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Free Spiritual Connection Pendant Offer

Free Spiritual Connection Pendant Offer
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“So… Okay,” you may be wondering… “Sounds beautiful, but if these pendants are so special, why are these being offered for free?” 

Here’s Why We’re Giving You This Opportunity Today.

The World Needs To Come Together And Remember That We Are All, At Heart, Connected By The Tree

Here’s the story. 

Just like you, we read the news and think, “OMG, what is happening in the world these days…”

Just like you, we wonder, “What kind of place are we leaving for our children?”…

And just like you, we think, “We’re all from Planet Earth, and share the same home, hopes, and dreams in the end. Why can’t we all just get along?”…

I know.

Sometimes, it seems Humans have forgotten what we have in common, and can only seem to focus on our differences.

But historically speaking, there are many, many common threads and traditions weaving through and binding us as beings all across the planet, and yes, even inter-dimensionally through space and time – 

If you know our True Past and where to look for the Divine Connections.

And yes, it can feel overwhelming to try to make a difference these days, but…
The truth is, all change starts with each of us, every day, in the choices we make…and, as I’m sure you’ve realized at some point yourself…

True Change Starts At Home…In The Heart

Imagine if one by one, everyone on the planet could start remembering this lost connection to one another…

Could remember back to a time when things were simpler, and we honored the common bonds of humanity and history through ritual and dreams…

Imagine if even a few hundred people, or even thousands, began honoring and representing this Truth again in their hearts…

This beautiful vision is one we truly believe in, and hope to come to be some day…

And it’s exactly what we work on, every day, in every way we can.

This is why

We Have Arranged For A Certain Number Of These Tree Of Life Pendants To Be Given Away Freely, To Those Who Ask

We want to send you one of these beautiful pendants FREE…*(small shipping fee will apply)

If you can order yours today so we know to reserve one for sure!

But please don’t wait till tomorrow to decide. We don’t know how long this one stockpile of these special necklaces will last, so…

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