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Amazing Email And RSS Autoresponder Software

Amazing Email And RSS Autoresponder Software
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Namaste! LMS

Namaste! is a free learning management system for WordPress. Check it out, it’s still young but we have huge plans for it.

WatuPRO 2.8

There latest version of WatuPRO is now 2.8 – optional captcha, previous button, and more. Full details about the upgrade and how existing customers can have it are outlined in the blog.

BroadFast for WordPress

The premium auto-responder plugin for WordPress is just released. Have a look at the site.

Broadfast PHP Autoresponder Basic v 2.9, PRO 1.1.

Both Basic and PRO versions of the PHP autoresponder have been upgraderd.

See here for more info

Weight Loss Calculator

There is another free calculator available for webmasters and for online usage – try it here!

How To Create User-Friendly Script Installations

Here is another new tutorial. Let’s reduce the frustration for the end user when installing out of the box web based software. This is the tutorial. We already implement these concepts in the latest versions of our softwares.

E.M.M.A. – Easy Membership Management Application

This is our latest product – a real aMember alternative – simpler, easier to set up and use and more affordable, with unlimited domains license for domains you own.

E.M.M.A. has its (her?) own site, check it out

A.M.Y – Ad Management Yoga

This is our newest product – easy, simple and modern ad management software. A.M.Y. is a solution for small to medium web publishers. Check it out.