters just like these:



I’m writing to let you know
that your firefighter interview guide was a godsend for me.
I tested with 422 other people and was one of the 14 hired for
the academy. I hoped your guide was going to help but I had
no idea how much.

Thanks again!!!

Armand G. – Riverside, CA
(via email)

Top 10% of Testers!

Hi Roger,

Letting you know
that my oral board score was 92.2% ranking me in the top 10%
of testers for the fall academy and I owe it all to you.

Brad F. –
Norcross, Ga (via email)

Smoked the Interview!

Hi again Roger,

Sorry to bother
you again but I had to let you know that I “smoked”
my interview today! Thanks for everything!!

Dan K. – Waynesville,
NC (via email)

The Crucial
Step to Getting Your Badge

As a veteran firefighter
and certified oral board rater with over 16 years of “hands-on”
experience with oral board interviews, I regularly spend 8 to 10 hours
a day sitting across the table from new firefighter applicants just
like you.

It’s my job to rate, grade
and asses new firefighter applicants to determine their suitability
to be hired as firefighters. I do this by asking some pretty tough
questions…questions that give me insight into your honesty, integrity,
and suitability…as well as your judgment and reasoning abilities…all
which are scored through several complex scenario type questions.

It’s true. Passing
the oral board interview isn’t easy. In fact, it’s likely
to be one of the most nerve-racking things you’ll ever go through…

And…I can tell you
firsthand that the biggest hurdle to you being hired as a firefighter
is the dreaded oral board interview.

Make no mistake about it:
the oral board interview eliminates more prospective firefighter applicants
than all other parts of the testing process…combined!

And that’s why I’ve
created the information I want to share with you today—it’s
information that you absolutely
must know before you set foot in a firefighter oral board interview.

It not only tells you what you need
to know to pass the oral board interview…it’s the “inside”
stuff that guarantees you a top score that will propel you to top
of the list so you’re in a prime position for landing the job.

It really comes down to this…

Pass the oral board interview, and
you make it on the eligibility list…

But fail…and you’re headed
home to break the bad news to your family and friends…and all
that you have done…the testing, the time off work, the written
exam, the physical agility test…have all been a complete waste
of your time.

So ask yourself…

How Bad Do You
Want This?

If you’ve made it past the written
test and you’re now preparing for your oral board or chief’s
interview, you should pat yourself on the back. You’ve come a
long way.

But unfortunately…now comes the
hard part.

You see, the written tests for the majority
of fire departments across the country are geared solely to eliminate
the walking dead…those that have no clue to what they’re
getting into.

The oral board interview, on the other
hand, is the most important step in the hiring process. And everything
you’ve done up to the oral interview, is merely a “stepping
stone” to the big show.

In most cases, once you pass the written
test, your oral board interview counts as 100% of your overall score!

Understand that the oral board interview is where the decision is
made to either hire you or pass you up for a more qualified applicant.

And in all my years of rating and grading
firefighter applicants, there’s one thing that holds true: the
most qualified applicants don’t always get the job…

The most prepared interviewers do!

And if you’d like to be the most
prepared interviewer…to be able to rise above your competition…to
completely ace your firefighter interview AND get the job, then this
will be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

On average, there are over 100 applicants
applying for each open firefighter position nationwide! That means
there are at least 99 people that will do anything to beat you out
of the firefighter spot you want.

With competition like that, you need
all the help you can get.

And I’m going to show you how
to get that help…the same help that’s propelled hundreds
of other firefighter applicants just like you well above their competition
so they score high, “wow” the oral board and get the job.

Ask yourself these questions…

          • Wouldn’t it be nice
            to go into your oral board interview fully prepared, relaxed
            and ready to tackle all the tough questions they’re
            going to throw at you?
          • Wouldn’t it be great
            to virtually eliminate the unknown?
          • Wouldn’t things be a
            whole lot easier on you if you knew what questions were
            going to be asked BEFORE you arrived at the oral board interview?
          • And wouldn’t it be helpful
            if you knew EXACTLY how to answer those tough questions…so
            much so that your oral board panel was actually begging
            you to take the job?

If you answered “yesâ€