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7 Seconds To A Perfect Body

7 Seconds To A Perfect Body
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The Shocking Truth that the Fitness Industry tried to Bury…..

The Stunning Scientific Method Behind

A 130lbs Weaklings Transformation

Into 180lbs of Rock Solid Muscle

With Spectacular Strength and

Fantastic Fitness

Using NO Weights and

Just SECONDS of Exercise!

Wk 1 – Skinny Fat @ 130lbs

Wk 7 – Lean + 30lbs of muscle!

These are REAL photos showing REAL results produced in just 7 weeks, working out less than 10 minutes a day! But it didn’t stop there. Read this letter to see the incredible transformation from a weak and wobbly body to a stunning physique and super strength without weights – you’ll be amazed…

These aren’t professional studio photos designed to look like the cover of a men’s fitness magazine. These are unedited, not photo-shopped or changed in any way – (believe me if they were you wouldn’t be seeing the bed sheets of my spare bedroom drying in the background). There are no fancy camera tricks or lighting effects. These are just the ACTUAL photos my brother took of me before and after 7 weeks following the advice below….working out for less than 10 minutes a day…

This is unlike anything you have ever seen before. I will show you exactly how you can achieve an incredibly fit physique while developing devastating strength without weightswithout injury and best of all without a great deal of time….

But I don’t expect you to take my word for it…so below with your own eyes you will see demonstrations of the spectacular strength that you too can achieve…..

Now is your chance to learn the forgotten secrets of the old time supermen – breakthrough techniques that can transform your body and it’s abilities in just seconds! Secrets that the fitness industry has tried to bury! You won’t need equipment, you won’t need expensive supplements…you’ll just need….. 

7 Seconds to A Perfect Body

Greetings Friend,

Your Complete Guide to Physical Perfection

I hate to admit it, but that pasty “dead rat hair” chested, skinny-fat failure is me. That’s what I looked like after working for a year as a personal trainer! Not the type of body you’d expect, and certainly not one I’d listen to for fitness advice. Unfortunately being a personal trainer does not automatically make you buff, in fact, irregular 14 hour long shifts, working 7 days a week and living on a “eat as much as you can in 5 minutes cause you might not have the chance to eat for another 10 hours” diet destroyed my health, my fitness and my physique….and perhaps worst of all my enthusiasm and joy for fitness. …

You see, in the fitness industry they don’t want you to succeed and get in great shape – they don’t want fast results. They want you to progress slowly or not at all, so that you come back year after unproductive year and pay your hard earned money for a membership that doesn’t produce.

That was the lesson I learnt fairly quickly working as a trainer in one of Ireland’s top gyms. And if you’ve ever been a member of a gym you probably know just what I mean…

Luckily as you can see in the after photo…I stumbled upon the secret to fast results and super strength….so if you were like me and rushing around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done and make everyone happy, only to allow your waist line to expand as your free time shrank no thanks to workouts that just don’t work, then listen up.

You’ve been lied to – I know, I used to do the lying.

There is a myth, a great lie and conspiracy about getting fit and in shape – that you need to spend hours a day to do it. And it’s not true.

As a fitness instructor in a Premier Gym, I thought I knew everything about transforming the human body through exercise. I was wrong. My clients got results but it took time, and a lot of hard work. With today’s lifestyles most couldn’t dedicate themselves to the long hours needed to transform their body. Neither could I.

I was working back to back, client after client and when I was done I didn’t want to see another weight or look at another treadmill.

As my health declined and my waist expanded I began looking for a faster way to workout and keep my body in tip top physical condition…and I found it…..the secret the fitness industry tried to suppress…

It’s not about how long you spend – it’s about how intense you train. In fact…..

You Can Build

  • A Stunning 6 Pack
  • A Breathtaking Back
  • A Chiseled Chest
  • Wide Sexy Shoulders
  • Awe Inspiring Arms
  • Legendary Legs and 
  • Killer Claves with..

Simple 7 Second Exercises!

How can this be? Every fitness magazine out there tells you have to lift weights, hit the treadmill and spend hours a day training, all while slurping down expensive supplements that are the “missing link” in body mastery. And every gym instructor is telling you the same….and they are all lying to you.

Wait a minute there….surely thanks to all the modern day research and focus on health and exercise we must know every hidden secret, every little tip to makes us look trimmer and sexier? We must finally have the answer to getting the body of our dreams and the strength to live life with ease?

I thought that and I was a fitness instructor and top personal trainer, but I was wrong…in all the glamor of fitness, its increasing popularity and the rampant profiteering done it in its name, all the gadgets and gizmos, the liposuction and cosmetic tanning had only buried the truth and it lay there dormant, waiting forgotten….


Hi. I bought your 7 seconds abs (just one small chapter from 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body – Paul ) and I must say that IT WORKS!!! I was never fat (in fact, my nickname is “chicken legs”) but I had the worst pot belly ever!! After buying your ebook and after 1 week (no change in diet, etc.) I realized that I no longer had any pot belly! And this was from doing one of your exercise whenever I’m waiting in a long line.

– Christine Song

And it’s about to get even more unbelievable. These same techniques that will sculpt your body from the inside out will transform your strength and fitness levels. And I don’t mean simple little things….like being able to carry a heavy TV with 1 arm, fly up flights of stairs like they were nothing but a single step, and easily move or lift any object….no…what I am talking about is the staggering impossible strength of the classical physical culturists…

Men who were capable of lifting an elephant or 18 people at a time. Men whose strength inspired comic book legends – able to break chains bound across their chests, catch people fired form cannons or have the superman strength to lift a grown man over head with just one arm.

Lifting my 156lb cousin with one arm..

Surely that’s an exaggeration – a claim of science fiction? I wouldn’t believe it either – but I’ve done it and here’s the proof – opposite is a photo of me messing around and pressing my 156lbs cousin over head with JUST ONE ARM! And it’s not just him, I’ve easily done this with no preparation time, no advanced training and on the spur of the moment with dozens of different people of different shapes and sizes. And you can too.

I know. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. You can develop the same Superhuman Strength!

And I’m going to teach you the very same forgotten exercises and scientifically proven methods for building the body of your dreams and the strength that will surpass them.

7 Seconds to the Perfect Body is my revolutionary 250+ page course, 50 Chapters and over a hundred highly detailed full color photos, showing you each and every exercise in crystal clear detail, taking you through the complete 7 Week Transformation I and many of my clients experienced.

Take a Look at What You Will Learn in this Groundbreaking Course…

Chisel Your Chest!

Perfect Your Pecs and Develop the Strength to Press OVER TWICE Your bodyweight…in Just Seconds…

The muscles of the Chest, the Pectorals have long been seen as the definition of masculine strength, health and virility. Simply think of Tarzan, beating away on his chest just before he swings down to grab and appropriately infatuated Jane out of harm’s way. Every Iconic figure of modern male culture, from Comic Book characters like Superman, to action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone have possessed large imposing muscular chests. And what image does it portray – simple, look at the Man of Steel, it’s one of being bulletproof.

But don’t get me wrong, this section isn’t just for the guys….these techniques equally sculpt and firm the bust and improve posture, poise, lung capacity and health.

Using these techniques, you will, as have all of my clients

  • Build Strong, Hard, Dense and Thick Chest Muscle

  • Develop A Wide Muscular Frame
  • Chisel An Imposing Masculine Physique

  • Increase Your Lung Volume and Capacity
  • Have A Healthier Heart

  • Increase Your Explosive Upper Body Power
  • Increase Your Lifting Strength

  • Increase Your Pushing Power
  • And much, much more


Hey Paul,

Started the chest exercises today….phew I’m spent!…..

The chest exercises really tired me 🙂 (I would shake the minute I would tense up). What’s interesting with the chest is you really feel the right or left working depending on which hand clasps which.

The Iso push up is……..Woah!

I won’t be able to hold this for 2 minutes for a while! I didn’t count but I think I did 20-30secs and I was shaking like a leaf.

My 2 favorites are the book press which really seems to work on my lower back, which sucks hard considering my size and overall nonexistent muscles 🙂

I also like the lat leg pull for the same reason but with middle back. The lying back is cool too. Works hard!

– Mel.  

In this section I’ll teach you the scientific and proven methods I discovered for firming and strengthening the muscles of the chest and developing wide, thick and powerful pecs. So powerful in fact that at only 160lbs I can easily perform an strong range bench press of OVER 400LBS! That’s more than TWICE MY BODYWEIGHT. Furthermore I gained this incredible strength and rock hard musclewithout blowing out my shoulders, damaging my joints or succumbing to busted up weight lifter syndrome.

Check out the Video Below!


Steve Dunne Displaying Awesome Chest Development

I’m a personal trainer and body builder and I’m damn good at what I do, but I always want the best for my clients…so I keep my ear to the ground and make sure I know the latest techniques to physical improvement.

I’ve tried everything from Westside 5×5 to Doggcrapp and DC Training in order to deliver the most intense workout possible. So when I meet Paul and he told me he could lift over 200lbs on a bicep curl I smiled, shook my head and said it can’t be done.

That’s when he walked over to the rack, loaded up 240lbs and curled it like it was nothing. I tired and despite my years of training, the bar just wouldn’t move.

I asked Paul to show me his chest development routine(revealed in Chapters 16-21 – Paul) and after just a few seconds I was pumping sweat and exhaustedI have NEVER felt intensity like the techniques he showed me.

The pump was unreal. My muscles felt like they would explode with power and strength…and I hadn’t even moved…no weights, no equipment, nothing and it was one of the best workouts of my life.

My grandfather trained using these same old time methods, and taught me some of this stuff when I was a little kid. That man was the strongest I have ever known…and now…thanks to Paul I know why.

I’ll be using these techniques with all my clients in the future to guarantee their results.

– Steven Dunne

Physical Evolution Fitness

But don’t take my word for it – check out the quick video I made below, showing a light strong range bench press of OVER TWCIE my bodyweight…


Loose Up to 3 Inches Off Your Waist with 1 Exercise!

Develop Rock Solid Flat Abs And A Punch Proof Stomach Using a 7 Second Exercise That Can Be Done Anytime, Anywhere!

In Chapters 22-25 I will teach you the same the tips, tricks, and tactics I discovered, and that the great bodybuilders of the past used to develop and forge abs of steel…and it’s surprisingly simple. It’s something we have all experienced and seen, but few realize the potential of. And you can get your hands on this forgotten principal in just minutes from now.

Using these techniques, you will, as have all of my clients

  • Develop a lean and powerful waist line.

  • Develop increased overall coordination and balance
  • Reduce your waist line by up to 3 inches (one client I taught this to lost 4 inches in 2 weeks)

  • Reduce body fat and weight (one client lost over 10 lbs using only these techniques and my meal tips in a 2 week period.)
  • Improved strength and function of your internal organ. This means improved breathing, circulation, digestion and elimination of toxic waste from the body.

  • Improved energy levels, more energy as result of burning fat faster and more efficiently…

And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!

You might not have the time right now to hire a personal trainer, dedicate hours to the gym, get your diet right – but YOU DO have 7 SECONDS FREE, and that is all it takes to get started on exercising your abs!


Dear Paul;

Wanted to take a moment to let you know I did the first read-through of the e-book last night and liked it very much.Indeed, I am excited at starting this regimen this coming weekend. I think you are doing a great service to those who believe in the potential of isometric training with your website and I am confident I will be using more of the services in the future after I take full advantage of this e-book.

 Thanks for offering a great product at a great price and look forward to working with isometric training and your website in the future.


Jeff Daugherity


Thank you so much for your great, informative website. I’ve been doing the 7 second abs for a couple of weeks and have lost about an inch around my waist!

– Stephen 


Build a Breathtaking Back

That is Strong, Supportive and Pain Free in Just Seconds!

How many times have you found it hard to get to sleep because of the dull nagging pain in your lower back? How many times have you had to get up out of chair slowly and carefully because of the sharp pain you experience down your spine? How many times have you failed to lift a weight that challenged you and risked pain and injury?

I spent years in that position, or more actually trying to find one that didn’t hurt my back.Weight lifting and spinning classes had left my back sore and tired. Walking around a gym, after another disappointing training session didn’t help much either. I tired physiotherapists, chiropractors, you name it I tried it. And none of them succeeded in relieving the constant pain I felt.

I couldn’t find an exercise that didn’t strengthen my back without damaging or compressing my spine, and I was going to give up hope of ever improving. This might be a story that sounds familiar too you – it should. Thanks to modern day work habits, compounded by poor training methods, all of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives, and for many it will become chronic.

Luckily for me, I stumbled across forgotten fitness techniques that not only transformed my back from a broken twisted train wreck, to the one that was not only pain free, but so strong I could pick up a car!

The Back, and the Spine, support our whole body and are vital to our health. In Chapters 8-16 I’ll teach you the scientific and proven methods I discovered for firming and strengthening the muscles of the back and developing wide, thick and powerful Lats that define the masculine physique, and developing perfect posture and unbelievable back strength with postural muscles like steel cables.

The techniques I show you in 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body are so powerful that while in a wrestler’s bridge, with a full arched spine I can support a 6 foot 220+ lbs bodybuilder standing on me. So powerful in fact that at only 160lbs I can easily perform an isometric deadlift of OVER 500LBS! That’s nearly THREE TIMES MY BODYWEIGHT. Furthermore I gained this incredible strength and rock hard muscle without compressing my spine, slipping a disk or ending up with back pain.


I had ongoing lower back pain and just doing (one of the exercises taught in the e-book) several times a week has done the trick – thank God!

– Cheers Philip


Testimonial:Pain Free and Fit!

I have been seeing a chiropractor for the last 18 months due to problems with my spine, especially in my neck. I was experiencing a lot of stiffness and movement loss in my back & hips and also instead of having the correct curve in my neck, it was actually straight and even starting to curve the incorrect way.

This was from many years of poor posture, incorrect weight training technique and not to mention that I thrash myself around way too much when I’m on stage with my band haha. Anyway, for the first year or so, I was having treatment 3 times a week and was doing traction for my neck every night at home.

I discovered your 7 seven seconds to a perfect body program last year around August and liked the fact that I could develop muscle and exercise without weights, as I could not perform many exercises correctly due to weakness caused by the degeneration in my spine.

Since using your program, both myself and my doctor have noticed a huge improvement in my strength and mobility. I have gone from seeing my chiropractor from 3 times a week last year to 1 visit per MONTH, which is just for maintenance.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with this Paul. By using your 7 seven seconds to a perfect body program, I have improved my quality of life by more than I ever thought possible. One thing that I am really stoked on is for the first time ever this week I was able to perform a bridge and push myself up off the ground into the correct position.

I only held this position for around 15 seconds, but for someone who 6 months ago couldn’t even sit or stand without feeling discomfort and pain, it is a massive achievement. It actually brought tears to my eyes. So I just wanted to share that story with you and I cannot thank you enough.

Take care 🙂

– Reece

Check out the Video Below!

In fact I relieved and cured myself of chronic back pain using some of the techniques found in this e-book – and it works not just for me and my clients, but even casual readers of my website. I’ve even included a specific chapter on it.

And just listen to what top personal trainer Dave Cunningham had to say….


Hey Paul,

I’m going to level with you, when you came in to the gym shooting your mouth off about how much you can lift, I thought you were taking the mickey.

I mean you seemed like a nice guy and all, but there was no way a guy your size could deadlift more than twice your body weight.

Well I apologize. You did. You did more, you lifted three times your bodyweight,and I have to tell you it was impressive….but not as impressive as when you showed me how to do the same thing!

Dave shown above displaying the effects of 7 Seconds to A Brilliant Back

I mean, I was pretty happy when I pulled 300lbs in a deadlift, but I couldn’t believe what I was lifting after training with you.

400lbs….not enough….

500lbs….not enough….

I mean I wasn’t even tired when we had every weight in the gym on the bar and you and Ben had to hold the plates on the side because the bar was warping on a whopping 600lbs deadlift.

Damn man, that was just incredible.

Thanks for showing me a new way to train brother!



In this 7 Week Course I provide you with the same incredible and amazing results I have achieved for myself and for my clients. Using the exercises in this guide you can;

  • Build A Strong, Supportive Back

  • Develop Wide Powerful Lats that Define Masculinity
  • Taper and Contour Your Body to Look it’s Best

  • Eliminate, Ease and Relieve Back Pain
  • Develop Proper Posture

  • Sleep Better
  • And Much, Much More…

Free yourself from back pain, limber up and loosen yourself for a fun energized life with the strength and vigor of a super spine and brilliant back.


Add Inches to Your Arms in Seconds!

Build High Peaking Boulder Sized Biceps, Thick Titanium Hard Triceps and Fantastic Forearms with JUST a 7 Second Exercise and Become Strong Enough to Lift A Grown Man Overhead with JUST ONE ARM!

You’ve already seen me lift a man over head with just one arm, and if you want the incredible strength to do the same than Chapters 26-34 are for you. But it’s not just shoulder and arm strength you can develop using 7 Seconds to the Perfect Body. You can develop the legendary forearm, finger and grip strength displayed by Bruce Lee. If you’ve read my website then you’ll know that I’m an avid fan of Bruce Lee and the forgotten methods I teach were in fact it was the foundation of Bruce’s incredible strength.

Below is a demonstration of that strength. This is a rare photograph of Bruce Lee performing an exceptional feat of strength on the set of Game of Death, his final film. In it you can see Bruce balancing and supporting his entire bodyweight on JUST his toes and thumbs!

Bruce Lee Performing the 2 Thumb Suspension

This spectacular demonstration displays the incredible arm and body strength of The Dragon. A feat few could perform today, unless they hand studied the same secret techniques of the Supermen. Below you can watch me perform the same incredible feat of strength…

Watch the Video of the Me Performing the Bruce Lee Two Thumb body Suspension Below.

A Close Up Shot from my 2 Thumb Suspension

In 7 Seconds to the Perfect Body I will teach you the same the tips, tricks, and tactics I discovered, and that the great bodybuilders of the past used to develop and forge arms of steel…and it’s surprisingly simple, and you can get your hands on this forgotten principal in just minutes from now.

In fact I performed the feat above for a close friend of mine and fellow fitness professional and former wrestler Niall …… Despite weighing over 200lbs of PURE MUSCLE Niall couldn’t replicate these feats.His 17 inch arms failed him. He asked me to teach him the same techniques I used, expecting to spend hours in the gym. He was shocked when I told him I could teach him the same techniques right there at his desk, without even having to get off the chair! Not only that but I told him he could add over an inch to this arms in less than 60 seconds. He didn’t believe me, and I can’t blame him.

We had Sarah, one of the receptionists in the gym measure his biceps with a standard tape measure. They came in at 17 inches of rock hard muscle. Pretty big by anyone’s standards. I showed him just ONE of the Exercises you’ll learn in Secrets of 7 Second Arms, and less than 60 seconds later, Sarah measured his exhausted biceps again –

An Unbelievable 2 inches bigger.

That’s right, using one exercise Niall arms went from 17 to 19 inches in less than 60 Seconds!


I was sitting at the reception desk in work one day when Paul approached me after a strength display he was doing and asked me if I wanted to increase the size of my biceps by an inch in 30 seconds. Naturally I was intrigued but a little skeptical at the same time. He explained that by uisng one technqiue on my bicep this was possible. So we measured my right arm prior to the test, and it measured at 17 inches. I then did the exericse Paul demonstrated and sure enough when we re-measured my right arm it had gained not 1, but 2 inches, measuring a total 19 inches. Instant gains in a fraction of the time!

– Niall

Using these same techniques, you will, as have all of my clients

  • Develop strong and powerful arms.
  • Develop increased overall strength and coordination.
  • Increase your Arms by up to an Inch! (Niall still has those extra 2 inches on each arm!).
  • Reduce risk of repetitive strain injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome and tendinitis.
  • Improved strength and function of your internal organ. This means improved breathing, circulation, digestion and elimination of toxic waste from the body.
  • Improved energy levels, more energy as result of burning fat faster and more efficiently…

And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!

By the time your lunch break or favorite TV show is over you could be exercising your arms with the most effective techniques on the planet.

If you’re an existing athlete and don’t think this applies to you, you’re wrong. The techniques and tips described in this course could triple the effectiveness of your workout program and change the way you train forever.

If you’re a woman and don’t want big thick muscular arms and that this won’t work for you? Think again, you can use these same exercises to firm and tone your arms and wave away Flabby Arms and Bingo Wings for good.

I’m going to show you all this and more – and for a lot less than any gym membership or personal trainer would cost. For just a few $’s, you can access the entire 250 page course in just minutes from now. And I guarantee you’ll never regret your decision.


Ray Lee showing off the Isometric Bicep Curl

Paul is simply one of the best trainers around today. His technqiues are cutting edge and way beyond what you’re taught as fitness instrutor. I’ll tell you what convinced me though. When Paul first told me about this method of training, I said he was nuts. Couldn’t work. Then he did a bicep curl with over 200lbs on the bar. That shut me up pretty quick. I’ve used his technqiues in my own diet and training and you can see the results – AMAZING – a Bruce Lee body with a Bruce Lee strength.

– Ray Lee


Hi,I’ve been trying the exercies in your e-book 7 Second Arms for about a week now – and I’m stunned! My arms are so hard and toned it’s unbelieveabe. I had really slim arms before, but they wobbled a bit at the back and were soft on top. The other day my boyfriend caught me doing your exercises and was shcoked when he felt how hard my arms were – now he’s doing them too! Thanks again for such an amazing program!

– Tracy


Laugh as Others Stare in Amazement at Your Legendary Legs!

Build Sculpted Toned Thighs, Granite Hard Glutes and Hamstrings that Break Hearts in Just Seconds!

In this complete course I’ll teach you the scientific and proven methods I discovered for firming and strengthening the muscles of the legs, developing rock solid Quadsstone hewn Hamstrings, andcompact, granite Glutes.

Pistols on the Zugspitz

Check out one of my holiday snaps – performing a single legged pistol squat, a really tough move on the best of days, and I was knocking these out after climbing the Zugspitze mountain!

But don’t get me wrong, this e-book isn’t just for the guys….these techniques equally sculpt and firm long lean legs for women and develop pert well rounded Glutes that made woman like J-Lo and Jessica Simpson!

In fact the techniques I teach are so powerful in fact that at only 160lbs I can easily perform an strong range leg press of OVER 2200LBS! That’s more than a TON, and nearly 13 TIMES MY BODYWEIGHT. Furthermore I gained this incredible strength and rock hard muscle without damaging my knees, impacting my joints or tearing a muscle, like many weightlifting enthusiasts would.

In fact take a quick look at what happened when I couldn’t find enough weight in my local gym!

Check out the Video Below!

In Chapters 35-46 I reveal in detail the exact techniques and exercises I used to achieve my incredible results. More than that I illustrate how science supports and explains this process. As unbelievable as it may seem, and I know it is, these results aren’t fantastic or unrealistic. They are readily achievable if you apply the techniques in this guide.

Just listen to what top personal trainer Dave Cunningham had to say….


Isometrics = Dave’s Legendary Legs

I know I’ve already talked to you about you brilliant back training program, but you’ve taken it to a new level with this Leg Training Routine of yours.

Now I’ve been a big fan of heavy squatting but it wears the knees something fierce, and I found I needed to take more time of training than I’d like….when you tell me I can get an even better workout by using a 7 Second Exercise. No Way!

But I should have known better that to doubt you!

An inch on each leg later, and with only seconds of exercise – just check it out – cool or what?

Dave shown above displaying the effects of

7 Seconds to Legendary Legs



I can provide you with the same incredible and amazing results I have achieved for my clients. Using the exercises in this guide you can;

  • Build Strong, Hard, Dense and Thick Leg Muscle

  • Develop Sculpted and Toned Legs
  • Chisel, Cut and Define Your Physique

  • Prevent Knee and Joint Pain
  • Insure Healthy Hips

  • Increase Your Metabolism
  • Blowtorch Fat

  • Build Strong, Hard, Firm Claves
  • Improve Lower Body Circulation 
  • Chisel, Cut and Define Your Calves
  • Prevent Muscle Fatigue and Pain

  • Reduce the risk of Varicose Veins
  • Jump Higher

  • Run Faster
  • And much, much more


Hello Paul,

Your program has given me high speed and also surprisingly good endurance during fighting. I’ve noticed I can bench up to 160 now maybe a little more. I mean for my weight of 144lbs thats amazing!

I can now do pistol squats pretty nicely over and over and my legs are becomng hard as a rock!


– Mark

You’ll learn all this and more in my complete 7 Week Course…


If you’re serious about getting in great shape then keep in mind this is just a small taste of what is in store for you when you have 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body….

In this incredible 7 week course I will transform your body and take you through…

  • A complete overview of how this system works and the science behind the “7 Seconds” …apply this principal to your workouts and daily routines and see your strength skyrocket and a total body transformation!
  • Forgotten breathing techniques that will re-energize and invigorate you, triple your Strength…as well as firm and flatten your waist line
  • Full explanations of each of the muscles used to create a sensational sculpted body…know what you’re working and you’ll see why so many of the popular exercises WON’T WORK!
  • The origins of these incredible secrets reveled, a look back at the great legends of the past and the secret that united them – want a perfect physique and spectacular strength, do what they did!
  • THE MOST CRUCIAL EXERCISES REVEALED in detail….want to know why the best exercises aren’t in the gym…then you need to read this!
  • Full color photos explaining each and every movement…no need for guess work or bad diagrams…learn these exercises the right way 1st time.
  • Why weight lifting could be seriously damaging your health and why it IS NOT the best way to get in great shape!
  • Bonus Exercise Section – The Master of Muscle Control Maxick’s Original Routines! – Learn the secrets of the master! The original text and the original photos restored!

And much much more…

Meet Paul J.O’Brien

Paul J.O’Brien is a world-renowned fitness instructor, personal trainer, martial artist, combat instructor and consultant of Chinese Medicine, who started his study of isometrics after a devastating knee injury left him unable to move without severe pain and a career in fitness had left him fat, unfit and unfulfilled. Conventional physical fitness had failed him and conventional medical therapy offering no cure for his condition.

Convinced that there was a better way to “heal” his body he began investigating alternatives and found Traditional Chinese Medicine and the ancient strength techniques of the physical culturists. Applying these techniques he developed a system of training that not only rehabbed his injury and left him pain free and in perfect health, but also transformed his physique and fitness levels. He developed a lean muscular physique and remarkable physical strength after only a few weeks of training for less than 10 minutes a day.

Today Paul has not only healed his broken body and developed staggering levels of strength and fitness, but trains tens of thousands of people across the world to do the same and to improve their lives in every aspect–be it with money, fitness, health, or emotional wellbeing.

He is also an internationally acclaimed and award-winning author, speaker and businessman.

Paul’s Media Appearances…

A Martial Arts Spread for Sunday World

Some of the publications and TVshows I’ve appeared in.

Appearing on City Channel Tv

An Appearance in Irish Fighter Magazine

An exert from Spezzatino Magazine…and yes that’s an original Batsuit. 😉

An Article on Isometrics I Wrote Published in a Medical Journal

Now Let Me Introduce You To Jarell…

Ripped and Muscular

Mass Maximised

Jarell’s physique is the exemplification perfect muscle balance in a lean ripped Bruce Lee like body. The muscle isolation and definition is stunning. A wide v-tapered back, toned muscular arms and chest, chiseled abs and not a shred of unneeded fat highlights the results achieved with Perfect Body.

Jarell and I began corresponding in early Jan of this year when he emailed me asking me to finish some of my articles on Isometrics and the martial arts and asking me to clarify some aspects of isometrics contraction. Little did I know that I would be writing lengthy responses to his insightful questions on isometrics every week or 2!

Jarell’s passion for isometric training and his consistency in using these techniques have produced staggering results. As he relates..

Testimonial:Gains 16lbs of lean muscle!

“I was 143 lbs at 10% body weight. I am now still at 10% body weight, and I weigh 159 lbs. I have gained 16 lbs of muscle so far from doing your exercises. I feel as adept as a Shaolin martial artist, with laser vision to boot :)”

And while Jarell was getting incredible results, adding 16lbs of muscle to his frame and developing a devastating Bruce Lee like physique, he was so enthused he shared his passion for isometrics, and in doing so transformed not just his own body – but other people’s lives….

I have an aunt that I am staying with for a week. She has pain all over her body and in her joints. I am suggesting your exercises to her; I did some of your exercises with her yesterday, and she says that she hasn’t felt this good since her 30’s (she’s in her 50’s). She will hopefully continue to lose weight, because she has planned to have surgery for her bones to aid her osteoporosis in April. My hope is that the exercises will do enough benefit by then to convince her to cancel the surgery. I said all of that to say, I greatly appreciate the exercises that you promote, because they not only inspire people to live healthier lifestyles, but can completely turn a person’s life around for the better. I sincerely thank you.

Update just 10 days later…

My aunt has already lost 2 inches off of her waist, and has basically mentioned your website or system to everyone she’s called 🙂

Check out some of the many other comments I’ve received…


Hey Paul, I have to say, I like the exercises in the book and how it was explained. There is a lot of great reading involved but I admit I have a tendency to just do the exercises straight away which are great. The myths is a very good addition, the bonus exercise section gave me some useful info that I did not know before…such as how the ab were naturally ‘sucked in’ and how to achieve it. I am going to be adding the exercises in to my workout regime. All in all, I loved it and found it very useful. Good stuff all around man – and I’ve realized I’m a terrible reviewer!

– Karl Walsh


“Hey Paul, sorry for the long feedback I finally got a chance to read it and my thoughts about it were:

Presentation: The E-book was very well presentednavigation around the e-book was simple and the mixture of the color, text and pictures held my interest throughout the reading.

Text Content: The content of the E-book was very well laid out, I myself find it hard reading text heavy extracts & books etc but the E-book was easy to read, the content was to the point but also had interesting reading in it also. I personally liked the reading about Eugene Sandow and how isometrics came about and the special breathing Techniques.

The Exercises: Ill be honest, it took me a few try’s to fully get the hang of doing the exercises, but also being honest with myself its because sometimes I find it hard to read text descriptions(but that’s just me ) of exercises, but the photos of you doing them did help me in the end to get it right.

The results of the exercises were that I felt my whole abdominal’s were worked, I could really feel the blood rushing into my muscles and I felt the feeling of doing 100 crunches in 7 seconds! The Superman and Side Bridge exercises were excellent complement exercises also to work my Oblique’s and Lower back, giving me a full Core workout in as little as 7 seconds.

My Abs feel much harder now when I poke them and I’ll continue to do these exercises!

Extra Bits: I find it good that another E-book for Fat loss was added to 7 seconds Ab’s as it allows then for anyone to show their hard work of using the E-book by seeing the results for themselves by dropping their body fat levels in a well documented and researched E-book.

Conclusion: It was a great pleasure reading 7 second Ab’s. I Could get a whole Core workout in as little as 7 seconds thanks to you Paul. My Ab’s feel as hard as steel now and I believe Isometric training will become a daily part of everyone’s fitness routine in some way or another soon, when people realize how it can benefit them. Anyway Paul I apologize for the late feedback about the book and it was a great read I have to say, Best of luck with the E-book!”

– Michael Flanagan


Well Paul just wanted to say I usually don’t fall into scams and crap like that but I knew isometrics were something good because I reaserched it for two years. Now get this lol, 3 weeks ago I could barely do 100lbs on the bench 8 times, now, thanks to your program I can bench 140 15 times haha!

I gotta tell you, your stuff works!

Thanks once again,


Quick note from me

Just so everyone realises this – without doing ANY weight lifting and sticking solely to the exercises in the 7 Seconds to Build A Perfect Body Program, Moe increased his strength 1300lbs in the weight lifted, a 61.5% increase – that’s freakin incredible! There are few systems in the world, IF ANY, that produce such a dramatic increase in strength with seconds of exercise! Seriously – how cool is that?

I’m telling my patients to check out your website. Even your free exercises are of value.I have used isometrics and muscle control for many years but too busy to teach it to patients.Your courses my help and the procedures really work. I know.

If You Want To BUILD….

  • A Lean and Powerful Waist Line
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  • Hard, Dense and Thick Chest Muscle
  • Sculpted and Toned Quads, Hams and Glutes
  • Killer Calves
  • Firm and Toned Triceps
  • High Peaked Biceps
  • Wide Sexy Shoulders
  • Forearems that feel like Steel Cables



I must say, after only two days, and two workouts less than 5 minutes I notice more definition than I have in the past two years of a combination of weight training, body weight training, and HIIT. I am 6’1″ and 180Lbs, so I do not need to lose weight, but I am feeling things tighten up, have that flat stomach, and the weird thing is I don’t need as much sleep.

I am blown away that you take the time to thoughtfully respond. I wll definitely tell all my friends about your program (after a few more weeks of results :O) ).I have probably spent ~$1000 or more on various e-books/equipment and have never had such an effective program and helpfulness.

Thank you.

– Ryan

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A “Revolutionary Program” according to this review….

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Pioneering this revolutionary form of training in the US, Obeck published one of the most significant physical culture manuals of all time. How to Exercise without Moving a Muscle is over 90 pages long with dozens of crystal clear photos, and includes sections on training for men, women children and sports.

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