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Make Small Talk Sexy – High Epc 75% On Upsells And Continuity

Make Small Talk Sexy – High Epc 75% On Upsells And Continuity
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Before you decide whether or not this program is for you… I want to tell you why it’s DIFFERENT from everything else that’s ever been created on this topic.


Reason #1

It’s the first time that a program has ever been created SPECIFICALLY to help men improve their conversation skills for dating success.

Sure, there is a ton of “dating” “relationship” and “pickup” courses available… but none of them have been designed with the single purpose of helping a man like you to take your conversation skills to the next level.

And let’s face it… it all revolves around your ability to engage a woman in conversation.

You’ll hear 5 of the BEST PICKUP ARTISTS in the world spend hours talking about how they keep a conversation interesting, tricks for never running out of things to say, how to be funny, how they express sexual interest, and how to smoothly transition from the open to close.

As someone who struggled with conversation skills for years, I drilled these guys for their best tips and tricks that you can go out and use tonight to improve your conversations with women.

And I personally take the time on this program to detail the exact “practice routine” I used to finally kick this problem to the curb.

I personally guarantee that you will not find anything else available that is even CLOSE to this program. In a few minutes I’m going to back up this guarantee and make you an offer you’d be crazy to refuse.

Reason #2

This program is not filled with “fluff” “theory” or “science” as it only contains tactics, mindsets, techniques, and examples that you can use tonight

Most courses you buy spend hours talking about the “science” of attraction and present a million theories about why women act the way they do.

This program assumes you have a basic understanding of attraction and instead focuses entirely on how to weave attraction building techniques into every one of your conversations.

This entire program is designed with one outcome in mind: To help you fix your conversations so that you can go out and hold interesting, playful, and sexually charged conversation TONIGHT.

When you go through this program and APPLY the tools we are going to teach you, I can assure you that you’re going to have more success with your conversations… which means more dates, more kisses, more sex, and an all around more exciting life.

We are six men who have tackled this issue in our own lives… and now we are going to show you EXACTLY how to solve this problem in your life.

Reason #3

This program does not “force feed” you one point of view or style… but instead presents unique personalities explaining their exact methods for creating compelling conversations…

One of the things that always sucks about learning conversation skills from a guru is that if you don’t match his personality type or communication style… you’re screwed.

For example, there are certain “gurus” who communicate in a gay, high energy sort of way… and I could never relate or duplicate their method. Other “gurus” are way too sarcastic for my taste and I could never imagine myself using their techniques…

This program brings in three unique personalities so that you are not forced to match yourself up with one guru’s way of communicating. Whether you’re naturally shy, energetic, laid back, cocky, quiet, geeky, rebellious… you’re sure to find that at least one of the guests speaks directly to your personal style of communicating.

Reason #4

This program provides you with specific ways to practice everything you’ll learn

Unlike many programs that simply hand you over knowledge and expect that you’ll know how to go out and use the knowledge… I understand that IMPLEMENTATION is the most important part.

This program spends time teaching you exactly how implement these strategies and techniques into your daily life.

I know that it used to frustrate the hell out of me when I would spend all this time learning something, but then I would get in front of a woman… and forget everything. This is a common problem men face that directly relates to the way they practice.

I’ve formulated an entire practice regimen based on scientific studies that show how to practice something in a way that it quickly becomes a habit… because once something is a habit you will naturally talk this way rather than continually having to remember to use this material…

Because of this, I can show YOU how to master these new skills in the fastest amount of time humanly possible.

I actually think you’ll be amazed at just how easy it is, once you know what you’re doing, I’m really excited to share this stuff with you… because I know its going to change your life…

Reason #5

This program is affordable

How much would you be willing to pay to ALWAYS KNOW WHAT TO SAY?

It’s a pretty priceless skill. In fact, I consider “conversation skills” the HIGHEST LEVERAGE skill you can learn.

Your ability to “talk” will get you more girls, make you more friends, and lead you further in life then you could possibly imagine.

In the past this kind of training routinely cost $500 . To get everything you’re getting here, plus getting access to the minds of some of the top pickup artists in the world (And I’ve got them to reveal “conversation tricks” they’ve never publicly admitted before)

To pickup the brains of any of these guys would cost in the range of $197 an HOUR.

But here’s the deal…

I struggled with this problem for a long time. And I can honestly tell you that until you fix this it isn’t worth learning anything else. YES. It’s that important.

So, you can either go out and blow $50, $75, even $100 on dates that go nowhere, bars and clubs that obviously aren’t getting you anywhere… or another “toy” to keep your mind off the fact that you’re not happy with your sex life….

Or you can decide to change that all right now… for less than the cost of a round of
drinks in a bar.

Yes, for a limited time, I’m offering this entire course for just $27.

As you know by now… $27 is ridiculously cheap for everything you’re getting. Most “gurus” are charging $97… and they’re not giving you even half the value you’re getting here.

I’ve priced this low because I know how important this is to fix and I want to make sure no one can make any excuse not take advantage of this offer right now.