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Sue The Airline – Collect Compensation Now For Your Troubles!

Sue The Airline – Collect Compensation Now For Your Troubles!
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Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Had your airline complaints rejected or ignored?

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Experienced a big delay and as a result missed a connection?

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Had lost or damaged luggage and received no or very little compensation?

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Been stranded at the airport for a long time and didn’t receive compensation?

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Been discriminated against or mistreated by airline staff?

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Been ignored or abused due to irresponsible airline staff behavior?

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Been “bumped” off a flight even when you didn’t volunteer & received nothing for it?

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Been troubled by the airlines in any way and not gotten compensated for it?

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Just wanted to sue the airline but didn’t know where to start?

This process has worked for me EVERY SINGLE TIME

Take a look at this $3,000 check stub that I legally collected from an airline complaint after they mishandled my luggage and ignored my complaint.

Sue the Airline - $3,000 Settlement Check

(I try to update the checks frequently to provide most recent examples)

This check was sent to me via UPS Express mail within 2 days of my settlement.


My name is Sunil and I am a frequent flier. I have broken the 100,000 mile mark for five years in a row. I am a frequent flier who has achieved the highest or second highest status with 7 different airlines.

I was a corporate consultant with a top global firm in my past life. My work required me to travel all over the United States and internationally to help my clients around the world.

As you can imagine, I have been through quite a bit in those years of traveling. There is not much that I have not experienced and I definitely have learned a great deal from my own experiences dealing with airlines.

Throughout my traveling years, I have filed numerous airline complaints resulting from airline abuse and mistreatment. After much frustration I attempted to sue the airline in small claims court. I invested countless months, and as a result established a process to filing airline complaints that has worked time after time again.

I have put together this 50 page comprehensive step by step book that will guide you in properly filing an airline complaint and receiving the compensation you deserve because of being mistreated by the rude, irresponsible, ignorant and careless behavior of airline staff.

I Know What I am Talking About

To give you a bit more comfort that the Sue the Airline book is not written by a high school graduate who works at the McDonald’s down the street, I graduated from a top 10 business school, I hold a masters degree and hold several certifications in my career field.

Why else would my clients fly me all over the place? They not only paid my airfare, but my hotel, car, gas, meals and to some degree even entertainment. Traveling is not cheap. And I’m sure I am preaching to the choir here.

I was traveling every week the year I wrote this book – usually in on Mondays and out on Fridays. Add to that weekend trips here and there and we are talking a lot of traveling. Heck I should have just bought my own jet like John Travolta did.

I will show you how to file a legal airline customer complaint in a very easy and affordable way so that you do not have to hire an expensive attorney. Like I said above, this process has

ALWAYS worked for me and I have legally collected compensation numerous times from airline abuse.

I will share with you my proven process, tell you about the specific tasks involved in filing airline complaints, and how to do them as well as provide you with all the reference material you need to get compensated for the airline abuse you have experienced.

Been Through Terrible Airline Abuse?

Ever lost luggage and not gotten reimbursed for the full value? Ever had a flight canceled and the airline decided to send you off to your destination in a bus without compensating you for your troubles?

What about if you decide to get on the next flight which is not till the morning and the airline refuses to pay for your hotel and meals?

These are some of the most common airline passenger complaints that are frequently mishandled:

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Ticketing/Reservation issues and complications

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  


Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Not honoring meal and/or disability requests

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Lost/Damaged bags

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Accident/Injury during your travel experience

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Issues/difficulties with your pet

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Involuntarily being bumped and not receivng sufficient compensation

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Significant flight delay/stranded

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Canceled flight because of airline issue

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Not getting the proper mileage credit for your travel

Sue the airline - How to Sue an Airline  

Unfair/insufficient compensation

I am sure you are just sick of the lack of honest and open information available. It is not just you, I am talking hundreds of thousands of frustrated travelers who have absolutely no guidance to demanding recourse for mistreatment.

The Sue the Airline book has one sole purpose, that is to guide and help fliers deal with airline companies who mistreat them and ignore them. I am seeing more families sue airlines today with the help of my book. I am constantly receiving positive feedback from readers who have filed airline complaints successfully and won. I am glad to see people are making airline companies pay for mistreating their passengers.

Why Do I Care?

I have a successful corporate career that pays me a healthy six figure salary. So why do I care? Ofcourse I do. It is not about money sometimes, it is about principle. These airlines have been getting away with way too much for way too long now. They need to be stopped.

Many times frequent corporate travelers like me overlook the airline abuse we encounter because we don’t have to pay for our tickets. But what about the average passengers who have to pay from their pockets?

Heck even us corporate travelers sometimes don’t realize but it is eventually coming out of our own pockets (more company expenses equals less bonus pools).

Do You Have Airline Complaints?

If you are a frequent flier (even if you are not) I am sure you have had your share of frustrations with the airlines.

But I bet you haven’t taken as much action as you would want to against them right? The main reason for that is the time and research involved in filing airline complaints. Would you file an airline complaint and sue the airline today if you could?

Most times you have probably just given up and decided not to file an airline complaint. Face it, it takes a lot of time, especially if you don’t know where to start. We all know how responsive and cooperative airlines are 😉

Maybe you have considered hiring a lawyer in the past? But by the time you figured out the cost of the attorney you probably didn’t think your small claim was worth pursuing. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately Not Everyone is Treated Equally & Fairly

Whether it’s a forceful “bump” to the next available flight, getting ignored in a customer service line, being tossed around from one department to another like a tennis ball when you make a call or abusive mistreatment inside the plane…Why does it have to be you?

Not everyone is treated fairly all the time. As unfortunate as it sounds, we are dealing with a business with a lot of human interaction and involvement. And each time you have humans involved, you face judgment calls, potential prejudice of any sort, bad moods and other human factors.

I Will Specifically Tell You…

Sue the airlines - How to Sue an Airline  

Specific information to help you take action against airlines that have mistreated you

Sue the airlines - How to Sue an Airline  

How and where to file your complaint without needing an attorney

Sue the airlines - How to Sue an Airline  

How to avoid the biggest mistakes people make

Sue the airlines - How to Sue an Airline  

How to avoid losing a claim before even filing for it

Sue the airlines - How to Sue an Airline  

How to cause the airlines the most inconvenience and compel them to settle with you before even going to court

Sue the airlines - How to Sue an Airline  

And most importantly, how to Sue an Airline and Win!

There is a lot of misleading information out there today. Add to that the wide spread unawareness about the process and you can see why airlines have been getting away with so much.

You will learn exactly how to sue the airline company in Small Claims Court and how to legally collect compensation for all your inconveniences.

Like I said, this process has worked for me EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve sued an airline!

Why Did I Write This Book?

Because there wasn’t one when I needed it most! I learned everything the hard way and it took me a long time to perfect the process. There is simply a lot of demand for this information as so many people are looking for practical easy to follow guidance. Learn from my mistakes and experiences.

Airlines will keep doing what they do if no action is taken against them. I am no politician or rich lobbyist so this is my best effort to bring reform to airline service standards. I figured if they get sued and have to settle enough suits they will just have to fix the underlying root cause.

The corrective action is very simple. Take care of your passengers! Those passengers that pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to your company! I am not shouting at you. These are words for the airline companies.

I have met so many that are just absolutely frustrated with the airline companies. This book is my effort to get back at these companies and make sure our voices are heard. I have priced this book reasonably to make it affordable to everyone.

The proceeds are mainly to support the cost of this website development, the server space I rent, the domain name and the few dollars I spend maintaining it and bringing awareness to it.


The Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court process has definitely been the best way for me to collect recourse against airlines that have mistreated me. Filing airline complaints is easy if you know exactly what to do. The good news is that you can do it too on your own and it doesn’t cost very much (just a minimal filing fee). In fact the court will ask the airlines to reimburse your court fees after you have won your case.

Airlines hate Small Claims Courts. Trust me. They don’t want to send their reps there. You will also learn how you can sue the airline wherever it is most convenient for you. This is something you need to be clear on. There is a big misunderstanding on where to file an airline complaint. Filing in the right State is very important.

Finally, I will tell you about the main authoritative bodies that overlook the airline industry. I will provide you with their contact information so that you will be able to contact these agencies and officials and express your concerns before or after you file an airline complaint and sue the airline in small claims court.

Here is the main take away and I will give it to you right now. Most people just walk away from their grunts and grudges and prefer not to deal with the airlines. However, whatever your situation is, in order to get compensated, you MUST TAKE ACTION! You MUST file an airline complaint. You MUST sue the airline if you receive no cooperation. You might be leaving thousands of dollars on the table if you don’t!

You Don’t Need the Inconvenience!

Airfares continue to increase and yet the quality of service continues to decline. You will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to understand and exercise your legal rights and sending a loud and clear message to the airlines that their carelessness, irresponsibility and ignorance will no longer be tolerated.

As if traveling is easy to begin with right? The last thing you need when traveling is some inconvenience caused by the airlines because of some oversight or sheer ignorance.

I see so many people get angry but yet they are so helpless they don’t know what to do, where to go or who to talk to express their anger. You know what I do when I see these folks?

I tell them not to waste their energy and get angry about the situation. You should see the look I get. I hand them a card and tell them to go to my website, understand that they are not alone in this boat and then to take their complaint to the legal authorities that will certainly catch the airlines’ attention.

The Small Claims Court is by far the best way to get your message across to the airlines – and you can get compensated for your troubles and inconveniences.

Just read some of the testimonials travelers have given this book!

“I have been failed so many times by airlines. Thanks to your book I finally took some action, filed an airline complaint, sued the airline and received 25,000 bonus miles as compensation for the delays I experienced. That is a $250 value domestic round trip ticket”.

That was sent to me by Johanna from California

"I had no idea about the statute of limitations on filing airline complaints. I was finally able to recoup $1,300 in lost luggage from an incident 2 years ago when I sued the airline. I definitely recommend your book to any frustrated traveler".

And that was sent by Marlene from Texas

"The airlines ruined my brand new Samsonite suitcase last year. Thanks to your detailed step by step information I was able to sue the airline and collect $200 to purchase a new one just recently. The Sue the Airline book makes it very easy to file an airline complaint in Small Claims Court".

This was from Natalie in Georgia

"It's amazing how ill informed we travelers are. Most of this information is not told to us nor is it available anywhere. Thank you for putting this much needed book together. My family of 4 just scored 4 free domestic round trip tickets recently when we applied your advice and filed an airline complaint. It is well worth it to sue the airline".

This was from Stan in the Great Lakes State – Michigan

"I never imagined in my dreams that I would sue the airline. Thanks to your comprehensive guide I was able to file an airline complaint for lost luggage and collected $1,200 within only 6 weeks".

From Lynn in Seattle – Originally from London, England

"I highly recommend Sue the Airline to anyone screwed by the airlines. Filing an airline complaint is really easy if you follow the guide. I collected 2 free tickets for my wife and I after experiencing terrible airline abuse".

This was from Ryan in Dallas, Texas

I will show you how to file airline complaints and collect compensation even if your suffering happened last year or the year before.
What would it mean to you if you can collect $3k in Small Claims Court?
I will teach you how to sue the airline and win!
How can you put a price tag on years of research and experience?

“You can’t! This book contains invaluable information!

It would cost you over $3,000 to get this knowledge from an attorney.

Order Now and get your copy for

ONLY $19.99!

Sue the Airlines - How to Sue an Airline

Sue the Airlines - How to Sue an Airline

The demand has been overwhelming and I can guarantee you that the price will increase in the future.

Sue the Airlines - How to Sue an AirlineSue the Airlines - How to Sue an AirlineSue the Airlines - How to Sue an Airline

Sue the Airline 100% Money Back Guarantee!

I am so confident in my “Sue the Airline” process that I am offering a no questions asked 60 day solid money back guarantee. The only question I will ask you is how I can improve my process to make it more beneficial to you. And you don’t even have to tell me if you don’t want to. But it would be nice 🙂

You will not need this guarantee. I have yet to have anyone come back and say they didn’t like the information I provided to them. And I doubt you will be the first one. This process works and works very well.

If you don’t believe me, just try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose.

Get 2 Free Bonus Reports!

Limited Time Offer Only

Get compensated when you travel

1) Bonus Guide to Scoring Free Perks

How to plan your travel to get compensation from airlines – You might as well make money while traveling!

This report will also teach you how to enjoy Elite status and receive all the perks and benefits w/o having to earn it.

State by State Supplement Guide

2) Detailed State by State Supplement to Filing Airline Complaints

A State by State guide that will give you the specific contact information of the courts.

The guide also contrains a link to the Secretary of State databases where you can find critical information that you will need when filing your airline complaints.

This report alone is worth hundreds of dollars and will save you weeks and even months of research! REMEMBER – TIME IS MONEY!

FREE Premiere Coaching From Me

Filing an airline complaint for the first time may seem overwhelming and confusing. Contact me anytime through email and I promise to assist you with your questions. Even if you just want to run something by me, I will personally read and respond to your mail.

Don’t worry, it won’t be my lawyer, my employee, an apprentice or some call center overseas. I am based in the USA and will personally coach you while you file your airline complaints.

FREE Subsequent Editions of Sue the Airline

I am constantly learning, researching and upgrading the material in the book. As processes, laws and regulations change so will the content of the Sue the Airline guide. Please contact me at any time subsequent to your purchase and I will send you the latest version of the book for free.
Don’t let the airlines take you for a ride. Your silence means simply accepting the way you are treated.

You may have claims that are worth

THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS even if they were as a result of an event in the past.

Get your Sue the Airline copy today and

TAKE ACTION. It has worked for me over and over again and I have collected thousands of dollars from airlines for mistreating me.

You can do it as well!

Download your copy now for only $19.99

Get Instant Access Now!


Sue the Airlines - How to Sue an Airline

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Good luck and all the best to you,