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Professional Roulette Advisor

Professional Roulette Advisor
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We would like to introduce you our proprietary and unique tool that makes us earn up to 70€ per day.

It is an extremely complex and sophisticated computer program capable of processing a huge number of various combinations usually associated with roulette game and giving you an exact guideline during your roulette game.

There is no more guesswork and adrenaline but just a professional winning approach since you are guided by our advisor so that you know precisely all details about each bet. In this way you have a leading edge since you have a winning strategy that instructs you exactly what your next step is and what bet to place.

Online casinos are usually using mathematic algorithms and are convinced that each played number in the game is selected completely randomly.

But our online casino program experts have made an extensive research using the most advanced statistical tools available and after many years of hard work they have finally managed to crack the hidden code of the mathematic algorithms used in online casinos.

Roulette Advisor will be offered to you free of charge for testing until you get confident that the system really works.

We have decided not to upset the current casino market by launching a great number of expert advisors at once. The Roulete Advisor is limited to 70 monetary units for the same reason. In the near future a new expert advisor, based on new algorithms, will be available to 300 new clients.

On average we need about 40 minutes.

Our roulette advisor is so straight forward and simple that even a kid can use it immediately. No programming, computing or other skills are needed.

The reasons are very clear and simple:

1. It is very hard to play roulette each day 10 h or more

2. Sale is profitable and we earn additional profit, without causing any trouble within casino marketplace since both the number of clients and profit are limited

Briefly speaking that is a good and lucrative opportunity for us as well as our clients using Roulette Advisor.

Our roulette advisor does all the work for you:

* executes thousands of calculations upon each spin of roulette

* after the calculation it defines the field and number with the lowest bet risk

* afterward it determines the field with the highest bet potential


* finally, when a low and acceptable risk level is determined, you are advised an appropriate field for bet placing with a very high win probability ratio.

All you need to do is to follow the roulette advisor’s instructions 100%.


It is much the same as all classic European roulettes. Minimum and maximum bet is the only setting needed prior to the start of the game.

Each client will be provided with a detailed instruction manual, containing very simple description of all procedures with a lot of samples and pictures understandable for everyone.

You are advised to start with a deposit of 140€, to stand the most unfavorable scenario. With such deposit your winning rate with various bet combinations on a certain field is 99, 81%.

Let us unveil to you a little secret… as a matter of fact for starting you do not need any money at all since you will be donated the starting sum by Casino. Majority of online casinos are offering 100% return bonus on the first deposit. So you can start playing with donated money.


You can play for virtual money (Practice Play) where deposit is not needed.

Yes, Please. I want to test the program now!

Please fill your name and email below and click the submit button. You will recieve the program via e-mail. Every month seven people will be randomly selected and they will be given one year license for free.

Of course, each client is allowed to start and practice with our roulette advisor using virtual money. In this way anybody can fully test our roulette advisor without any real money deposit at all. Even if you are playing with virtual money you can win an annual license if you get selected among 7 that will be donated these licenses each month to people who will claim for testing version.

Everyone who tests the program free of charge will be notified about special offers via email. Every month some of you will be given a free monthly license for promotional purposes.