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Up To 75% Commission! New-age/pd Funnel + 1-click Upsells

Up To 75% Commission! New-age/pd Funnel + 1-click Upsells
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Thus Imbuing Your Mala With Protective Power That Is ONGOING and EVERLASTING…

So that when you wear it around your neck, the ENERGY you have imbued it with, to cancel out your feelings of powerlessness and lethargy, and replace them with sexual potency, creativity, and vibrant love (one might even say “lust”;-) for Life in the fullest…

…Which can stay with you all day (and night) long!

But that’s not all.

Even if you don’t already have a mantra that you currently use to strengthen and balance your Sacral Chakra…

Just to make absolutely sure your Mala works for you, we’ve commissioned two amazing spiritual guides to create a special, specific musical mantra that you can listen to while you hold your Mala beads…

It’s a beautiful meditation and mantra, with 108 repetitions of an affirmation plus the sanskrit seed syllable over a track of singing bowls

Which we had specially composed at the proper frequency and key for healing your Sacral Chakra!

 The creator of your Mala music is Dmitry, a composer and music producer from Spain who specializes in spiritual healing music.

He goes into deep meditation before beginning to write each piece of music so he can be sure it not only sounds right but that it creates the healing energies necessary.

In addition, the artist who voices your mantra for you on this recording is Maris – a musician, writer, reiki master, and motivational speaker. In her own words she is “on a journey to heal myself and others through music.”

Which all comes down to saying…