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South African History File Folder Projects

South African History File Folder Projects
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Homeschool Unit Studies

Use this series of nine South African History file folder projects and lapbooks to learn about the people of South Africa.

South African History Homeschool Ebooks

Traditionally, school children create theme books about the various people groups of southern Africa, but as homeschooling moms and teachers, we have realized that for younger children, even with help and supervision, this can be quite an overwhelming task.

We have created these history file folder projects (lapbooks) to create convenient, printable mini-booklets for children to compile into a theme unit. All the relevent reference material, instructions as well as templates to print and cut are provided.

Doing projects are great fun when they are linked to your children’s topic of study and not just done for the sake of having something to show others.

Lapbooks get children colouring, cutting, folding and narrating all at the same time as you create an easy-to-store and-display folder related to their studies.

Children showing lapbooks

The way in which the world develops has a relation to the way in which it was in the past. A community without history is like a person without a memory – incoherent.” (Bernard Baylyn of Harvard University)

Homeschool families have discovered that learning about South Africa is so much fun with our literature-based curriculums.

We know that some folk only want the South African history section of Footprints but since it is a complete unit study, we are unable to split up our program to suit them.

BUT here is the good news! With this series of file folder projects, commonly known as “lapbooks”, you can choose an era in history or a specific South African people group and do a fun, easy study of the topic of your choice.

You can uses these projects to complement your homeschool curriculum, to supplement a unit study or as a stand alone unit. They can also be used as convenient bridging projects for families who are waiting for their curriculum to arrive.


Click on the book images to go to a new page giving an in-depth explanation of the contents of each ebook product.

South African History - The San of Africa ebookThe Dutch at the CapeSouth African History -The French Huguenots at the CapeThe isiXhosa of South AfricaThe 1820 SettlersThe Great TrekThe ZuluGold & Diamonds - The Discovery of Mineral Wealth in SAThe Anglo-Boer War / South African War lapbook


1. A file folder project will enable your children to work on and review key information about the topic being studied.

2. It will develop auditory and comprehension skills as well as the ability to search, sift and find answers in a written text.

3. The hands-on activities are fun and develop fine motor skills.

4. Children love to learn by doing!

5. The creative possibilities are endless. Children can be creative and add their unique touch to their projects.

6. File folder projects are ideal for multi-level learning.

7. Project packs can be incorporated into unit studies, supplement topics of study or stand alone.

8. A project gives the children a reason for writing and drawing.

9. File folder projects are compact and easy to store.

10. A file folder project can become part of a child’s portfolio of work and are a great tool for reviewing completed work.

11. A file folder project saves a mother/teacher time and effort as all the research and information is provided for your convenience!