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Anti-scam Manual For Online Dating.

Anti-scam Manual For Online Dating.
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  • You have met a Russian woman on the Internet…
  • You are using a Russian marriage
  • You want to ensure she is not
    marrying you just for Passport…

If one of those
describes your situation, reading this Guide is
– to not be sorry later. (This
Guide will work for women from ALL Eastern European countries –
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc.)

Every week I receive
letters from men who say they would not make such expensive mistakes
if they had read the Guide beforehand. 

Be forewarned: it is a jungle out

Don’t let yourself become another victim of Internet con-artists!

Make sure the person you are talking
to is FOR REAL.

But how do you go about it?

  • You don’t know Russia and the former
    Soviet Union,
  • You don’t speak Russian,
  • You know very little about the
    immigration rules, different types of visas, how the finances work
    in Russia, etc.

Fortunately, there is THE Solution:

Let’s face it: Internet is faceless.

How do you know who you are talking
A beautiful sincere Russian girl or hairy Boris writing beautiful

There are sure ways to find it out…
When you need it the most, which means – NOW.

Don’t wait until “You need it, if
something seems fishy”.

It will already be too late! You
will spend lots of time and emotions (and money!) by then, and may end
up heartbroken. What is worse, chances are you will make the same
mistakes as other guys and destroy what was a really good and honest
relationship – just because of being paranoid about scammers. 

(I am not kidding, it happens all
the time – guys think they MIGHT be scammed and they start doing some
– seemingly meaningful – things that would not bother a real scammer
but which turn off real girls once and forever with no relationship
recovery possible.)

Knowledge is power. And this Guide will empower you to make an informed
that you would otherwise struggle to make.

Can you afford not to read it? 

If you can afford to spend a few months
trying to solve the enigma of sincerity in your relationship, if you
can afford to go to Russia to just find out that the person you were
corresponding with is not who she said she is, if you enjoy high
risk ventures and mountain climbing without a harness – well, then you
probably can do without this Guide…

OK, I am serious now. Honestly, I would
not recommend that ANYBODY even THINK of
communicating with a woman from the former Soviet Union without
reading this information
. There are so many things dating agencies
will never tell you about. Dating agencies don’t want you to know
about scammers at all! 

But you know that they exist, this is how you
happen to get across this page. Read the Guide – and you can stop
about them again

receive letters like this all the time!

I got scammed.
I’m a fool.
Now I have to pay back the money she stole. 
thanks for your efforts,
I wish
I had listened


be like Johnny… listen up – before it’s too late!

This Guide is written in regards to Russia but it’s
just as operational for any country of the
former Soviet Union
(Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc).

Find out NOW what is real and what
is not

The little money spent for this Guide can
save you MONTHS and THOUSANDS – as they already did for many men who
read it, and were feeling lucky they did.

  • Do you have an anti-virus program
    on your computer?
  • Remember the first virus you had
    picked up?
  • Remember how much time, money and
    effort it took to recover?

It is MUCH easier to have an
anti-virus protection than reinstall the whole system. And it might be
impossible to recover completely.

This Guide is your anti-virus
in your communication with your Russian bride
. It is much
easier to get this information now to prevent possible problems, than
to recover after being burnt.

To ensure you further, I give an unconditional
60-day money-back guarantee, NO QUESTIONS ASKED –
and of course you can still use
your new knowledge.

I update the Guide constantly,
sometimes a few times a week, according to the new information that I
receive on scams. The Guide is E-book so you always have access
to the latest anti-scam techniques. It is always current and up to date.

So if you decide the Guide
was nothing new to you, and you will not gain from using it – write to
me with your receipt number, and I will refund you the full retail price, up
to the last penny. As
I said, no questions asked.

Read the Guide, accumulate its power,
and if for any reason whatsoever you feel that it did not do what I promised,
you will get your money back.

So Order
TODAY risk-free
, and receive in addition to the Guide unlimited
after-sale support and consultations
. Ask me any question,
and you will receive an answer in priority order, free of

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Who needs ANTI-SCAM

  • Men who consider the possibility of finding a
    Russian wife
  • Men who are in correspondence with a
    Russian woman
  • Men who are using services of a
    Russian dating agency
  • Men who have been scammed, and want
    to find out what REALLY happened to them
  • Men who want to be 100% confident
    their correspondents and relationships are genuine.

can do for you?

  • Explain the inside mechanics of
  • List the most and less typical scam
  • Show you how to ensure you choose
    only honest sincere women
  • Show you the way to help your lady
    contact you with zero expense without sending money to her or her
    dating agency
  • Give advice on almost any problem
    situation in a relationship with a Russian woman.
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Apparently, you have found yourself in a situation
where you are going to be, or already are, in contact with a woman from
the countries of the former Soviet Union. Right? (Otherwise, what
you are doing here??)

Then ANTI-SCAM GUIDE is the right
reading at the right moment.

Or else you may let yourself become attached to
the wrong woman and end up with a broken heart.

And I should know – I am working in the
Russian dating industry since 1999 and I have seen how the scams
appeared on the scene and how they evolved during the past years. (It
gets worse!)
I know all the tricks in scammers books and I can see
through all of them. 

The question is: can you?
I fear not.
This very moment YOU may be being

Don’t think I am just trying to scare
the hell out of you. I talk from the experience. Too many men contacted me with their
stories about being scammed by a “Russian woman”. 

my estimations, about 40% of men entering the scene of
Russian-Western dating get in contact with a scammer at some stage of
their search
. You may be lucky and avoid being scammed, but
anybody can make a mistake. Often men discover that they have been corresponding with a scammer when they
have already developed strong
feelings towards the “woman”. It is a heartbreaking

Read what one of the men said:

I can’t begin to tell you how lucky I was to find your web site at this time. I am fairly certain that I am being scammed. I must say however that I wasn’t sure until I read your web page and
its information and it sounded exactly like my situation. 

I had my doubts but until I saw your web page on the subject I had no idea it could happen to me. Thanks to your fine info source I may have discovered my error before getting burned. 

All I can say is yes, maybe I prevented myself from a large financial loss but emotionally I am suffering right now as I became quite attached to her.

The worst part about this is not only having my feelings manipulated but the fact that I nearly let go of another wonderful and sincere lady who fits your profile of an honest and traditional girl…

Robert (USA)

If such a thing should happen to you, besides losing a considerable amount of money, time and emotional
it can make you lose trust in
women in general; and you might decide that international dating is a
process where it is too difficult to succeed.

But it is very simple to get it right, believe
me! There are thousands honest sincere women who will be genuinely
interested in YOU!

This information will let you choose
the right women and right ways of contacting them from THE VERY

Russia (when I say
“Russia” I actually mean all former Soviet Union, and most
of known scams are originated from Belarus, Ukraine and Republic
is famous in developing unique
scam schemes, and various scams are going wild there. Once a scheme is
developed, there are literally hundreds of people that implement it with their own variations.

I used to work in a promotional company
that was often running free samples giveaways. While some
individuals were using smartest tricks to receive as many free samples
as possible (and sell them later!), many people refused to take even
one – not because they did not want it but because of the fear of being
scammed. In Russia if something is free, it usually means they tempt you, and you will have to pay double price
in the end. People are
very cautious, and if something seems to good to be true, they seldom
enter such a venture. But I don’t think it’s nice to be cautious and
suspicious all the time!

It’s why the ANTI-SCAM GUIDE is a
must read for anyone
considering the possibility of international marriage.

It gives you background, symptoms and
easy-to-use solution protecting you against spending your time – and
money – to eventually end in vain.

The problem is that you try to use your
western experience in your relationship with females of the former
Soviet Union
, that is not applicable to international dating.
It is like driving on the right side of the road in England: you are
used to driving this way, and it was always right. At the same time
you are driving on the wrong side of the road! There is virtually NO
CHANCE of a safe arrival if you continue driving on the wrong side!

What you need is to know the
traffic rules

You may search for any
available information on the subject of Internet dating, and read
pieces of advice here and there. This is what most of the men do AFTER
they have been crooked. But even after that they wonder if their
new correspondents are genuine and relationship real.
They have no
idea how to detect a scam from the very beginning. They write me
letters asking questions if I think their new acquaintance is sincere.

If men who went through a scam
themselves cannot be sure if they are entering one again, imagine how
difficult it will be for you to figure out what’s right and what’s

What is missing is a complete guide,
how to develop your relationship with a Russian lady scam-free from
the very beginning
. I
have put together all the little pieces of information that you need
in order to ensure your new relationship is genuine and you are not
wasting your time, emotions and money.

How much is this information worth for
you? Some men spent as much as $3000 on scammers, and still have no
clue how to choose the right woman.

But there are things that are more
important than money:
your time, emotional energy and peace of mind. How can you
put a price on a broken heart?

After reading this information you will
never worry if your new correspondent is a scammer. You will be able
to make sure you start meaningful relationships  with only sincere honest girls, who are
genuinely interested in you. You will never let yourself become
attached to the wrong person, and end up with a broken heart.

This information explains the inside
mechanics of scams to you and lists the typical scam situations. It
shows you how you may get scammed without your even being aware of

But this is NOT the main purpose of my

The main purpose of this information is
to free you from
everyday doubts in the sincerity of your correspondents
After reading
the ANTI-SCAM GUIDE you will be able to fully trust the women who are writing to
you, because it will only be sincere ladies; all the scammers will
leave you alone!

With my information you will have the means to help your lady
to contact you with zero expense without transferring any money to her
or her agency.

My information is based on experience
of hundreds men who were scammed by Russian scam-artists paying the
high price for a lesson in the realities of Internet dating, and
enhanced by my knowledge of Russian circumstances and the industry in general.
I spent considerable amount of time thinking of the way a to scam-free
relationship, and have developed the complete solution.

But there is more. The information
includes insider tips on succeeding with Russian women based on
psychological specifics of their character. With this advice you will
not only secure yourself against scammers, but will be able to get a distinctive advantage over your competitors even if they are younger,
better looking and more well established in life.

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The complete no-nonsense
ANTI-SCAM GUIDE with advanced strategy for
developing a scam-free relationship with a Russian Lady 

will show you:

  • How to detect a scam;
  • How to ensure that you contact only
    honest sincere women who are genuinely interested in you;
  • How to make scammers leave you alone;
  • How to let your lady contact you
    with zero expense without sending her any money.


of reliable local agencies and services in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus –
you have people you can trust!

was asked all the time about services in local cities that I could recommend. The list gives you access to addresses of reliable
trustworthy services
that you can use in local cities for address
verification, gifts and flowers delivery etc (Moscow and region, St.
Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Yoshkar-Ola, Kiev,
Odessa, Lugansk, Donetsk, Minsk…+ access to addresses of my partners in 70+ other cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus)

This list alone
is worth hundreds dollars!

Those are my contacts that I accumulated for 5 years!
Get it as a FREE bonus.

Put your
mind and heart at peace.
Let yourself to be empowered by the knowledge of the experts.
You do NOT need to learn from your own
Be smart and safe, and do it right from the first time.

is NOT true that only stupid people get scammed. Some really, really
clever guys can also get into a trap.
Not because they are
not clever enough but because of the lack of knowledge. 

example, you know there is a huge hole in the floor covered by a
carpet. Would you step on it? No. Because you know. Another guy, who
does not know about the hole, would step on the carpet and fall into
the trap – NOT because of his stupidity, as normally there is no
danger in stepping on the carpets, this is what they are made for –
but because of the lack of the knowledge.

is what the Guide is giving to you – The

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This is what readers of ANTI-SCAM GUIDE

I would like to personally thank you Elena for bringing the truth to people who are seeking a Russian bride, I have learned volumes of information from reading… Because of this information I now feel I have the advantage to make educated decisions, and now I know what to do and what not to do when looking for a Russian bride. The information you provide is priceless.


At this time I would like thank you for your very informative Web pages and specially to your ANTI SCAM GUIDE which helped to uncover that I was too being scammed for hundreds of dollars.

Thanking you kindly,
Paul C.

After purchasing and thoroughly reading your ANTI-SCAM GUIDE, I used two methods suggested in it, and to my chagrin I discovered that my “special lady” was attempting to scam me. I had sent her $50 for emailing, but the expenses would have grown to hundreds if not thousands. I am somewhat heartbroken, but how much more heartbroken would I have been later?

Again, thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Dear Elena,

Your anti-scam guide is fantastic and very funny, the best reading I ever had. 

I realized after reading your scam guide, that I have been scammed, many times, I just didn’t want to believe it.

It’s something you will not admit to yourself, like for example
if you were having a close relative killed in a car crash. It
cannot be true, I can’t believe it, why does this happen to me?

And also being scammed is very embarrassing, you think, I am so smart, I can’t be fooled, no one could ever do such
a thing to me, it only happens to others.

I searched the internet for five years, and I have been doing the same mistakes over and over again.

I have been scammed many times, let’s say 5 times, in most of the situations you are describing in your guide, I can tell you, I have been exposed
to almost all the situations you describe and I have received letters that I can now say
were definitely a scam.

Per Swensson (Sweden)
P.S. I never give up.

I have recently purchased the anti scam guide which I think is totally righteous and down to earth. I will be reading this several times before I begin my adventure with a foreign bride. I believe that knowledge is power and fore warned is fore gained.


I just read through the Anti-Scam guide. My suggestion is that you place more emphasis on the value of the guide as a resource for smooth and easy communication. It provides not only information concerning the mechanics of setting up a good system but it also provides valuable insight into the women’s perceptions and communication needs.

I’ve just entered the waters of international dating. I’ve written a few letters and been pleased with the responses. I’ve met and fended off a scammer. In short I have been very lucky. I wish I’d found your site first.

Glenn (USA)

Dear Elena,

Congratulations on your wonderful guide! I will recommend it to to all I
know who are treading this hazardous path. I
thought you might be interested in a scam which I am now
certain of which I am still playing along with but the scammer
doesn’t yet know I am onto him/her! I initially thought it was genuine, but after one or two letters decided
to do some research and came across your website. It is all so incredibly stereotypical of one of the main techniques you
mention in your manual!

Thanks so much again for your book.

Kind Regards,

I just have to thank you for the Anti-Scam Guide. I was
suspicious at first, then after reading your guide I checked the
black list and sure enough, the girl writing me was there. I was
shocked at the almost identical letters. I figure this guide probably saved me hundreds, if not thousands of
dollars, even if it hurt to find out the truth.

Thanks again

I LOVE your book, apart from all the really valuable information
which undoubtedly saved my wallet from extinction, I found it also
to be hilariously funny!

You told me things which I kind of felt but didn’t want to hear! Thank
you very much! Being a professional classical musician I have strong gut feelings about
things but even with feeling as though I was ‘tuned in’ to it, I feel I
could still have been sucked in and sucked dry, if it wasn’t for your

Once again, I really appreciate your help to me and those like me
who could become so skeptical we would just give up. Which would be a pity
as Russian/Ukrainian women generally seem so beautiful sensual and
romantic. And I am a sucker for those qualities (like most men on the

Kind regards,

I would like to
thank you for the scam book. You have no idea how much the book helped me. Everything to the tee was followed in the scam against me. Would have scored a 100 points if it was considered a test. I am one of the lucky ones that bought the book before being taken. Later I will be updating the black list.

Thanks a million.

Guide is very informative and interesting. I intend to seek a bride
abroad as soon as I clear some other matters. I would recommend your guide as a first stop for anyone seeking a foreign bride
though, because it as they say in USA ‘Cuts to the Quick’.

Timothy L’Innomme

Ran across you Anti-scam Guide awhile back and decided it to be an excellent investment, and it has
been. Thank you so very much.

Kurt, USA

I just want to thank you for writing the ANTI-SCAM GUIDE. I am an American man 30 years old and I have been searching for a life partner for quite some time now. Just within the last few months I started reading about Russian women. I know a few American men with Russian wives and after some early difficulties (mostly culture shock) they are all very happily married and in one of the marriages the man is 58 and his wife is only 37!!!! That seems a little “extreme” to me, but they are very happy together.

I am very embarrassed to write that I was scammed by the first Russian woman that I wrote to. Your “situation #1” fits me exactly. The really bad thing is that I saw your guide a few months ago and figured “Oh I don’t need that, only a loser gets scammed.” Boy was I wrong!!!
Your guide would have saved me 2 months of heartache and
$600. The woman wrote me beautiful letters and I almost instantly fell in love. I have to say that I don’t worry about being scammed out of the money, even though I am NOT rich she made me feel so special and I haven’t felt that good in years. Sometimes I still cry over her but after reading your guide I wonder if she was ever “for real” or not.

Please feel free to pass this along or use it as needed. I would be willing to help out any guys looking for a Russian woman from going through the heart ache that I did.

I want you to know that I have met another Russian woman on the internet. I am using alot of your advice in your anti-scam guide and am hoping that I do not have that happen to me again!!!

Douglas A. (USA)

Sounds great? Good, how can you get
this information and what do you have to pay for it? You can receive
instant access to this valuable information for only $24.95.

I guarantee that you will not find
this complete information anywhere else
. It is updated constantly,
and the information is always up to date.

Remember the unconditional
60-day money back guarantee. 
You cannot lose anything if you buy the Guide – but you will
a lot

  • Yes, the information in this book is
    worth 10 times more than the price of the e-book, and will save
    you hundreds $$$.
    money-back guarantee: if you think the Guide did not deliver what
    we promised, I will pay your money back with a smile.

What you are waiting for?

book is NOT available in bookstores.

There are
thousands of sincere honest Russian ladies out there who dream to love and be
loved. Do not spend your time and emotions on scammers!


Elena Petrova - the owner of Russian Brides Cyber Guide


you have any scam-related question
AFTER you have read this information,
I will answer it in priority order.
If your situation is
I will help you with personal advice.
But if you are then still not completely satisfied,

you will get your money

Elena Petrova