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Instant Confidence With Women

Instant Confidence With Women
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And you can too:
WITHOUT using any sleazy “pickup” techniques…
WITHOUT wearing ridiculous clothes…
WITHOUT having to fake a “bad boy” attitude….
And even if you’ve never dated anything but “average women” before in your life…

In a moment, I’m going to tell you a shocking story about how a piece of sushi changed my life forever…

I’m also going to flat out GIVE YOU THE KEY to the #1 factor in attracting beautiful women – regardless of your age, height, looks, wealth, or anything else.

What you’ll find shocking is that you likely already know about it, the problem is that nobody has ever shown you how to get it. But that’s all about to change…

Let me explain…

After I divorced my wife, you can imagine how I felt. I lost my family. I was broke. I was feeling rotten about myself. I couldn’t imagine any woman would EVER want to date me. I felt like if someone introduced a woman to me, the first words out of my mouth would be:

“Hi, I’m Adam. I’m a failure. Want to go out?”

I was seriously lacking that one thing that women say they want – confidence.

Everything I had ever read or watched about women said that confidence was the number one quality that turned women on. I knew to the core of my depressed soul that in order to attract women, I needed to show it and I needed to show it fast.

But the truth is, I didn’t FEEL confident. In fact, I felt the exact opposite! I doubted myself deeply and didn’t feel worthy to be with an amazing woman.

What made things worse was that everything I had ever read about attracting women told me I had to be a different person – wear crazy clothes – put women down – put on a mask and be someone that I not only WASN’T, but did not want to be. (Plus, my sons would totally make fun of me if I tried any of that silly, embarrassing posturing.)

What I secretly hoped was that I’d get lucky… meet my dream woman… and then she’d just like me so much that my lack of confidence wouldn’t matter.

Unfortunately for me, that only happens in Hollywood movies.

And I was given a hard dose of reality one day, as the perfect situation fell into my lap…

I had just come in from a job in Munich and I was in New York, feeling low, and alone. A friend recommended a place called Sushi Samba. It was packed.

There were no booths, so I pulled up a stool to the sushi bar.

Next to me, there was a slender young man, picking at his plate. I asked “What are you eating?” as I looked up at his face.

This was no young man.

This was the most beautiful girl…21, skin smooth and creamy as brie, her pixie like face framed in a short bob haircut…

Within a few short sentences – the most amazing coincidences arose…

Listen – I had just spent the last 3 weeks in Munich…I had studied philosophy in college, and I had been a tour guide in New York. This exquisite angelic beauty had been a philosophy major and said to me – in a sentence that I couldn’t have scripted…

“I am an Armani model. I just moved here from Munich last night and I don’t know anybody in this city.”

I know — a perfect Hollywood moment, right?

Well, it would have been if I knew what to do.

This is where the piece of sushi came in…

All I could do was stare at my plate – wondering what the hell to say next…

I mean, think about it…

Every guy in the world DREAMS of a moment like this where you are given instant connection, instant authority – an open door.

But my eyes were locked on my plate. It was as if the sushi was shouting back at me…

“SAY something! Do Something! ANYTHING!”

I didn’t have the words. I didn’t have the body language. I didn’t have the ability to make her feel intrigued, to trust me, or want me…In short…

I had ZERO Confidence, And It Showed…

Our conversation stumbled forward after this, strained and awkward.

This was the moment I had been waiting years for! To meet a beautiful, sweet, friendly…supermodel! And I had nothing.

My heart sunk as I watched her pay her tab and walk away, disappearing out of my life, forever. As I slumped home in the rain, alone, I made a vow…

This was NOT going to be my life. This was NOT going to be my destiny.

From that day forward, I made it a point to read everything important EVER written about male attraction with women. Meet every guru. Take every workshop.

And during this time, I made a strange discovery – NOBODY – not any dating, pickup, or relationship expert will EVER tell you.

It is…

I realized that I did NOT have to be 100% confident to inspire the interest of a beautiful woman. I just needed to know the triggers to make her FEEL that she was with a confident man.

That’s what was the single biggest “aha” I ever had with women. Because like me, the typical guy spends much of his life in a vicious cycle — waiting for a beautiful woman to like him so he can feel confident…but never being able to GET a beautiful woman because he lacks confidence.

But the triggers I discovered STOP that never-ending cycle…and give you a short-cut to at least seeming confident with women, so they want you and results follow.

Before I discovered these triggers, I was utterly hopeless with women. We’ve all seen the whipped married guy with no balls who does anything his wife says…that was me.

And I was still that guy! Women just looked right through me. They just saw me as a “friendly” guy…not the guy who would take them home and make wild passionate love to them all night. And it hurt.

In fact, it was devastating.

But since I discovered these “confidence triggers”, I’ve been able to naturally attract and date beautiful women.

Using these triggers, I’m never lost in conversation – and, rather than ever having to prove myself to women…

I’ve learned how to flip the power so that women “mysteriously” find they feel the need to prove themselves to me.

These triggers – a few of which I’m going to give you in a second – allow me to be relaxed, confident, and magnetic to women, even when I am not feeling that way inside.

That’s crucial, because if you currently don’t feel confident around women, THIS IS FOR YOU.

Because no matter how you feel right now, you’ll finally be able to appear confident– and therefore, attract any woman, anywhere – starting TODAY.

Listen closely – I’m going to share with you 3 triggers that you can use on ANY woman that add up to her saying…

“I want you.”

And you can use these triggers without having to change one thing about yourself – ESPECIALLY if you don’t feel 100% confident inside.

Even if you’ve had false limiting beliefs, like…

“I’m too short.”

“I don’t make enough money.”

“I’m too old.”

“I’m too young”

“I look funny.”

“I’m not good looking enough.”

“I have a boring job.”

“Women won’t like me.”

“I don’t want to get rejected.”

Or if you’ve been shy..

Or have crashed and burned too many times in the past…

Don’t worry.

I also used to be stopped by these confidence killers, but have left them in the dust – as have thousands of my students.

None of us – my students nor I – are quarterbacks, rock stars, or Seal Team 6 members…

We’re just regular guys who know the triggers to give women that warm, safe, curious turned-on feeling that they are with a man who is confident.

And now it’s your turn.

Here are 3 triggers to get you started…

1. The “Dominant Frame” Trigger.

Women know what you’re thinking subconsciously.

So the secret here is, before you even open your mouth, you must communicate the single most important message a man can give a woman…

I am choosy. And I choose you.

This is a frame that carries are two part message that establishes your authority, then opens the door for you to make her feel special in one second.

So when you see a woman, instead of saying, “Hi, my name is…”

Feel this inside as you introduce yourself:

“I don’t usually go out of my way to talk to women, most of them have nothing to say. But you seem to ‘get it.’ My name is…”

See the difference? It’s a subtle, yet powerful shift that women notice immediately.

Especially because it not only positions you as a man of choice, but also triggers her innate desire to prove herself to you. And she feels special that such a cool, confident, discerning man chooses her.

This one trigger — successfully applied — immediately puts you in the power position – she feels you are confident, even if your knees are knocking.

She’s going to look at you differently.

Without this trigger – you’re just another chump trying to win her attention.

2. The “Body Language” Trigger.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the normal BS you’re told about language…I’m talking about something different.

You see, the biggest mistake men make with their bodies…is giving off the “Nervous” vibe.

And nervous feels to her as one thing…submissive.

You probably don’t realize that you lose women with simple extraneous movements in your hands, the angle of your hips, the tilt of your head, the openness of your chest, the way your hold your shoulders…

You may have the best conversation topics in the world – but your body might be silently screaming to her:

“Please approve of me!” or “I’m scared!”

Leaving her with one overwhelming feeling:

I don’t feel safe with this guy. 

“Moving, be like water.”

One of the many exercises I’ve taught my students is to practice “Moving As If Through Water.” It’s a way of slowing yourself down. If you think you might come off as nervous, practice moving your body as if resisted by the pressure of water, slowly, with the deliberation of focus – it gives women the sense of deep, internal strength.

You’ll notice women rarely go dreamy-eyed over the “Submissive, Chaotic” type. In fact, just the opposite, they swoon over and throw themselves at the Strong, Silent type.

When you master the trigger of Body Confidence, only then might she surrender herself to your bodily care.

If not – if you don’t do this right, why would she entrust her body to you? Unless you learn how to work this trigger, you’re going to go home alone.

3. The “Commanding Conversation” Trigger.

First, you need to understand two principles, of which, when properly acted upon, can utterly change your life:

1. If you do not lead, she can not follow.
2. Either she is leading, or you are.

I have so many ways to show you how to put these principles into practical action.

In fact: I could give you an entire toolbox of ways to make her feel that you’re a man in command of your world, not some passive wimp, listlessly waiting for life to happen to him…

Which is a HUGE turn off!

For example – in the first second of meeting, you can add value.

When she says, “I’m Bethany, how are you?”

You say…

“Great – I just got tickets to [event] Foo Fighters or I just got back from  [travel] Bermuda – there’s this beach I love there called Paradise Cove…etc… have you seen them/ have you been?”

In a millisecond – you’ve taken a simple moment of introduction, and like you’ve thrown a train switch, you’ve taken the conversation where you want to go.

Subconsciously, she is already following you.

And from there, it’s infinitely easier to take the steps I’ll show you to lead her right into your arms, your bedroom, your life.

Without taking command like this, or any of the other methods that I’ll show you, she’ll be like a hitchhiker on the highway of life – waiting for another man to pick her up and show her a good time.

Folks, this is easy. These are skills from the Instant Confidence toolbox that anyone can learn.

It’s just a question – do you want the woman of your dreams or not?

Do you want a woman who will hang on your every word?

Do you want the kind of woman who supports your every dream? Who makes you feel like a million dollars every time she slips her soft, warm, lithe body into your arms?

Just imagine how different your life would be right now if you had that absolutely perfect woman – 100% into you and wanting to be with you and please you 24/7…

There’s nothing else like it.

But there is something monstrously worse…

What if you meet that perfect woman…only to stumble, hesitate, and then watch her float off in the arms of a man who has learned these triggers?

What might have seemed hard for you in the past, these techniques are your shortcut to confident conversation.

You could spend years gathering up this knowledge in bits and pieces, but I’ve saved you the trouble.

I’ve catalogued every shortcut to confident speech, behavior, and body language – into one comprehensive resource that you can put into action today.


The Instant Confidence With Women Program

Inside this one-of-a-kind comprehensive resource, you’ll get…

  • 7 Quick “Clearing” Techniques to help you rid yourself of old negative beliefs – so you STOP sabotaging your own success with women NOW (with negative beliefs, nothing else I show you – or anything you ever do, will take you very far.)
  • A Complete Set of Instant Likability Triggers which will create instant warmth and affectionate feelings from women – even if you’ve been hesitant or shy before…
  • My 21 “Must Have” Confident Conversation Power Tools – which will make you a master at talking with women in a way that gets them turned-on and intrigued about getting to know you more deeply…And get her to look up to you as “unusually” cool. (No more awkward silences. You’ll never be at a loss for words again.)
  • 8 Ways To Create Instant Authority – which give her the feeling of being safe, trusting, and admiring of you.
  • 11 Party Domination Tactics to answer the need so many have – how to easily OWN the room and be the guy everyone wants to meet…even if you’re totally shy or nervous in social situations.
  • And, if you’ve ever been awkward at the end of a date wondering how to “close”, you’ll get 4 Commanding Doorstep “Good Night” Reframes (which either make her want to kiss you, or help you turn brush-offs into actual kisses)

My commitment in developing this system Is to give you EVERY tool you need in EVERY situation, so that you can act confidently, and attract women consistently.

The Instant Confidence With Women Program includes…

Which gives you detailed and comprehensive mastery in all the 4 foundations that you need…

1. Confident Mindset

2. Confident Conversation Skills

3. Confident Body Language

4. Confident Social Authority

This is literally EVERYTHING you need to appear and feel totally confident to women, even if you feel like you have ZERO confidence right now.

Simply put, if you don’t have all of these foundations covered, you simply won’t get the response you want from women, and if you do become better at these, women will look at you in an entirely new way, smiling at you, curious, wanting more… 

If you’re like me, are busy, and you like to listen while traveling, working out, whatever it may be, you can take these trainings with you anywhere you go. 

I’ve got an extra treat for you.

I’ve asked 6 of the leading experts on confidence to give you a free training.

 For a killer, confident approach strategy – Jon Sinn teaches you his 4 step seduction roadmap – it’s no nonsense, fast, and devastatingly effective…

Using this simple strategy you meet, connect, and, to use the biblical term, consummate – all in one night.

Second, there’s no one better at “Confident Phone Game” than my buddy David Wygant – one of the best known dating coaches in the world. You’ll get our ultra-confident phone blueprint.

You’ll know anytime your phone rings, you’ll take the conversation where you want it to go – to a date, to the bedroom, or by her fireplace.

Third, I’m bringing you the well known author of “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, Dr. Robert Glover, who will end any shy or hesitant behavior for you – FOREVER.

If you’ve ever stressed out over being in the “Friend-Zone”, this interview will make it history.

Fourth, every woman wants a man to have some “edge.” So I’ve brought you the author of the “Bad Boy Formula”, Carlos Xuma, to give you the low-down on how to turn women on with a dose of bad boy.

Trust me, this is good for anyone – especially if you tend to be too nice, and you’ve seen the best girls go to guys who already know how to do this.

Fifth, you’re going to meet my friend John Romaniello – New York’s top personal trainer – and learn how to sculpt your body with MINIMAL effort.

This hour of training alone is worth 10x your entire investment in this program!

Finally, the stuff guys really want – sex. Confident sex. And for this, I bring you America’s #1 underground teacher of unleashing a woman’s sexual “naughty girl” – David Shade.

In this exclusive interview, David gives you the secrets of “verbal sexual dominance” that allows women to access their naughty side while feeling safe under your confident touch.

If you’ve ever wondered why other guys seem so comfortable and confident with women – it’s because they know these secrets.

Listen, these are learnable skills. It’s not a crime if you haven’t learned them yet.

You can shift your entire life with women into success right now.


Today – all this is yours for just…

It’s the cost of one nice dinner for two. And we all know that you can spend $100 or more on a woman’s dinner…only to end up with nothing in return. This program, on the other hand, just keeps giving and giving…

Look, I’ve worked hard to create something truly useful and easy for you so you can quickly skyrocket your success with women.

I’ve worked with thousands of women as well – this is what they want from you.

This is NOT trickery or “faking” it. Women appreciate a man who is willing to work on himself and become stronger internally, and understand that confidence isn’t always something you’re born with.

(As proof of this, I GUARANTEE that when you use these on a woman in your life, she will be pleasantly surprised by how much you’ve “changed”…she won’t know how or why, but she’ll be intrigued and possibly feeling attraction.)

Bottom line: You’re going to enjoy yourself so much more when you have the confidence that you can approach, connect with, and lead a woman into a great experience anywhere you go.

I believe this Instant Confidence Program represents one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your happiness.

I want you to have it. I want you to try it. But most of all… I want you to USE it!


Listen, I know that this program works, as do the hundreds of customers who have already experienced it’s power first hand. At the same time, I understand that you still may be skeptical, so I want to do everything I can to make this a no-brainer, risk-free decision for you. For that reason, I’m extending to you my 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. I’m so confident in this program on confidence, if you don’t think it’s worth twice your investment, write me anytime within 60 days and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked, no hassles, no hoops to jump through.

At about 18 cents per day (if you consider the cost of using these secrets for just one year) – I know you’ll find it’s worth 10 or 100x the investment, because…

How do you even put a price tag on the joy of having beautiful women in your bed and in your life?

How much is it worth to you to feel sure of yourself…to feel wanted by beautiful women…to be able to gratify your deepest sexual urgest almost any time you want?

What should scare you is the cost of doing nothing.

What is the emotional cost of feeling frustrated, lonely, and rejected?

Not succeeding with women ruins your day at work, ruins your mealtimes, ruins your evenings, and is devastatingly painful when you turn the lights out…


Low Confidence Is An Epidemic Problem – But It Doesn’t Have To Be Yours…

As it stands now…you pretty much have two choices before you:

1: Do Nothing and Hope You Magically Become More Confident…

This is what most guys do. And it’s why they stay in the same place forever, and settle for fat, miserable girlfriends and wives who make their lives a living hell.

Trust me, the “nice guy” with no confidence only wins in romantic comedies. In real life, beautiful women simply won’t compromise – they have lots of options and refuse to settle for a man who doesn’t give off the impression of confidence.

Sure, you can leave this to chance or hope… but chances are you’ll suffer through the same painful cycle most guys do… waiting to have success with women before you can feel confident, but never having the confidence to truly succeed with women!

If you’re cool with this, then this program isn’t for you. Feel free to close this page and get on with your life.

On the other hand – you can actually do something about it and take the second option…

2: Instantly Create The Confidence That Immediately And Permanently Changes Your Destiny With Women – Forever.

When you learn and adopt the simple triggers I show you, she’ll feel your Confident Approach. She’ll enjoy your “Commanding” Conversation. She’ll welcome your Confident Touch and Sexual Escalation. She’ll admire your Confident Social Leadership.

Women will notice, admire, and FEEL your new self.

With the help of the Instant Confidence system, you can FREE yourself from the hesitation of the past. You CAN get what you want! You CAN be the man women actually WANT.

These are EASY, SIMPLE, DOABLE skills which you can download in 5 minutes and be using today.

Just click the “Add To Cart” button below, and start your new life with women…

Not later. Not in 5 years. TODAY.

Avoid The #1 Regret Most Men Have On Their Deathbed…

It’s been said that most men, on their deathbed, regret not sleeping with more women during their lifetime. It’s a sad fact – the average guy spends most of his life deprived, settles, and then ends his life thinking “if only I had been with more women…”

I guess I got lucky. I hit rock bottom and sort of stumbled upon a series of principles that made me appear confident to women – despite my many shortcomings – and changed my results with women forever.

The result was that – despite being “average” in almost every regard – I began freely attracting, dating and sleeping with playmates, actresses, models, yoga teachers and other women that most guys only dream about.

And now I want to show you how to do the same.

Don’t spend another minute settling – or waiting for your confidence to change on its own. It won’t.

Yet with this system, you can quickly and immediately transform yourself into the kind of guy that women respond to – INSTANTLY.

In just a few simple steps that have been proven not only by me, but by hundreds of students around the world.

This is it – your chance to be the architect of your destiny with women.

Click any of the “add to cart” buttons you see on this page – and I’ll see you inside the program.

To your best life,

Adam Gilad

P.S. With our 60 day 100% Money-back Guarantee, I’m giving you 60 risk free days to discover what countless others have – this is the easiest, most powerful tool for creating confidence in yourself and bringing in beautiful, evolved, and amazing women into your life.

Remember, it works especially well if you don’t feel confident now — and regardless of your looks, age, height, income, or anything else. I routinely get women that most guys think I should NEVER have a chance with…but it doesn’t matter. Because this stuff works for any guy, you just have to follow the steps…

P.P.S. — Don’t just take my word for it – listen to what some of our customers have had to say about the Instant Confidence With Women Program:

“Adam, Instant Confidence With Women is more important to me than the stack of my dad’s old Playboys that I’ve been reading since I was 14. Thanks for helping me meet the kind of women I used to dream about.” — Bill, South Bend, IN

“I don’t need your program any more Adam. I set out looking for the love of my life 6 months ago, and I’ve now found her — because of you! Now I am even, actually – you may have to shoot me – thinking of, gulp… marriage — Jaime, Texas

Just wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail saying how I love what you are doing, and how you approach the whole idea behind dating, attraction, and associating with women. I first heard about you on David Deangelos interview series – something about you stood out from the rest of his interviews, I just think you are more down to earth than many of the other dating gurus, and that sits better with me. Keep up the great work. There are many dating experts out there – but your material suits me the best by far. -Peter

Hey Adam, Thank you a million times over for this program and all the effort you put into it. You definitely went above and beyond the call, especially for the price. One of the strengths you have that the other men in the seduction community don’t is that you have an uncanny ability to bring different factors together into cohesion – actually strenghtening a sense of community. It’s almost like you are the mastermind behind bringing together all these stray pieces of the seduction community. Thank you again for this work and I am excited to see what you come up with next.


I have never had much success with daing. Mostly because I was stuck doing what every other lame guy was doing. If I had success, it was usually from women that were less than appealing. After purchasing the Instant Confidence With Women system I incorporated just a few of the principles, and had amazing results within the first two days. I’ve already been out with one of the girls – that ened VERY nicely – and have a date setup with the other one. These are the results after only 2 DAYS!!! Thanks a lot man. I will recommend your program to everyone I know. -Mark

Your material is exceptional in it’s clarity and simplicity, unlike most of the other stuff I’ve bought online. The “other stuff” describe the program ad infinitum without offering real solutions. Instead, after 10,000 pages of problem descriptions, they conclude with “you must change the situation.” – without giving you any way “how”. I put your ideas into work late one night (or early morning, actually!), and bingo, I was able to connect with 3 hot women. Much better results. Thank you so much.


I appreciate your genuineness, your wisdom, and insight. Your way is clearly not one of manipulation but just of recognizing we are all searching for more fulfillment in connection and that the power to truly connect with another human being and specifically with women is in us all. You are helping men discover or rediscover their goodness. Have to start with yourself before moving onto the girls. -Cedar

P.P.P.S. — Have a question? We probably already answered it below!

Q: What is Instant Confidence With Women and how does it work?

Instant Confidence is the handbook for men who want to bring out their confidence quickly and effectively, so that women SPARK in interest. These shortcuts give you conversational starters, conversational framers and methods to lead any woman into deeper, more revealing conversations. This program also gives you body language secrets and the no-mistake signals to women that you are not some guy next door, but a man with edge, boldness and sexual gravity. This program is all about practical actions for you to take that will bolster your presence and success with women, wherever you go, whatever you do.

Q: Will the strategies & tools inside of Instant Confidence With Women work for men of any age?

Absolutely. Women want to feel safe in your presence – and the way they feel safe is when you can project confidence in your body, your speech and mindset. Without the techniques and practices you will collect in this program, women will look right through you. No matter what your age, your ability to embody confidence and groundedness will be a magnet to the best women in the world.

Q: Do the methods inside of Instant Confidence With Women have anything to do with “pick-up”?

Women want to feel your confidence. Pick up teaches you how to mask your lack of confidence with smoke and mirrors – and silly hats. This program will give you the shortcuts to make an instant impact on the women you meet with your conversation and body language, with your communication frames and ability to take any moment and take it deeper – not from trickery, but by bringing out the best man inside you. This program will give you a choice.

Q: How will I receive the product?

Anally. No, not really. As soon as you finish the purchase process, I’ll direct you to a page where you can immediately access & download the program & its bonuses.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

These practices have been tested on thousands of women, for thousands of men of all ages, nationalities, shapes and sizes. In short, everything in this program actually works. It’s just up to you to put it to work. Simply put, if you follow the program exactly as I’ve outlined it, and can’t get the results you’re looking for, then contact me and my staff and we’ll give you a refund – No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt and courteous refund. So as you can see, the burden to deliver is 100% on me – the only thing you need to do is let me prove it to you by putting this material to work.

Q: Will this work for me even if I’m shy?

This program will work for you especially if you are shy! Guys who are outgoing and verbal and socially adept will recognize the techniques and practices in this program – and will learn a few they’ve never heard before. People who are good at ANYTHING will always be looking to SHARPEN skills. But if you are shy, then that’s just a habit you’ve learned and accepted. If you are serious about living a life full of happy, loving, fun, sweet and sexy women – then you just make the decision to unlearn the shy habits that have sunk you in the past and replace them with the skills and habits you will find in this program. It’s not nuclear physics. It’s social skills and ANYBODY can learn them – any age, any background, trucker or neurosurgeon. You will find herein the keys to quickly and effectively awaken the heart of women. You just have to want to win.