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Holistic Harmony Network.

Holistic Harmony Network.
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Welcome to our online store. We hope that these products will guide you through a clarified path in life. They are a result of many years of hard work.

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Top 10 products:

C-30 Introduction to More Effective Communication

This is the first CD in our Effective Communication Series. Some suppress their feelings, others blame and threaten others. Few know how to respect themselves and others by communicating openly, honestly but also respectfully. How we fail to communicate and how we can communicate more effectively.  

B-15 Written Affirmations

We can program the mind by writing positive affirmations repeatedly. This technique can also be used in order to diagnose our obstacles towards feel secure, loving others, accepting our selves and in general feeling well. We can make impressive changes in our ways of thinking and feeling with this method.

Pain Reduction CD

Three techniques for reducing pain. See description at

Miracles Of Love And Wisdom (eBook)

You Are Manifesting Only A Very Small Part Of Your Inner Potential. Your Beliefs Cause You To Undermine Your Happiness And Creative Expression. This Book Will Guide You Through The Process Of Freeing Yourself From Old Limiting Beliefs And  Perceptions So That You Can Experience: 1. An Unshakable Inner Peace 2. Freer And More Inspired More Info »

B-25 Spiritual Potential of Marriage

Our relationship partner is no accident. We each attract exactly the persons we need to grow and learn with. We can approach our love relationships as spiritual growth processes and learn to love ourselves and others more deeply and steadily. Marriage is a path of spiritual growth if we approach it consciously.

B-12 Healing Our Inner Child

Most of us have suppressed and ignored our inner child for many years. This part of our being needs to be recognized, understood, communicated with, reeducated and healed. This lecture explains this process and how it can be facilitated.  

A-4 Fasting For Health

Many have healed themselves by fasting. Fasting is a means of self purification, self healing and health. When we fast our body has an opportunity to cleanse itself of toxins, bacteria and whatever might be obstructing its vitality and health.

D-37 Ethical Guidelines

Ethical behavior is the basis of harmony on all levels, personal, interpersonal, family, relationships, work, national and international. This requires an alignment between our values, beliefs, words and actions. It is the basis of spiritual life.

Life Coach 7: Working With Emotions

(203 pages) (only $ 7) Eighty (80) Articles, notes and questionnaires for greater self-knowledge, understanding emotions, freeing ourselves from negative emotional patterns as well as working with the inner child, inner conflicts, forgiveness of others and self and discovering life purpose.   This eBook uses the PDF format. To read it, you need to use More Info »

C-31 Communication in close personal love relationships – How to make I-messages

We learn to express our needs without blaming or criticizing the other. We need to focus on communicating on what we are feel, need and believe rather than accusing the other. We learn to make Declarative, Responsive, Preventive and Confrontive I messages.  

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