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The Ultimate Closing And Marketing Success Library

The Ultimate Closing And Marketing Success Library
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(No Long, Hokey Headline – Just Real Simple…Do You want to Make MORE Money in Your Business? Then this Success Library is for YOU!)

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The Ultimate Closing and Marketing Success Library features the Best of the Best of Proven, Money-Making Closing and Marketing Wisdom that has generated millions of dollars of business for real people just like you…


  • Do you truly want to achieve your next level goals in your life and business?
  • Do you want to scale your business, increase your profit margins, and build great long lasting relationships with your clients?
  • Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur, business owner, or CEO that has tried growing their business, keeps hearing many different opinions on what to do next, but have yet to master the fundamentals?
  • Do you at times feel confused and frustrated with all of the information that’s available out there?
  • Do you want to know how to hammer out your advantage into the marketplace and finally skyrocket your business growth?
  • Do you value hard work and stand for family friendly values?
  • Do you have a heart to truly change lives?

So let me challenge YOU to make a decision that could literally change the rest of your life

How would You like to know the most powerful marketing *strategies* that my Clients are using each day in their businesses to generate more Profits than ever…

…strategies that have consistently kept my clients breaking records in their businesses over and over like clockwork…

…strategies you can easily apply to your business today and start to skyrocket your profits…

…then you’re going to want to keep reading closely.

I disclose these Marketing Strategies on How to Develop a Highly-Profitable Business Plus so much more in my NEW Ultimate Closing and Marketing Success Library

The Ultimate Closing and Marketing Success Library is filled to the brim with actionable information that will greatly increase profits in any business that applies it…

That’s right…ANY Business!

You’ll receive…

  • *11* MP3s (instant digital teachings) delivered to your inbox immediately upon purchase
  • *4* of my Proven & Time-Tested, Money-Making Marketing Reports
  • Plus Tons of Highly Valuable, Fast Action-Taker Bonuses that you’ll want to grab a hold of and dig into right away!

That’s over *20* hours of Closing and Marketing strategies and cutting edge, current Marketing Reports that I GUARANTEE will make you more money than ever…

IF you choose to implement them in your business!

Interested? Keep reading…

Who Am I?

Hey Champion! I’m John Di Lemme…

Now you might be wondering…who is this guy and what makes him qualified to teach this?

I am a results focused business coach that has generated over 100 Million Dollars for my clients and assisted them with building a loyal customer base by providing extreme customer service.

I can see through all of the corporate jargon and red tape to pinpoint profitability issues, develop strategic systems to solve those issues before it’s too late, and create a marketing blueprint to provide guidance as to what to do next to increase revenue long-term.

Here are just a few of my Core Qualifications that gives me the absolute right to write, create, produce, and offer the Ultimate Closing and Marketing Success Library to you…

  • Turnaround specialist that has changed the course of failing businesses by implementing customer service strategies.

    These strategies focus on providing extreme customer service, creating memorable customer experiences, improving overall customer satisfaction, and exceeding customer expectations.
  • Marketing genius (as described by top clients) that takes a systematic, individualized approach with my clients to determine how to effectively market their businesses. This includes generating new, qualified leads and cultivating highly-profitable relationships with current clients.
  • Confident strategist that provides business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives with out of the box ideas and techniques that improve their bottom line…

    Plus assists them with building a rock-solid customer base that will support their businesses for years to come and protect them from failure.
  • Top marketer that intensely studies and researches current trends, economic highs/lows, market opportunities, profitability potential, and other areas that impact the overall success of businesses.

    This information gives business owners a guaranteed edge over the competition!
  • Proven expert in showing business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, etc. that have a great product or service how to craft a product offer…

    Plus design and deliver an effective presentation with confidence to dramatically increase revenue.
  • Skilled presenter, communicator, and trainer who has delivered effective presentations to audiences around the world on a wide array of topics. That’s over 20 countries, 500+ venues, and hundreds of thousands of people that make up a rock-solid foundation of over 17+ years of REAL experience!
  • Results oriented team player with strong interpersonal skills who thrives in a fast paced environment and is attentive to every detail no matter the audience.

Enough about me, because clients are the lifeblood of my business and why I do what I do…

Giving anything less than 100% for every client is not even a consideration! I’m only successful if my clients are successful plus my 17+ year reputation is at stake so failure isn’t an option for any client.

My clients include doctors, lawyers, realtors, entrepreneurs, consultants, CEOs of million dollar companies, business owners, and various other professions that all have one thing in common…

They are absolutely breaking records no matter the type of business or local economy!

And I believe that I can do the same for YOU!

buy ultimate closing and marketing success library

Now, I’m gonna tell you EXACTLY what’s included in The Ultimate Closing and Marketing Success Library and what you’ll discover when you listen to each of the *11* teachings…

Teaching #1 (MP3)

*7* Strategies on How to Create the Ultimate Shark Tank Pitch

No matter what business you’re in, you’re always presenting, and you’re always pitching.

Unfortunately, most people screw up their business presentations, but you’ll discover how to avoid that pitfall plus the following strategies in this powerful teaching…

  • The EXACT words you need to say in the first 10 seconds of your pitch to set the perfect tone for the rest of your presentation…
  • Discover the Proven Keys to present like a Top Sales and Closing Professional and keep your customers’ attention absolutely GLUED to you and what you are saying
  • How you can be a “walking billboard” for your business…
  • How your level of confidence will ultimately determine the effectiveness of your presentations and whether or not you will seal the deal or just get more frustrated
  • How business owners absolutely DESTROY their presentation by asking “What Do You Think?” at the end of a pitch and the extremely powerful question you NEED to ask instead

Teaching #2 (MP3)

How to Activate New Clients, Introduce New Product Offers and Explode Your Business Results

In this teaching, you’ll discover how to activate new clients without cold calling or useless advertising.

Plus I’ll tell you exactly how to introduce new product offers that your clients will love and…

  • Two simple marketing concepts that generated my first million dollars in business…
  • Fundamental concepts that will absolutely ensure your clients are 100% satisfied with your business and they will become Raving Reviews for you…
  • The #1 key difference between businesses that break records versus those that are going out of business, and the simple mistakes you need to avoid to succeed
  • Why there’s no such thing as a ‘bad economy’ when you have this key part of business developed properly and implemented consistently…
  • How you can easily adjust your marketing to meet the needs of your clients and create a raving fan base

Teaching #3 (MP3)

The *4* Rs of Billionaire Marketing Success Versus the R.I.P. Factor

When it comes to our businesses, we do not want R.I.P. (Rest in Peace) in any way associated with the level of success that we ultimately achieve.

You’ll discover how the *4* R’s of Billionaire Marketing will give you the edge in your current industry or niche and…

  • How to implement the top *3* customer service secrets of highly-profitable companies like the Ritz-Carlton, Amazon, and Airbnb…
  • Build rock-solid loyalty and long-term, highly-profitable relationships with your customers…
  • Why you should stay away from people who focus only on money and don’t care about developing client relationships…
  • Discover the #1 way to follow-up with your client using valuable information that they will never throw in the garbage
  • Exactly what you should focus on to RADICALLY explode your business results to build rock-solid relationships with your clients…

Teaching #4 (MP3)

*3* Money-Making Closing Secrets to Instantly Boost Your Profits with Extreme Customer Service

Extreme customer service is much different from the run of the mill customer service that most businesses fill obligated to provide.

These three strategies will reveal the difference between the two that will instantly boost your business profits plus you’ll discover…

  • How to create value that exceeds price and never have to lower your prices again!
  • What you should GIVE your clients when you first meet them, instead of trying to sell them right away on your product or service…this will lead to more profits than ever!
  • A factor that needs to be in your business to make it stand out from the competition and get your customers attention…
  • How Amazon provides extreme customer service that has secured the loyalty of their clients forever…
  • Why providing extreme customer service will show your customers that you appreciate them and ultimately increase your bottom-line revenue

Teaching #5 (MP3)

*22* Facts You Must Know About Confidence and How They Can Make or Break You

Without confidence, there’s no way that you can build a successful business or be success in any other area of your life. 

If you don’t believe in yourself, then there’s no way that you can believe in your product/service or your ability to successfully market your business to your customers.

These *22* facts will reveal the secrets to building your confidence plus how to…

  • Get rid of the distractions holding you back and INSTANTLY activate your confidence through daily, personal development
  • Destroy the fear that keeps your confidence shackled…confidence in your client can’t be developed if fear is present in you!
  • Pull out the confidence that is already inside of you instead of continuing to let it lie dormant in your heart…
  • Reveal your next level in your life and business by building rock-solid foundation of confidence that is absolutely unshakeable no matter the adversity
  • Gain the courage through confidence to make controversial changes that you never dreamed of making in your life or business to achieve record-breaking results…

Teaching #6 (MP3)

The Top *10* Closing and Marketing Reasons Why Amazon and the Ritz-Carlton are Crushing It

Amazon and the Ritz-Carlton are crushing it, because they both focus on providing extreme customer service and building long-term relationships with their clients.

If you commit to implement the strategies that I reveal in this teaching, you can crush it too! Check out what you’ll discover…

  • No one cares about your company logo! Discover what they care about instead…
  • Why you should NEVER hand out business cards or care about Facebook likes and what you SHOULD focus on
  • Say THIS after your customer shares his or her problem to instantly connect your product or service to their needs
  • How the Ritz-Carlton’s strategic systems create a personalized experience for each guest and make them feel beyond special
  • Things you simply need to STOP doing in your business and marketing to show your customers that you appreciate them…

Teaching #7 (MP3)

The Top *10* Billionaire Extreme Customer Service Phrases & Words

The words that you use in your marketing and speak to your customers will predict your level of success – good or bad. I absolutely guarantee it!

These ten phrases and words will show you how to get into the minds of your customers so that you can provide the exact product or service that they want plus you’ll discover…

  • Deliver your product or service with extreme customer service that will prove to your customers that you value your relationship with them
  • Why these words have the power to create rock-solid customer loyalty and explode your business IF you use them in your business…
  • The importance of making sure that your customers always think you are having the best day ever and what you can say to convey that attitude…
  • A simple three-word phrase you can use to create marketing that instantly captures attention and builds massive trust with your customers…
  • The exact sentences you should say once you’ve identified that your customer is interested in your product or service to maximize the chances they take you up on your offer

Teaching #8 (MP3)

*11* Proven and Time-Tested Marketing Fundamentals to Build a Highly-Profitable Business

*11* Proven and Time-Tested Marketing Fundamentals to Build a Highly-Profitable Business Plus Never Become an Out of Business Statistic Like Sports Authority, Toys ‘R’ Us, and Gander

No popular brand or big box store is immune from going out of business. Just ask Sports Authority, Toys ‘R’ Us, Gander, and many others that may have thought that they were too big to fail.

But just keeping your doors open and breaking even shouldn’t be your ultimate goal!

This teaching will unveil proven and time-tested marketing fundamentals that most business simply aren’t willing to implement plus you’ll discover…

  • The #1 thing your business needs to be focused on to succeed, and it’s not selling!
  • Fundamental concepts that ensure your clients are happy with your business and have no reason to go elsewhere…
  • A decision Amazon made to guarantee that they keep growing while Macy’s is going out of business. Make this decision in your own business to keep growing and keep customers for the long-term…
  • The top *3* mistakes that made Sports Authority, Toys ‘R’ Us, and Gander go out of business and how you can avoid the same outcome in your business
  • The HUGE difference between selling and marketing – which one is better for your business and why you need to stop trying to convince people to buy your product or service…

Teaching #9 (MP3)

The Top 10 Call to Action Power Marketing Words to have Your Clients Invest in Your Product or Service All of the Time

Spending thousands of dollars on Marketing won’t work if it doesn’t grab the attention of your customers. It’s time to stop throwing away your money!

These *10* words will make your clients do a double take when they see your marketing and INSTANTLY activate their buy button plus discover…

  • A powerful little word that you can INSTANTLY use in your marketing to make everyone around you perk up and give you their full, undivided attention!
  • How to take your marketing from mediocre to EXTRAordinary by changing just a few words that you are currently using. This teaching is worth the investment of the entire library…the return on investment is MASSIVE!
  • One specific word to completely eliminate procrastination when clients are reading your offer, make your offer nearly irresistible, and explode your closing ratio…
  • The real difference between a salesperson and marketer… and why you must stop being a product/service pusher!
  • Why you should never worry about your competition when you do this for your customers, because your competition will never do it!

Teaching #10 (MP3)

How to Create the Ultimate Business Pitch and Not Bomb Like Most People on Shark Tank

No matter if you are on Shark Tank, sharing your business with investors in your office, or meeting a potential customer one-on-one, you must know how to pitch your business or you will ultimately bomb.

Creating the pitch is not the only step. In this teaching, you’ll discover how to deliver your pitch with confidence and the following strategies…

  • The best way to secure your presentation before it’s overand remind your audience why it’s such a great investment
  • Why standing behind a podium or in one spot is a sure sign of an amateur and what to do instead to captivate your audience…
  • How your level of confidence will ultimately determine the effectiveness of your pitch and whether or not you will seal the deal!
  • The reason that maintaining eye contact and speaking with confidence will create an engaging atmosphere that will improve the delivery of your pitch
  • How to recap your pitch in order to remind your customers what they just heard and what they liked best about your product or service…

Teaching #11 (MP3)

How to Achieve Your Giant Goals and Conquer Procrastination in *3* Easy Steps

We all know the feeling of being super fired up about our Giant Goals and excited to achieve the next level. We have a plan in place and are laser-focused on what we have to do next BUT then it happens…

Procrastination creeps in and distracts us from taking forward-moving action toward the achievement of our Giant Goals.

In this teaching, I unleash*3* easy steps for you to finally conquer procrastination and achieve your Giant Goals plus share…

  • Why you MUST start every single day as “Day 1” in your business in order to reignite your excitement about your goals and consistently have the grand opening mindset
  • How to remove all limiting beliefs that are causing you to question your potential and ability to achieve your Giant Goals…
  • That every action has a daily result – good or bad. Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s results!
  • Where procrastination hides and how to stop it from sneaking up on you day after day and distracting you from your systematic schedule to produce record-breaking results….
  • How to stop procrastination from destroying your customer relationships and breaching their trust that you’ve worked years to build…

And Many, Many, MANY More Incredibly Powerful Marketing Concepts, Strategies, Mindsets, Facts, And Habits You Can Use To SKYROCKET Your Business Growth.

buy ultimate closing and marketing success library

I’m sure you’ll agree that The Ultimate Closing and Marketing Success Library can bring a massive amount of value to your business…

Plus assist you with building long-term relationships with your customers that will support your business for generations to come!

I’m not speaking out of arrogance, but confidence because of the record-breaking results that my clients have received from The Ultimate Closing and Marketing Success Library.

But don’t just listen to me…

Here are just a few *Real Reviews* from my clients about the teachings that you’ll receive in this library…

Making More Money Now Than Ever Before!

Thanks to John Di Lemme’s Shark Tank teaching, I’ve mastered the skills of capturing the attention of my audience, confidently answering questions and handling objections, and effectively closing the presentation to achieve the results that I desire.

John’s marketing wisdom and guidance has given me the competitive edge that I need to stay on top of my game in the corporate arena plus I’m making more money now than I’ve ever earned in my life.

– Dr. Ira Bloomfield, Physician & Corporate Executive

Generated Over 10 Million Dollars in Business!

John Di Lemme’s extreme customer service teachings have changed the way that I not only treat my clients, but also how I value myself and my ability to change the lives of my clients through my business.

Now that I understand the importance of providing extreme customer service, I am constantly going above and beyond for my clients. They love it, and they are telling everyone!

It has truly taken my business to the next level! My business has tripled and even quadrupled at times. Plus I’ve generated over 10 Million Dollars in business!

– Mark Smith, CEO of Mark of Excellence Construction

Most Profitable Year in 22 Years of Business!

Before I met John Di Lemme, my marketing was a mess. I was doing what everyone else in business does – running ads, cold calling, going to networking events, etc. Nothing was working! I just continued to waste more time and money without any results.

John Di Lemme’s closing and marketing strategies in this success library have radically changed my life, and ultimately the lives of my patients. Plus my business has grown four times, and this year was my most profitable year in 22 years of business!

I now understand that marketing means so much more than just selling my product or service. It’s about developing long-term relationship with my patients and providing extreme customer service so they know that I value them.

– Dr. Christa Krzeminski, Chiropractor & Wellness Expert

And I’ve got more RAVING Reviews from REAL People with REAL Results!

But before I introduce you to more of my highly successful clients, I want to tell you what else I’m including as part of the Ultimate Closing & Marketing Success Library…

You will also grab a hold of *4* of my top reports that hold the secrets to removing the shackles that have kept you bound and unable to achieve your next level in your life and business.

8 action taking attitudes

Report #1

*8* Action Taking Attitudes to Finally Conquer the Deadly Disease of Procrastination

Your attitude is the way you think or feel about something. When it comes to achieving your next level, you must develop an action-taking attitude that consistently moves you forward on your success journey and keeps you focused on the end goal no matter what (or who) tries to distract you.

In this report, I share *8* Action-Taking Attitudes to Conquer the Deadly Disease of Procrastination that will help you to develop an action-taking attitude and overcome one of the biggest obstacles on your success journey, procrastination.

11 character traits of true world changers

Report #2

*11* Character Traits of True World Changers

I often tell my top coaching clients that when you focus on changing the world, success is inevitable.

One of my top quotes is “your giving will predict your living.” I believe that, but it takes a special type of person with specific character traits to be a true world changer.

Those traits are within all of us, and this report will show you how to open up your heart to release the power that lies deep inside. When this power is released, your ability to change lives is unstoppable!

9 extra marketing mindsets

Report #3

*9* Little Extra Marketing Mindsets to Absolutely Guarantee Your Financial Breakthrough

Have you ever heard the old adage “you can do anything that you set your mind to?” Well, it’s true! One of the first steps to achieving a goal is to purposefully set your mind to doing it, but you want to take it a step further and do that little extra every single day to move you closer to the achievement of your goal.

This especially applies to your financial goals. How can you achieve a financial breakthrough if your mind isn’t set on the number that you want to hit and you aren’t doing that little bit of extra to make it happen? The 9 Little Marketing Mindsets that will learn in this report will be a blueprint for you to absolutely guarantee your financial breakthrough.

22 facts about confidence

Report #4

*22* Facts You Must Know About Confidence and They Can Make or Break You

One of my favorite definitions of the word “confidence” is a firm trust in something or someone including yourself. As a former stutterer, self-confidence didn’t just come natural to me. I had to work for it! I committed to daily personal self-development and surrounding myself with people that believed in me, which meant getting away from those that didn’t.

It was one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done, but I knew that I could never achieve my goals without confidence in myself. After all, if I didn’t believe in me, how could anyone else? This information within the pages of this report is extremely important, because I disclose how confidence can make or break you, and it’s ultimately your choice.

buy ultimate closing and marketing success library

Now, I know you are definitely already super excited about all of the hours upon hours of teachings that you will receive in the Ultimate Closing & Marketing Success Library.

But I’m not done yet…

If you scroll back up to what I said about developing my own confidence, I told you that I had to get away from people that didn’t believe in me. My Mastermind Team was key to not only my success, but also me overcoming stuttering.

You will become who you associate with – good or bad!

That’s why I want to throw in a ticket to one of my *2* Day 17K Inner Circle Champion Mastermind Club Events. Let me explain why this is HUGE for you…

These are Member Only events so you will have the opportunity to hang out with my top clients in a positive, empowering, supportive, learning environment. But we don’t just hang out…

You are completely immersed for two days in powerful, inspiring teachings that will open up your mind to things that you’ve always thought were impossible in your life and business.

I believe the impossible is possible for you!

I am the ONLY speaker, teacher, and trainer, and I’m available for you during the entire event to answer questions, elaborate on teachings, or just chat.

It’s not a pitch fest with hundreds of attendees, where you can easily get lost in the crowd and never get within five feet of the numerous speakers that take the stage.

The Normal Ticket Price for This Event is $1,497…

But If You Buy Now, You’ll Get It FREE As An Exclusive Bonus!

Plus these events are limited to 25 Champions just like you that are at different mile markers of their success journey. They’ve experienced failures 

and heartache, but they are overcomers…

Just Like You!

You weren’t born to travel your road to success alone, and being in a behind-closed-doors event with the 17K Club members will prove that to you without a shadow of a doubt!

17k inner circle event

REAL People with REAL Results

That’s the main reason why I’ve decided to offer this Success Library up for sale, instead of keeping it under lock and key only accessible for my current members.

The pricing for The Ultimate Closing & Marketing Success Library was $397…

Originally I planned to offer this recording at the same price – given the HUGE amount of value that’s included, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s only fair

Especially since JUST the ticket for the *2* Day 17K Inner Circle Champion Mastermind Event is $1,497…crazy, right?

But, I’ve decided that when I first release it, it should be at a discount.

I want to be sure you can get all of this value and use it for your business, at an even lower price…

That’s why you won’t be paying the original $397…

It’s ONLY $97 – That’s OVER 75% OFF!

With a savings of $300 back in your pocket!

Imagine the incredible amount of value you’ll get when you apply the strategies you read above, and how much of an impact they will have in your business…

Suddenly, the $97 price tag looks like a drop in a bucket compared to the massive revenue boosts that can happen in your business!

But – and I need to stress this – this price is only going to be available for those who join during the limited-time launch of this program.

Once a sufficient number of people have secured this program, the price will likely go up to the original $397.

I can’t even guarantee that this price will stay until the end of the day – it all depends on the people who buy now, before the cart shuts down.

But as you’re reading this, the pricing is still $97.

YES! You’ll receive *11* MP3s (instant digital teachings), the Money-Making Marketing Reports, AND a Ticket to a *2* Day Inner Circle Champion Mastermind Club Event for ONLY $97!

buy ultimate closing and marketing success library

I look forward to hearing your Raving Review about The Ultimate Closing & Marketing Success Library!

P.S. Everyone loves SURPRISE Bonuses, and I’ve got *7* HUGE Fast Action-Taker Bonuses for YOU!

With your purchase of The Ultimate Closing & Marketing Success Library, you’ll receive…

*11* Closing and Marketing Strategies on How to Explode Your Revenue and How to Stop Wasting Time and Money in Useless Busy Work (Instant Digital Teaching)

This powerful teaching was recorded LIVE at my *3* Hour Closing & Marketing Boot Camp. You’ll discover how to invest time building a high-profitable business instead of wasting time on things (and people) that have cost you thousands…if not millions!

*10* Super Simple, Highly-Profitable, Closing and Marketing Principles to Earn Huge Profits and Build a Loyal Customer Base (Instant Digital Teaching)

Without your customers, you have no business! This teaching that I recorded LIVE at my *3* Hour Closing & Marketing Boot Camp will reveal how to build a raving customer fan base that will generate huge profits for you now and support your business for years to come!

*9* Closing and Marketing Mindsets to Guarantee that Your Revenue Explodes and Most Importantly You Never Become a Failure Statistic (Report)

It’s your responsibility to offer your product or service to your customers and close the sale. Someone will… why not you? In this report, you’ll learn how to develop a Closing and Marketing mindset that will enable you to confidently offer your product or service, generate huge revenue, and never worry about failure again.

*5* Proven & Time-Tested Customer Service Strategies to Absolutely Explode Your Revenue and Build a Raving Fan Base (Report)

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. That’s why it’s crucial that you focus on providing extreme customer service. In this report, you’ll discover *5* customer service strategies that will explode your bottom-line results and create a raving fan base of customers.

7 basic marketing fundamentals

*7* Crucial Marketing Basic Fundamentals on How to Increase Your Revenue or Else You will End Up a Billionaire Bust (Report)

Implementing basic marketing fundamentals that create a rock-solid foundation for your business is key to your success. The fundamentals that you will discover in this report will reveal how to increase your revenue and never end up just another billionaire bust like Sears, Sport’s Authority, Gander, and Toys ‘R’ Us just to name a few.

7 strategic decisions

*7* Strategic Decisions on How To Destroy Fear and Protect Yourself From Flatlining or Really Messing Up In Life (Report)

Fear is the ultimate success road blocker, because you will never reach your full potential when you operate in fear. Being decisive and having enough belief in yourself will help you overcome fear and save you from frustration and worry. The following decisions will show you how to take appropriate action to move you closer to your dreams as opposed to becoming stagnant or backtracking on your success journey.

10 marketing trends

The Top *10* Marketing Trends You Better Know About or Else Your Business will Flatline or Fail (Report)

A trend is great until it’s not popular anymore. That’s why you see so many businesses jumping from trend to trend always searching for the next best things. In this report, you’ll discover *10* marketing trends that are ever evolving and will never come to an end plus you can implement them in your business immediately.

*11* MP3s (instant digital teachings)

WORTH $397

*4* of my top reports to unshackle you and help you achieve your next level in your life and business


An Exclusive Ticket For The *2* Day 17K Inner Circle Champion Mastermind Event


AND these *7* HUGE Fast Action-Taker Bonuses

A Total Value Of $2,008… For Only $97 If You Order RIGHT NOW! After This Launch is Over, Pricing Will Return To $397, or Higher Not Including the Extraordinary Bonuses!

buy ultimate closing and marketing success library

From 30 Homes a Year to Over 350!

John Di Lemme specializes in using old school principles that will catapult results for anyone, in any business or with any goal. I’m proof of that!

Since I started coaching with John and implementing his Closing and Marketing strategies in my business, I went from selling just 30 homes a year to over 350 homes a year!

– John Adolfi, Realtor and Broker at Adolfi Real Estate

I’m Earning Tens of Thousands of Dollars…

I always thought that in order to build a successful business, I had to be super focused on making money. After all, that’s what everyone else does. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it didn’t work, but I wasn’t sure what else to do.

John Di Lemme helped me develop a marketing plan of action to achieve my goals. My results are absolutely mind-blowing! I’m actually earning tens of thousands of dollars for my expertise that I used to provide for free. Unbelievable!

– David Hennemann, Entrepreneur

From 4 Sales to Over 160 Sales!

When I first met John Di Lemme, I wasn’t sure if I could trust him. Why? Because I spent tens of thousands of dollars on other coaches and so-called marketing products with absolutely no results despite their promises. From the very beginning, John challenged me to push myself beyond what I thought was possible.

Because of his Closing and Marketing teachings, my business has exploded. Before coaching with John, I only had 4 sales. Now, I have over 160 sales!

– Jeff Pryor, CEO of Carden Travel

My Business is Up 5,000% and Growing!

I have been in direct selling for 20+ years. Before I met John Di Lemme, I simply did not know what I was doing. I was working really hard, but I was stuck and struggling.

With John’s strategic marketing expertise, my business is up 5,000% and growing! Plus I am more confident about myself and opening long-term, profitable, life-changing relationships every day.

– Hallie Minich, Network Marketing

My Business has Grown Over 1,000%!

John taught me how to open up long-term relationships with my clients, deliver extreme customer service, and build a raving fan base that will support my business for years to come.

These are the exact strategies that you’ll learn from the Ultimate Closing and Marketing Success Library and so much more!

Plus my marketing actually works now, and my clients love my new found confidence. My income has exploded, and my business has grown over 1,000%!

– Carol Grant, Lawyer

buy ultimate closing and marketing success library

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