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From: Louis Farfields

A.k.a. The TextGod

It’s super easy as well


Because most men send embarrassingly boring texts like:

  • Hey, how are you?
  • Had a nice weekend? 🙂
  • Did you get home safe? Any plans for tomorrow?

Ouch. They don’t even notice how women lose all RESPECT for them.

The worst thing is that every woman has a phone. It’s
impossible to date a girl without mastering the art of texting her. And
there are hundreds of subtle ways to fuck it up over text.

You might not know where you messed up, but you see the results:

She stops responding, only sees you as a friend, or every time you propose
a date she’s suddenly “busy”.

This time it will be different.

Imagine you’re armed with a system designed to counter all your mistakes.

Every text you send will be refreshing…


that’s when you can start to do the really cool stuff…

Like this regular conversation, where I used my TextGod format.

By setting the right frame and using keywords that trigger emotions of
arousal, I set it all up…

The next day we met up in real life. There she is in the blue jacket.

We didn’t even say hi.

Instead we instantly made out.

Yes, I admit it, it’s over the top.

And no, you don’t need to go this crazy. But if you were wondering…

Yes, YOU can do this too.

Which brings me to my real point here:

If I can get girls to make out with me in the first seconds of a date… Then why can’t you get a life where you have at least 3 dates a week, or a cute girlfriend?

That’s the beauty of my workshop.

The great thing about texts, is that you can copy-paste them in a matter of
seconds. Repeat my method, repeat my results.

I wouldn’t make these bold statements without proof. That’s why this course contains:

  • Real life examples
  • Hidden camera footage
  • Full conversations
  • Voice messages
  • Social media examples

This course is not some shitty e-book written by a clueless keyboard
warrior declaring himself a “dating coach”. This is a video course, made by
the world’s #1 Texting Expert.

  • How to encourage girls to behave in a sexual way around you
  • A conversation where I SCREW UP. Everyone always shows their best stuff, the flawless game where everything runs smoothly. I choose to show you a conversation where I get rejected. Probably the most educational conversation in the whole workshop
  • How you can use scientific research by Harvard University to move her from Tinder to the texting app of your choice
  • Story of a wild high-value girl who destroyed a student of mine on a date. And how I tamed her and made her fall in love
  • 42 Emotional words to use in your texts
  • What to do when a girl calls you out on your age, saying “you’re too young” or “you’re too old”
  • The correct way to use self-deprecating humor (one of the most effective weapons to seduce girls)
  • How I use emojis even though I always tell people not to use them. This one way helps you stand out
  • 9 Examples of Instagram stories that are compelling for her to react to, and easy for you to copy
  • 2 Quick videos of how my best wingmen approach girls in real life
  • One mindf*ck to apply when girls try to “take over the frame”. This helps you to stay calm and in control.
  • A crucial mistake many guys make that triggers her LOGICAL mind (instead of her emotional mind). This makes her interview you, ruins the fun vibe, and causes you to come across as a boring, regular guy 
  • What to do when she texts the dreaded “haha” or “:)”
  • The #1 ingredient to build a CONNECTION
  • My go-to line when girls ask where I’m from + a follow up text to tease them
  • The best ways to pass her tests like they never happened
  • A trick to come across as very intelligent, without bragging or looking like an ass
  • How to create the deepest of deep connections: The Hollywood Moment
  • How to turn a conversation around: from her rejecting me to her wanting to fly over to my country to meet me
  • Edgy stuff: How to make out with your Tinder match without speaking a word to her in real life
  • My secrets to sending voice messages that make girls melt for you
  • A sign on WhatsApp that tells you she’s really into you
  • A gif you can use to make sure she understands you are joking
  • One simple trick to make girls say the things you like
  • The #1 rule to follow to smoothly move a Tinder conversation to a any other texting app like WhatsApp or WeChat

Bonus 1: Breaking through negativity

Tinder conversation where a girl gives 4 negative reactions. All moments where I could have given up (and most men would).

I thought this would be especially valuable for you because it all looks easy when her reactions are great, but the most valuable lessons come out when you overcome rejection.

Bonus 2: The WhatsApp breakdown

A WhatsApp conversation break-down. This is the follow-up of bonus 1, now that her rejections are overcome, she’s ready to fall in love.

In this bonus we cover the #1 most important rule when moving a conversation from Tinder to another texting app.

Bonus 3: Q&A with Louis and TextGod coach Dan

Watching the workshop will leave you with tons of new insights, and probably some new questions.

200 men like you were in the room with me, and asked every question on their mind:

When is the right time to ask her out on a date without seeming needy?

How to balance being cool and overdoing it? (This will make sense once you’ve seen the workshop)

I can be funny on Tinder but during the date I’m scared of disappointing her. How do I deal with that?

And many more…

Get access to all questions and my answers.

And of course my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

It’s impossible that this isn’t the best decision you can make for your
dating life right now.

But should you for some reason not get great reactions from girls after applying
my teachings, then I don’t even want your money and will repay your
investment asap. Just email me and you’ll get the full amount back. No

So order the Over-The-Top-Textgame workshop at MY risk, not yours.

You really have nothing to lose.

Don’t text any girl until you’ve seen this course

Women these days get swarmed with text messages every day. Through their social circle, dating apps, and social media.

The fact is that if your texts don’t stand out, she will be happy to ignore or reject you.

I don’t want that to happen to you!

My goal is to share the SUCCESS formula that I’ve discovered… even if you’ve never been a big texter.

Because my techniques will make texting FUN, and they also improve your real life conversations.

Luckily for you, I’ve already done the hard work. I’ve got 7+ years of trial and error under the belt, and I know what works (and what doesn’t).

So you’ve got two choices.

You can go through the whole struggle yourself. Testing different texts, discovering fun formats and techniques, plowing through the rejections…

Or you can take the easy way and use my system. So you’ll always know the right thing to say.

This course is yours for only:

$ 97.

Today you get access to my full conversations, best lines and copy-pastable
techniques so you’ll always have something fun to say.

Click on “Add to Cart” and change your dating life forever.

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