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Minimalist Muscle Blitz

Minimalist Muscle Blitz
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Your Life is busy. I get it. It’s no different for myself or my clients.

There are times when my clients get busy and can’t train as often. So we scale back their training.

The same happens with my own training. I glance at my program, look at the clock, and hack away at the unessential parts of the workout when strapped for time.

I suggest you do the same.

To get your best results you need focus.

The “fluff” in workouts clouds your view of what’s important and what generates great results.

You need to cut out the clutter, and learn to focus on the essentials.

You don’t need to “isolate” every muscle group and designate one body part for every day of the week. 

This cluttered approach leads to over-analyzing, and sub-par results.

I mean, you have enough to worry about in your day-to-day life, why add training to the list?

You DON’T need a thousand different tempos, a complex Eastern European Squat program, and forty exercises to make progress.

What you do need…is simplicity and to chase progressive overload on a few chosen few exercises.

Enough majoring in the minors. It’s time to get to work.