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Victoria RosendahlDear Friend:

I love to garden.

The thought of pouring over seed catalogs in January, snipping fresh romaine, and getting my hands dirty … soil caked under my nails … is a thrill.

I love to be self-sustaining as much as I can.

But a roll-over car accident in 2000 almost ended this joy when I hurt my back and neck and couldn’t bend or kneel like I used to.

There are times when the last thing I want to do is bend over and kneel to pull weeds ─ or even pick tomatoes. It hurts just to look at the garden when it’s overgrown and uncared for. Weeds can take over so quickly that in just a few days my flowerbeds go from looking lush and gorgeous to a field gone to seed. Since my accidents, my low back and neck sometimes lock up on me and make it impossible to work in the garden.

But I’m a stubborn German just like my father. So stubborn, in fact, that not long after the second car accident, I snuck my mother-in-law’s claw gripper ─ the one she uses to get cans off high shelves ─ out into the garden in hopes of weeding and caring for my flower beds.

I thought if I didn’t bend (too much) I could still keep the garden looking nice. Dreams are good, aren’t they? But I couldn’t get the claw part to hang on to the weeds long enough. And pulling the trigger on that gripper handle hurt.

It started to feel like my favorite pastime was more like training for a triathlon than relaxation and fun. Who needs that?

I thought my gardening days were over. Until GardenRack.

If you’ve had to stop doing the gardening you love
or have been told to quit
welcome to GardenRack,
the ultimate raised bed garden plan. It’s a free-standing,
portable, low cost alternative to in-ground gardening.

If I could show you a way to walk out onto your deck, patio,
balcony, or into your yard and do some weeding, watering,
planting and harvesting
c all without bending or
would you be interested?

It’s possible because the height can be adjusted to your own
custom fit. You can tailor
GardenRack’s dimensions to fit any height
needed. In the downloadable plans for building a raised bed
garden, the planting surface is designed to be waist high.

Want some proof? That’s me in the photo to the right. I’m 5
foot, 2 inches tall. If that’s your height, too, then just
use the dimensions stated in the plans. If you happen to be
taller or shorter, just measure your height from the ground
to your waist and that’s how high the
GardenRack should be.

And in this photo you can see that I’m growing tomatoes,
herbs and scallions all within the 2 foot by 3 foot planting
beds.  I grow spring veggies like lettuce, radishes,
scallions, carrots and peas as well as summer vegetables
like tomatoes, peppers and herbs.

Since you can customize the height to your individual needs,
is a perfect fit for gardeners in
wheelchairs or with limited mobility. There’s even a way to
attach a trellis to grow vertically and reach vegetables for
your supper ─ without help.


GardenRack, the Waist High Raised Bed Gardening System

Victoria, I want to get
instant access to GardenRack for just

I also want to get
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If you have a minute I’d like to tell you a quick story.

When I moved to Tidewater, Virginia I was 10-year-old-first-time-at-Disney-World excited to start my brand new garden. This was my first house with 5 acres! In Virginia, I finally had some real space to garden.

The day after moving in, I ran to a local nursery, bought $102 worth of plants and began planting. But I didn’t get very far.

I found out quickly that my house was surrounded by clay hard pan underneath what appeared to be good soil. If you’re not familiar with hard pan, it’s soil that’s so dense you can make pottery out of it.

Naturally, I was devastated but determined to find a solution.

And that’s the beauty of GardenRack. You’re not stuck with the soil you happen to live on. Instead, you control the soil in two 2′ x 3′ plastic tubs and can have your ultimate raised bed garden going in a single afternoon. It no longer matters where you live, how much space you have, or the composition of the soil. You’ll have perfect loam every time!

If you’ve got 15 square feet
about the size of a standard
washer and dryer sitting side by side
you can have a gorgeous garden. No matter where you live!

And if your “garden” is more like a concrete jungle
is perfect for you, too.
performs double duty
it’s a beautiful addition to
your landscape and an efficient and convenient place to grow
flowers, veggies, and herbs without changing a thing in your

If you find that you’ll be downsizing soon, your garden can
go with you. GardenRack is portable and
you’ll never again have to wait for soil conditions to
improve before you plant.

The first step in every successful garden is good soil
preparation. In the past, this could be a daunting chore if
you’ve never gardened before. Soil takes years to adjust if
it’s too sandy (water runs right through it and doesn’t stay
in the roots of your plants) or too compact (like clay so
that roots can’t get a good head start and spread out
properly to flourish).

Having perfect soil in the garden is something all gardeners
dream of. But it can take years to get the kind of garden
loam you can have in an afternoon with GardenRack.

All you’ll need for a ready-to-grow garden is a layer of pea
gravel for drainage, good potting soil with plant food and
water retention crystals already in it, some vermiculite or
perlite for aeration, and some compost for nutrients.

You can get everything you need for an instant garden in
GardenRack at your local home center,
including the compost. Just look for something called
dehydrated cow manure. It comes in bags and is odor-free …
you won’t smell like you’re in a pasture of cow paddies when
you open the bag, I promise!

That’s all there is to it.

Yours for a more bountiful


The Frugal Gardener


GardenRack, the Waist High Raised Bed Gardening System