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Awaken Your Genius

Awaken Your Genius
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Step 1: Practice Conscious Meditation ©.

morning 2243465 640 - Activate1Now, how would you like to rapidly attract into your life the things representing your passion and your joy?

How would you like to tap your body’s natural healing powers while effortlessly releasing life shortening tension and worry?

Here’s the secret: Practice ‘Conscious’ Meditation©.

What is ‘Conscious’ meditation© ?

Conscious meditation© is NOT traditional meditation.

You do NOT have to sit anxiously for what seems an eternity in a painful lotus position.

You do NOT battle boredom wondering what you are getting out of it.

You Do NOT have to fight your own thoughts in a losing battle of ‘clearing your mind’ ( this happens naturally doing conscious meditation©.)

You don’t  ‘focus your breath’ or repeat mantras…

Conscious meditation© is a practice constructed for modern living which can yield tremendous benefit when practiced for only a few minutes daily.

You receive all the same benefits of traditional meditation like stress reduction, improved focus, improved mood and well being but with a more ‘conscious’ focused approach…

Opening you to receive the love, wisdom and guidance of your higher consciousness.

You’ll Raise your state of being to realize…

‘Your Circumstances Do Not Matter… Only Your Inner State Matters.’

And when you do this the implications to your quality of life are huge.

The stress created from being something you are not disappears, and so do all the stress related  problems.

Life feels good not burdensome.

You gain control, You live your dreams.

You know what’s right and what’s not.


As you practice Conscious Meditation©, You’ll experience unprecedented confidence and joy.

You will never perceive failure again understanding life is about the experience.

The more you honour yourself the more your happiness and joy exponentially grows…

This is one of the secret weapons to making quantum leaps in your life — practice Conscious Meditation©.