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Mimmi Kapell’s Fitness Trainings

Mimmi Kapell’s Fitness Trainings
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THE brand

new Fit & Fresh Challenge

  • 4 week course

  • Achieve a more structured way of eating

  • Get More Energy

  • 16 pages of recipies

  • 9 week course

  • No gym needed

  • Nutrition + Training

  • Video’s + Download

Mimmi Kapell has been delivering life-changing results to her personal training clients for almost 4 years. Her goal is to reach as many people as she can and help them revitalize their life through achieving their own personal health and fitness goals.

Mimmi has trained HUNDREDS of women across Sweden.

She then decided to head to Los Angeles on a quest to continue her knowledge in both the fitness & health specialty.  She was able to combine

the best of both the Scandinavian and American forms of health and fitness training and has now returned to Sweden to eagerly reveal what she has discovered, in order to help as many people as she can.

She truly loves helping each and every one her coaching clients.

Training programs cover all this and more.

  • Weight Loss/ Management

  • Toning & Sculpting

  • Resistance Training

  • Muscle Building

  • Mobility / Flexibility

  • Speed, Strength, Power Development

  • Nutritional Advice

Which training is best for you today?


  • 6 Weeks of butt shaping workouts

  • Completely Change your booty like you never thought possible!

  • 24/7 support with Mimmi and the MK Fit Team

  • Easy To Follow Training


  • 8 Week Total Booty Shaping Course

  • Over 50 exercises

  • Detailed workout schedule with pictures & descriptions

  • Focused on Glutes & Legs only

  • Gymbased program

  • Access to Mimmi’s inner circle

  • 10 Weeks of intense full body workouts

  • Step-by-step Videos showing Exactly how to perform all exercises.

  • Workouts are designed to build lean muscle and shed fat

  • Over 40 exercises

  • Recipes for the best diet meals

  • Learn from Mimmi exactly how to diet to shred the fat

  • Recipe’s you can easily do yourself

  • Explanations on what different types of food do and how they affect you

  • 24/7 support with Mimmi and the MK Fit Team

  • 20 New Ab Workouts you’ve never seen

  • 5 week ab shaping program

  • Shred the fat for summertime

  • 24/7 support with Mimmi and the MK Fit Team

  • Made for beginners and advanced

  • Get all 3 Best selling programs at a discount!

  • The booty challenge

  • The ab blaster

  • Nutrition training

  • Access to Mimmi’s inner circle

  • 24/7 support with Mimmi and the MK Fit Team

Some above plans include the option to be in Mimmi’s inner circle a monthly subscription.

The team that helps each other is the team that wins

Being fit and healthy is not a destination, it’s a way of life!