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Private Investigator Training Program Pi.

Private Investigator Training Program Pi.
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Are you sick of your job? Would you like to work in a field that’s interesting and exciting? Would you like to make triple what you earn now? Would you like to work for yourself and be your own boss? You need a new profession & our private investigation training program can help…

You can be a private investigator in weeks!

In today’s market, private investigators are needed more and more by both large companies and individuals alike. All of these people are willing to pay top dollar for services ranging from online investigations and searches, active surveillance, buying and installing security equipment, counter surveillance sweeps, simple background checks and more.

Think about it – 15 minutes of your time online searching databases and collect your fee of $100.00 or more!

Private Investigation is Versatile

Private Investigation is one of the most versatile businesses there is – due to all the various, niche markets and options there are. You can work for a firm, or be self employed. You can start your own PI business on a shoestring from home and work part time, or open up your own full time PI firm. You can perform surveillance and counter surveillance sweeps “in the field”, or perform searches and investigations for big money from home.

You can even profit from selling and installing security and surveillance equipment, or start your own online investigations firm. Go undercover for businesses and companies or specialize in background and missing persons investigations. You see, the true advantage to the PI business is that it is one of the only professions that allows you to pick and choose exactly what you want and don’t want to do.

Private Investigators are needed now more then ever!

Unlike other professions: who’s job markets are becoming saturated with more and more people, but with less and less work – the private investigation business doesn’t have nearly enough people! A recent survey found that the PI market needs 50% more professionals – just to break even. Many potential clients want and need these services, but can’t find anyone professionally trained to hire! We have trained many students that are now respected, high earning private investigators!

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Did you know…

  • The average PI earns at least $50 per hour?
  • A Private Investigation business can require no overhead, no employees, no space
    rentals, leases, etc., and can be run right from your own home?

  • Legal firms and companies often pay out several thousand dollar contracts to PI’s for a
    few hours work?
  • You can market security and surveillance products for 50% to 150% profit (without even installing anything)!
  • You can perform most investigations without ever even meeting your clients, with no office – only using your computer.

Private investigation schools are highly outdated

There are many private investigation schools offering training courses, most of which have not been updated since the late 80’s and early 90’s. Many of these courses pre-date one of the PI’s main tools – the internet! Most private investigation training courses completely leave out some of the most profitable areas of the business, including online searches and investigations, counter surveillance and selling security and surveillance gear.

Your training is online and comprehensive

You can start as soon as your order is processed, as our course is conducted online. Start becoming a real private investigator within five minutes from now! The course is made up of comprehensive study chapters, review questions, and unlimited consultation from professionals. That’s right, if you don’t understand something you can simply ask a Professional Private Investigator. You can study from home at your own pace, and be practicing within days!

You will learn

  • Online and Internet Investigations and Searches
  • How to Market Your self as a PI Online for Huge Profits – For Free!
  • Surveillance
  • Shadowing
  • Counter Surveillance


  • “Sweeps”
  • Courtroom Procedures
  • Where and How to Market Yourself
  • Criminal Law Investigations
  • Civil Law Investigations
  • Physical and Real Evidence
  • Leads (developing, investigating and tracking)
  • Homicide Investigations
  • Arson Investigations
  • Divorce Investigations,
  • and much more.

You will be trained by Professionals in the field.

Our Private Investigation Training Program was written and edited by
professional private investigators with years of success in the field and compiled from an exhaustive list of
references and sources. Unlike average private investigation schools, Our private investigation training course will teach you the skills, methods and tricks of the
trade to get you well on your way to a successful practice as a private investigator.

We have been the number one source for up to date, professional private investigation training online for Ten Straight Years. Best of all, our course is the most affordable available.

Still Have Questions? See our FAQ.

Bonus #1 – Private Members Forum

Not only will you get unlimited consultation from real private investigators, you’ll also receive Lifetime Access to our private, members only private investigation forum. You can chat with professional PI’s, swap techniques and info with other members and get the inside tips and tricks of the PI business.

Bonus #2 – Private Investigator Online Tools

If you order now, you’ll get Unlimited Lifetime Access to our private investigator online tools. You’ll be able to find out anything on anyone. You’ll be able to perform searches and access information in real time, fast and easy! You’ll get the very same resources that online PI Companies charge over $100 for each search – all for free! You’ll soon be able to charge your clients this much or more per search. (An $80.00 Value.)

The average cost of most private investigation schools is $600.00 or more, which unfortunately still leaves many students in the dark from what is really needed in the real world of private investigation…

Final Bonus To Internet Customers Only:

Normally we charge $99.95 for the Complete Private Investigation Training Program – but thanks to our accountant, We’re able to offer a discount for a limited time. If you order the program this week, it’s yours for an incredibly low $27! That’s over 70% off the regular price!

This offer expires at midnight on

— If you order the course after midnight on

— expect to pay the regular price of $99.95.

To order the complete Private Investigation Training Course including unlimited consultation for the one time fee of Only $27 via credit card on our Secure Server:

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Enrollment Is Currently Full, Please Check Back Later


J. Danforth,

PI Course Administrator,

Here’s the Best Guarantee 

You’ll Ever See! 

Guarantee: This new program comes with a no-questions,
unconditional, 8 week money back
guarantee. If for any reason you decide this
information isn’t right for you, just email us at any time
within 8 weeks, and We’ll buy it back
from you for every penny you paid.

56 FULL Days to put it to the test – all the risk is on us!


If you’re ready to take charge of your life, become a professional, and work in a field that’s both interesting and exciting – and make the kind of money you’ve always wanted: Start Your Private Investigator Training Now! You’ll start your training within five minutes and begin living the life you’ve always dreamed of! Best of all, you’ll begin your training immediately no matter what time it is…

It doesn’t matter if it’s
2:00 a.m. in the morning! 

Enrollment Is Currently Full, Please Check Back Later