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Revealed: Lost Astrological Secrets Practiced By Advanced Civilizations Used To Defy The Laws Of Nature And Control The Masses…

Learn How Astrology And Ancient Egyptian Technology Can Turn Even The Most Difficult People Into Blind Followers

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Hi my name is Dr Steve Jones and I’m about to reveal how the power of Astrology can transform anyone into a powerful icon using ancient influential secrets that I acquired while performing past life regression.

But First,  “I have an important disclaimer” :

These Astrological Techniques MUST be used carefully, and only with good moral intent – not intended for dark purposes.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then take 5 minutes to read this important letter.    

But first let me tell you there are NO coincidences….

How I stumbled across this ancient mystical power that’s been kept as a guarded secret from the public domain for thousands of years is truly by design  

A patient was referred to my office seeking hypnosis, specifically past life regression.  If you haven’t heard of me, I’ve been a hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression for over 30 years.  

In fact, I’m a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy and president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists. Formerly I was a member of the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association.  

Publically,  I’ve authored 22 books, appeared on numerous television shows including 6 episodes of the millionaire matchmaker.

As you can see my credentials are impeccable, but on this one occasion I would have my resolve tested by a seemingly unassuming patient making me ponder the nature of my own existence

 How One Mystical Past Life Regression Baffled This Renowned Hypnotherapist Creating A Supernatural Domino Effect…

The day in question, a woman was alone in my waiting room claiming she’d been given an appointment. 

“I had no recollection of our appointment nor did she appear in my schedule”.  

Since it was the end of the day and I had no other patients waiting I decided to see her anyway.  

She claimed she was suffering from chronic and vivid nightmares, overwhelming feeling of dejavu, unexplainable burning sessions (as if her body was on fire) and an eerie feeling that she wasn’t from earth.

She revealed she’d consulted many health professionals including general physicians, psychiatrists and holistic healers but none were able to officially diagnose her.   

For most medical professionals she displayed symptoms of mental illness, but intuitively I knew this was not the right diagnosis.  

She was tall and unassuming in stature and her demeanor was on the timid side.  

I decided that her assumption of a therapeutic past life regression session was warranted.  

Little did I know at the time this would be the LAST time I’d perform past life regression ever.  

In fact it turned out to be the most intense and shocking past life regression client I would ever work with and I’ve worked with many.  

My new patient (let’s call her Elizabeth for anonymity sake) took easily to my cues and we began her regression.  

I recall a sense of bewilderment of how quickly she began to move through each stage of the process, from being wide awake to completely relaxed – quickly followed by deep hypnosis.  

As the session progressed she immediately regressed to the lifetime where all her current trauma stemmed.

As she moved through the stages of regression a physical change came over her that I’ve never witnessed in any other client.  

This manifestation was so evident, I had thoughts to bring her out of it and end the session, but I did not.  

First, her voice changed and shortly thereafter her physical demeanor including facial expressions followed.

It was almost as if I had a different woman in my office.

I carefully began to walk her through the process to identify who she was and what time period she had regressed to.  

I soon realized her regression brought her to Ancient Egypt (I later discovered it was the 5th dynasty close to 4000 years ago during the construction of the ancient pyramids of Giza)

After a little more than the normal coaxing she finally told me  her name was Hetpet.  

She claimed she’s the high priestess who served to Hathor the Goddess of love and fertility.  

At the time my knowledge of this Egyptian time period was limited, but what I learned later will astonish you.  

Hetpet was extremely powerful in every regard.  She was a revered sorceress  who, according to legend had mysterious powers.  

The next 45 minutes were utterly shocking as my new patient “Elizabeth” spoke to me as the Egyptian high Priestess Hetpet who revealed Ancient Egyptian Astrological beliefs and practices that thrust me to the edge of my seat and reshaped my perspective of this world and the one beyond forever.  

Hetpet explained how the most powerful figures in Ancient Egypt used Astrological signs to identify everything including the strong from the weak, loyal from the traitors, the ones who were most likely to advance the civilization to the ones who’d bring it to its knees.  

This high priestess explained how Astrology was used to attract love, control others, and win un-winnable wars.

She revealed how both men and women could use the power of Astrological Influence to extort sex or even wealth out of even the most guarded people.

I was both uneasy and intrigued by her candidness about these control and manipulation secrets, but I had to remember these were ancient times – legendary cultures with very different standards and practices.  

Hetpet acquainted me with simple techniques they used to zero in on certain behavioral traits which revealed specific Zodiac signs who were capable of important positions within Egyptian hierarchy.  

Hetpet pulled the curtain back revealing how Ancient Egypt used esoteric Astrology as their primary tool which made their civilization one of the most powerful, revered and influential in all of earth’s history.  

She explained how the knowledge was buried to prevent future civilizations from exploiting the power of Astrological signs and the danger of this information falling into the wrong hands. Never before in my life was I able to process so much information…

Hetpet revealed exactly how ancient Egyptian leaders and their closest confidants used Astrological signs, data, and obscure patterns called Astrological Determinism to practically predict the future, find perfect love partners, decide battle plans and build unstoppable armies. At first it seemed quite incredible but after a while….It made perfect sense.   

The primordial wisdom passed down to me through this past life regression was no coincidence – Hetpet confided in me that this ancient knowledge would be needed by many in the coming years.  

According to legends we’re entering a new cosmic era thousands of years in the making – she assured me the power of Astrological Determinism and whomever mastered it would separate those who flourish from those who become slaves.  

Before the end of my session, Hetpet leveled a series of instructions. She carefully outlined an Astrological contingency plan waiting thousands of years to be uncovered which sent me frantically researching to bring forth this hidden power so that it may be used for the goodness of humanity.  

Oddly when Elizabeth awakened she had not so much as an inkling of the session. It was as if Hetpet suppressed Elizabeth’s consciousness using her as a conduit to communicate with me.  

Elizabeth recognizing the bewilderment on my face rose up and began to gather her things. I asked her how she felt and she uttered “confused” .

I asked Elizabeth to schedule another appointment and in a calm but confident tone she replied; “That won’t be necessary, you have more than you know”. 

I sat in my office mulling over what had just transpired trying to come up with some normal explanation of what had happened – Simply put, there wasn’t one.  

Any skepticism I did have was completely wiped away a few months later when an email appeared in my inbox from an unknown source with a link to a National Geographic article – As I read the headline chills shuddered down my spine – dated February 3, 2018

Archaeologists discovered lavishly decorated tomb of an ancient Egyptian priestess, giving a rare glimpse of the life of a high-ranking woman more than 4,000 years ago.

It was her, they had uncovered her tomb just outside of Cairo. Speechless, and quite frankly a bit terrified, I knew that had not been just a past life regression – It was a supernatural event.  

I quickly gathered my things, cancelled all my future appointments, and closed my office until further notice.  

At that moment, I knew I must follow the instructions that were laid out at my feet on that fateful day. 

For the next several months I vigorously researched the instructions Hetpet had given me.  

I sought out only the exact information she’d instructed me to learn. 

She warned me about being led astray because much disinformation had been created in order to keep people from finding the truth. 

Buried with the Egyptian culture were the secrets of true Astrology which powered the most iconic and mysterious civilizations of earth’s history.  

What I am about to reveal is the culmination of a series of events that will transform your life and ignite the dormant powers that you possess.  

You see what I discovered completely flipped everything I had ever thought about Astrology upside down on it’s head. 

During the past life regression Hetpet kept talking about this concept of Astrological Determinism.

Up until that point I wasn’t familiar with that term so I began researching it and what I uncovered is – what I consider to be..

Pay attention because this is important.

The behaviors and characteristics of each zodiac sign have more to do with what we believe about those signs than anything related to the stars or the Universe.

You see, what I learned about determinism is that if a person has been exposed to certain information regarding their identity for any length of time, they will begin to take on the attributes associated with that information.

For example, did you know that a person with the last name Speed is statistically more likely to have a job that relates to something involving speed like race car driving?

Or someone with the last name Foot would be statistically more likely to become a foot doctor than any other profession?

Well the same is true when it comes to Astrology.

You see, we’ve been conditioned both consciously and subconsciously to believe that the attributes associated with our signs are in fact true.

And again this dates back thousands of years.

The only difference is the method by which we are exposed to the information.

For example, in ancient times the information may have been delivered though scribes or carved in stones whereas today it’s on the Internet.

But the fact remains the same.

People who have been exposed to information about their zodiac sign will eventually begin to exhibit the characteristics associated with that sign either consciously or subconsciously.

Well when you think about it, this is pure gold when it comes to persuasive communication.

You can now know exactly how to control someone else based on the life long attributes and characteristics they now have hard wired into them forever.

Upon making this discovery, I set out to create a training program that would show you how to do just that.

And the best part is..

It works regardless of whether you or your subject “believe” in Astrology.


Because regardless of your subject’s conscious beliefs about Astrology, they’ve been subliminally programmed – so to speak – to think and behave like their zodiac sign making them very predictable.

This gives you the ultimate advantage when it comes to influencing them.

Learn The Lost Astrological Secrets Practiced By Advanced Civilizations 

Used To Defy 

The Laws Of Nature And Control The Masses

Training program includes 20 video training modules and 20 audio modules.

Here’s What You Will Discover: