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The Automatic Seduction System

The Automatic Seduction System
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Get ready for the best night of your life.

Discover the secret for for having amazing experiences with women every time you leave your house. Maybe it’s a great conversation with an attractive woman. Then you get her phone number. Plus a long unexpected kiss goodbye.

Or perhaps you and your buddies grab late night food with a bunch of cool girls you just met. And then the night ends back at her place.

That glorious feeling the next morning as the sun shines through her bedroom window and she’s lying next to you. And on the way home your phone buzzes. It’s a text from her. That was fun. See you again tonight?

Yep, you just had another “same night adventure”. Epic new stories to share. Memories that will last a lifetime. And probably an awesome new girlfriend as well. Nothing can compare to how you’re feeling right now.

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Introducing The “Same Night Adventures” Master Package: How To Become a Social God, Master The Seductive Vibe, Bring Her Back To Your Place AND Make Her Your Girlfriend… All In The Same Night


The Same Night Adventures “Master Package”  (Normal Price $997)


Here’s What You Get in the “Same Night Adventures” Master Package

Discover how to enter any social gathering and instantly become the center of attention. Where beautiful women are checking you out secretly hoping you’ll approach her.

  • You’ll get access to all of my best “conversation starters” that smoothly get the interaction started with zero chance of rejection
  • Plus, the 3 “approaching mindsets” that automatically get you out of your chair and into the action – even if you’re totally shy.
  • You’ll also get access to my best field-tested “non-verbal” openers. So even if you don’t feel like talking, you’ll still have multiple women following you around waiting to be kissed
  • Lastly, I’ll show you how to reach a ZEN state called “social god mode” where you’ll always know the “perfect lines” to say to women – without having to think.

Program #2: The SEDUCTIVE Transformation

Learn every single technique for building heart pounding sexual tension with every woman you meet. You get my step-by-step system combined with tons of word for word examples of exactly what to do and say in every situation

  • You’ll learn how to sexualize a conversation without saying a word. (Hint: It’s a listening technique, and the more you do it, the more aroused she becomes)
  • Then I’ll show you how to “amplify that attraction” so she starts standing a bit too close and giving you hints that she wants to be kissed.
  • How to use your “Poker Face” to accelerate the seduction process, so that you start getting women into bed, sometimes within minutes, instead of hours, days or weeks
  • I’ll show you an “under the radar” way to go for the kiss that leaves you no chance of being embarrassed. You actually use your hands for this one (not your lips)

Program #3: Secrets of The CLOSER

Discover the secret for smoothly getting her back to your place and closing the deal every night you go out.

  • You’ll learn a 100% accurate test to tell if she’s sexually interested in you, or if you should wait to make your move (perfect for when she’s giving you mixed signals)
  • I’ll show you the best way to kiss a girl that makes it seem like it was her idea (This keeps you looking like a “challenge” even though you’re the one moving things towards the bedroom)
  • How to respond when she says “we are NOT hooking up tonight”. Get this one wrong and you’re sleeping alone, but use my “perfect comeback”… and you’ll be sleeping with her.
  • You’ll also discover my easy “color-coded method” to finding out which women are most eager to sleep with you right away. This saves you a ton of time and makes getting same night adventures a breeze.

Program #4: Make HER Your Girlfriend

Once you’ve mastered getting same night adventures, you’re going to want to keep some of these women around.  Using my fail-proof method, finding a woman who wants to be your girlfriend is EASY.

  • You’ll learn how to smoothly transition any relationship from a “same night hookup” into a “long-term girlfriend”
  • Discover my simple 5-point plan for keeping that ONE special girl attracted to you forever. (If you ever feel her interest slipping, simply go back and follow Golden Rule #1)
  • And what if you want to date several women at once? You’ll also learn my secret system for juggling multiple girls, all desperate to spend time with you. (and, how you can do it all without any drama)

Program #5: The “Famous” Same Night Seduction Seminar (Video Coaching)

Use my “video coaching classes” to unleash massive amounts of  sexual tension and get her excited to jump into bed with you. You’ll get access to my complete “bag of tricks” that I personally use to transform regular guys – into SEDUCTION masters. Plus, we eliminate all of your remaining sticking points LIVE on video.

Program #6 “From The Bar To The Bedroom” (Exclusive “Audio Training” Program)

Get my step by step  blueprint for how to meet her, get the kiss and bring her back to your place all in ONE night. Listen on your phone or in the car so you can be ready to turn on the “attractive vibe” everywhere you go. Like having me as your personal coach. (8 New Full Length Audio Episodes)

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That means you can use all of my best field tested secrets to attract as many beautiful women as you want for a full 30 days. And if in that time you don’t seduce more women than you ever have in your life – I’ll buy the course back from you.

You won’t pay a cent.

Remember, this is material that really works — and thousands of guys have already used it to start dating the women of their dreams. And now I’m excited for YOU to start seeing the same amazing RESULTS

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Over 100,000 Same Night Adventures And Counting