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Old School Body Hacks

Old School Body Hacks
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Over 35 and can’t help but notice you’re getting “thicker”? There’s good reason. Scientists discover…

Discover The Incredible 10-Minute a Day

“Metabolic Youth-Enhancer” That…

Backed By Scientific Research...

  • RESETS Slow or Stalled Metabolism2
  • RE-SCULPTS Lean Muscle Mass (for Those Over Age 35)3
  • CRANKS OUT Youth Hormones4
  • BUILDS Heart Strength5
  • RATCHETS UP Energy Production6
  • INCREASES Blood Flow7
  • MULTIPLIES Antioxidant Production8
  • Best of all: REVERSES METABOLIC AGING even for those in their 40s, 50s and 60+

All this and more for up to 48 HOURS AFTERWARDS!…

From: John Rowley, Personal Trainer

Did you know EVERY CELL in

your body has a clock in it?

What’s interesting is medical science has proved normal aging actually causes these tiny internal clocks to speed up12. Once you hit a certain age, THEY ACCELERATE. You’re actually getting older faster and faster, day by day and month by month.

You’ve probably experienced this yourself at some point.

As you get older, you may have noticed…

  • Certain things (like your skin) don’t bounce back like they used to…
  • As you look in the mirror each day, you’re getting “thicker”, fatter, bigger overall…
  • You don’t seem to heal from infections or recover from injuries as well or as fast as before…
  • You’ve lost your “get up and go”…
  • You seem to be losing strength, not gaining it. Lean muscle mass isn’t quite so lean anymore—some, maybe a lot of that sexy muscle, has been replaced by stubborn fat deposits in the most unflattering of places…
  • For some reason, you wake up in the morning sluggish, struggling to get out of bed—even though you may have gotten got a full 8 hours sleep the night before…

“What the heck is going on?” you may ask yourself.

“John, isn’t this simply an unavoidable

side-effect of getting old?”

Could be. Could be, even if you think you’re doing everything right.

Left unchecked, this is what we all can anticipate.

The question becomes:

Could there be a way to slow down

(or even reverse) the inevitable aging process?

Answer? A Metabolic “Reset” Is The Secret To A Leaner,

Fitter, Energetic, And More Youthful Body…

Hi my name’s John Rowley.  Perhaps you’ve heard of me.

I’m a celebrity nutrition, personal trainer and fitness expert, best selling author and popular TV personality.

They call me “old school” for good reason.

Mine was the Brooklyn-based gym that gained international fame and attention when it was featured in the movie Pumping Iron, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno back in the 80’s.

So when it comes to knowing what it takes to sculpt lean, strong bodies, let’s just say I know what I’m talking about.

However, to be totally candid with you, I haven’t been totally healthy, I haven’t been totally fit throughout my career.

Nowhere near. I made a crucial mistake… one you can learn from today.

Assuming you learn from my mistake, I can promise you…

  • SIGNIFICANT weight loss and a regaining of prized lean muscle mass…
  • Improved healing
  • Quicker recoveries…
  • Better, deeper sleep…
  • A brighter mind…
  • And maybe best of all…

Reclaiming The Youth, Body

And Energy You Had In Your Twenties…

Let’s be clear, today I have all those things and more. And I want you to have them, too.

If you’ve ever wondered how ageless movie stars and celebrities such as…

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Rob Lowe
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson
  • Christie Brinkley
  • Jason Statham
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Kate Beckinsale

…are able to stay so vibrant and youthful, defying the laws of aging, then read on.

You’re about to discover the secrets ONLY A SELECT FEW in the fitness community know.

The Secret to an

Ageless Body Revealed

My story is pretty simple. I’ve been involved with health, fitness and nutrition all my adult life.

I’ve coached and trained people you would know very well, including other popular Internet personal trainers.

However, and it’s a BIG however.

I’m not perfect.

There was a time… ok, I admit it… when I was overweight. Fat. Call it whatever you want, but let’s just say I was not in the best of shape.

And for the life of me, I couldn’t figure it out.

I mean, I was 40 at the time and I had an inner tube around me that wouldn’t budge. No matter what I did.

As a celebrity fitness trainer, it was incredibly embarrassing. I tried everything to reverse the process.

Searching for answers, I started poring over medical journals. Fortunately, I tripped over a major gem of an insight in one journal called Metabolism.

It discussed in precise scientific detail HOW a person’s metabolism naturally slows down at the age of 3515.

I can’t tell you how many times I read that article—because it contained the secrets I’m about to share with you.

Now for you to appreciate what I am about to reveal, you should understand what your metabolism is and what it does.

Why Your Metabolism is

THE KEY to Unlocking

Anti-Aging Hormones

(and Overall Fat Loss)

Most people don’t understand metabolism. It’s ok, I didn’t either, until I went on my quest to solve my problem.

So for you to get the greatest benefit out of what I have to share with you next, you need to understand what metabolism is.

Simply put, metabolism is HOW

your body creates energy.

Your body’s energy is created in little cellular power plants called mitochondria.

This energy, called ATP, is used for all sorts of functions in your body. Everything from muscle activation to thinking to healing.

Now, when you’re a child, your body is bursting with mitochondria. I’m sure you’ve been amazed at kids’ energy. They’re bouncing off the walls, aren’t they?

Yet here’s what happened to me and it’s probably why you’re looking for answers as well.

Sometime in your mid-thirties your body goes through a change. A shift. Your metabolism starts slowing down.

Your body starts producing LESS ENERGY.

You’re biologically getting older. (But as you’ll discover, you don’t have to look it.) There are 3 reasons…

1You’re not creating new mitochondria efficiently…

2They’re not generating as much energy as they used to…

3Your mitochondria actually start dying off quicker…

That makes living difficult for your body. A struggle. (Now you know why you may be tired all the time.)

Don’t worry. It’s NOT your fault, but there IS something you can do about it…

Now, here’s what was happening to me. I was exercising like I did in my twenties.

You have to understand, I was crushing it in my 20’s and well into my 30’s. However…

As I hit my late 30s, I started to gain weight. Not a lot at first, just enough to notice. I started getting what I call “thicker.”

I also started to get tired much more easily.

So what did I do?

Nothing at first. I figured it was just a phase my body was going through. Thought I’d snap out of it if I kept training as I was used to.

Then one day, I looked in the mirror and it was clear to me.

I had an obvious paunch! Jiggly fat

protruded over my beltline…

As I stared at my belly, I got pi**ed off. “Now things are getting out of hand.” I thought to myself.

So what did I do? I trained harder and harder. And longer and longer.

More and more crunches. Something’s gotta give. Right….?

Now when I looked in the mirror I was thinking…

“Damn, I REALLY don’t want

to see myself naked anymore!”

You need to know I’m embarrassed writing that. But it’s true.

I was dead tired most of the time. Instead of building lean muscle like I used to, I looked big and FAT… and sweaty.

“Portly” is the word they use. (“Fatass” is the word I used when I looked the mirror.)

I was stumped. It was a mystery to me…

Work out and you get fat. Don’t work out and you get even fatter.

That’s when I went on my quest

to discover what was wrong…

For a while I thought I had some sort of disease. I thought I had some sort of thyroid or liver condition. I had all sorts of tests done. Read all sorts of medical journals.

I was a maniac on a mission.

At that point in my journey, three things became crystal clear:

  1. Training, the way I did in my 20s, was OVER. (Paradoxically, it was probably the reason I packed on weight…)
  2. I DID have something ‘wrong’ with me — and it was called MIDDLE AGE.
  3. I had to find A NEW WAY to train if I wanted to lose the embarrassing fat. And that way had to stimulate the production, efficiency and longevity of mitochondria.

I believe (and my later results validated) my metabolism… my mitochondria held the key to looking and feeling like I had in my 20s.

And as you’ll soon discover, they hold the keys for you, too.

What I discovered next blew my mind and changed everything I knew about health, fitness and working out…

Amazingly, inside each of our mitochondria are little clocks that can be speeded up… and even slowed down!12

Now here’s what’s fascinating…

Do you know the most effective way to

adjust your internal clocks in your mitochondria?

There are lots of ways actually, like caffeine and other stimulants.  Even prescribed drugs can speed up your thyroid.

But the most effective and ultimately, healthy way?

Answer: Amazingly, WORKING OUT is absolutely the fastest, most effective way to controlling your body’s internal clocks.

Working out is the key to slowing aging as well as combatting all the maladies of middle age—BUT you have to do it right.

NOT working out like you did in your 20s and early 30s.

If you work out like that? You’ll do what I did: “get thicker.” Plus eventually you’ll add tons of extra “padding” on your belly, butt and thighs.

Maybe you’ve already experienced this.

Let me prove my point:

Ever see old football players,

retired boxers or WWE wrestlers?

Their once intimidating muscle has been replaced with flab. They don’t know how to work out—even though they may be spending hours a week in the gym! They’re still working out like they were 21!

Instead, what you need is to train with a focus on adjusting your internal clocks THE RIGHT WAY.

THE SECRET? To focus on

your metabolic clocks, not your fat!

Trust me, it may not make sense right now, but it will.

Look at it this way:

When you do it right, you’re focusing on the cause (your mitochondria and energy production) and NOT the symptom (your fat.)

But how?

I started testing and experimenting. A man on a mission. Newfound drive and ambition.

I was committed to coming up with an all-around “recipe” for getting your body and your youth back. One anybody over 35 could use .

I was a sponge for all things related to controlling your metabolism.

I kept eating diaries, I kept workout logs. I kept adjusting, measuring and documenting.

All in all, I discovered 5 overall training strategies

with 37 interchangeable tactics, I call…

Old School Body Hacks™

The only program in existence to actually turn back the clock on your metabolism—burning off troublesome fat, building lean, fat-burning muscle and wiping away years—even decades—off your appearance.

Packed full of short, snappy little body hacks you can put to work in JUST MINUTES each week.

Old School Body Hacks™  pours everything I’ve learned about burning fat, boosting energy and slowing aging from a life spent training and coaching celebrities and regular, hard working people just like you.

“The best shape in minimal time…”

“As a busy mom, business owner and fitness professional time is very valuable to me. I’ve been training the “old school” way for decades. I am so thrilled that John finally came out with this program. It takes away all the fluff and what is left will get you into top shape in a minimal amount of time. It is really the foundational concepts that should be the focus and John has captured this in an easy to follow way.”

Kim Shackleford, NTP, CGP, RWP

“John’s workouts make me look

and feel younger than my years!”

As a full time marketing executive, mom and soon to be grandmother time is of a premium and taking care of my health and fitness is extremely important to me. I’ve been doing Pilates workouts for over 20 years and love everything about it! In fact I am a Pilates coach and simply can’t get enough.

But with Old School Body Hacks I was able to target certain muscles in an extremely efficient way and boy oh boy did I ever hit those muscles and two days later could barely walk. John’s workouts took YEARS off the way I look!

Jill Grainer, Mom, marketing executive, Pilates instructor

“Saved my sanity!”

As a wife, mom and business owner I have little time to waste, which is why I started the Old School Body Hacks program. I got it to save time but it has really saved my sanity. I have gotten into the best shape of my life in a minimum amount of time.

Kristi Frank, star of Donald Trump’s Apprentice, as seen on Oprah.

Unlike so many other fat-burning programs, with Old School Body Hacks™  you get bite-size techniques that just plain WORK. That means…

  • NO starving yourself…
  • NO needing the willpower of a Marine to make it through the program…
  • NO need to count calories…
  • NO “boomerang” weight gain where any fat you lose flies back onto your body (and this time brings friends!)
  • And NO ‘skinny fat’ where the weight you lose leaves behind saggy, flappy, loose skin…

Here’s everything you get when you claim your copy of Old School Body Hacks™ today…

If you’ve seen any of my other bestselling books, you know my style. Straight to the point. No fluff. And packed full of real life results from real people.

Inside Old School Body Hacks, you’ll discover…

  • The King TUT Method for packing on lean, mitochondria-loaded, fat-burning muscle—in the simplest, quickest and easiest way possible…
  • The Old School Body Hacks™ System. An unconventional and defiantly ‘old school’ 10-minute metabolic method for building youth-enhancing muscle without damaging your joints or turning yourself blue in the face…
  • The HGH Golden Key. How to unlock your body’s reserves of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in JUST 40 seconds…
  • Repair And Regenerate At Rest! How to trigger your body’s repair and regeneration abilities for hours AFTER you finish working out! That’s right you’ll burn more fat recovering from this set of movements than you ever will running on the treadmill in the gym…
  • The Cardio Solution: Why most gym rats have it all wrong. Here’s how you SHOULD do cardio to maintain a strong, healthy heart for the rest of your life…
  • And so much more…

These Old School Body Hacks™

will work for you EVEN IF:

  • You’ve already tried fad or crash diets with no success…
  • You’ve spent hours busting a gut in the gym with no results to show for it, except maybe that skinny fat look…
  • Your life is so busy, you only have MINUTES to spare for exercise or working out…
  • And, it will work for you even if the THOUGHT of working out makes you shiver with fear…

Because what you’re about discover is so fast, so easy, yet so unconventional you’re going to wish you knew about this years ago.

Plus, you’ll feel the benefit of a lasting post-workout “after effect” that burns fat even while you’re kicking back in front of the TV. However…

WARNING: This is not a ‘one size fits all’ program… That’s why I’ve given you a variety of hacks to get the job done—all designed to do a metabolic reset

Nothing bothers me more than seeing so-called fitness professionals proclaiming THEIR way is the ONLY way.

Look. Old School Body Hacks™ is YOUR program and it can be customized to suit you. No matter if…

  • You’re 35 and just starting to notice things are changing, and not for the better…
  • You’ve plateaued in your workouts…
  • You’re definitely overweight and committed to getting back to your true self
  • You’re “middle age” and when you look in the mirror, you don’t like what you see…
  • You’re retired or an empty nester and still want to be active
  • You need a fitness therapy that will rejuvenate your body and mind

See, I believe it’s vitally important you enjoy your time body-hacking the old school way. Otherwise you’re just not going to see results.

However, people still ask me which workout is the best. And because of that I’ve included something that will stop middle-age bloat dead in its tracks:

The Perfect Routine:

A.K.A. Getting the BEST results in

the LEAST amount of time

It’s yours FREE as part of the system.

Old School Body Hacks™ turbocharges the fat-burning HORMONAL aspects of your metabolism for long term fat loss after your workout ends. Not just burning calories the short time you’re working out.

After each results-based, 10-minute Old School Body Hacks™ session…

  • According to the 2001 European Journal of Applied Physiology13, your metabolism is elevated 21% within the first 24 hours. And even a full 48 hours after a session, your metabolism continues to be 19% elevated above normal
  • And according to researchers in the same study, you continue to burn as much as 773 calories of pure fat13.
  • This is all without harmful drugs or stimulants making you feel anxious or jittery.
  • It gets better. According to the 1994 Journal of Metabolism15, this type of training burns as much as 9 TIMES more fat than aerobic exercise, even though sessions are far shorter.
  • And the American College of Sports Medicine, the premier organization in the study of exercise science, advocates short, high-intensity, quick rest training over long stretches of conventional exercise.

So, how is all this possible?

There are 3 simple, straightforward keys to Old School Body Hacks™:

  • Each movement sequence is a lightning-fast 45 seconds
  • You MUST rest when you feel the need
  • The ENTIRE routine takes ONLY 15 minutes, 3 times a week. It’s over BEFORE you know it.

The breakthrough idea is to burn exclusively sugar during your quick 15-minute workout. Then for up to 72 hours afterwards, you’re effortlessly burning FAT for calories!

No exercise required!

Now, you may be thinking, “I bet any program that can give me all of THAT would cost an arm and a leg”…

And, in all honesty? It really should…

After all, my methodology has already helped THOUSANDS of People over Age 35 achieve their dream body faster and easier than ever. YET:

Right now my publisher has a greatly *reduced* price for you today.

The regular price of Old School Body Hacks™ is $127.

And it’s a screaming bargain at that price. Especially when you don’t “just” get the core program…

Because just for reading this far, I’m going to also include 3 kick-butt bonuses free of charge, helping you get that attractive, youthful body shape even faster:


24 Hacks That Have Stood the Test Of Time

The fact is, I look and feel better now in my mid 50’s than I did in my 30’s.

And one of the reasons for that is because I’m not just a student of fitness… but a guinea pig.

A walking laboratory.

And what you’ll find among these 24 Hacks That Stand the Test Of Time is PROOF of just that.

These hacks have been handed down through generations. They are proven and tested to work time and time again.

These 24 super-simple strategies are divided into 3 categories….

  • Advanced Training Hacks…
  • Program Design Hacks…
  • Intensity Hacks…

…. and they are the foundation of every program I put together.

As you move forward, as you strip away stubborn fat and replace it with lean, strong muscle, I strongly suggest you implement them into your workouts too.


HabitFit™: The Ultimate Secret To Youth Enhancement

This is my secret sauce. If I had to give you ONE thing that would make the difference to success in ANY area, it would be this simple method I’ve perfected over the last few years.

You’ll discover…

  • What ultimately separates highly successful people from the rest of the pack…
  • Why most people spend all day reacting to what happens to them. Here’s how to create a day that EMPOWERS you…
  • How to engineer a lifestyle that helps you get the most out of your day. Why do some people have time to change the world while others barely have time to change their socks?

Now the core program, The Metabolic Recharge Eating Plan™ and HabitFit™ are worth an easy $77… so even at $97, Old School Body Hacks™ is an absolute steal…

But I’m also throwing in something Old School Body Hacks™ members have been demanding for a long time.

And it’s yours FREE when you enroll in the program…


Old School Body Hacks™ Workout Plan For Every Shape, Size And Schedule

Remember, you already get what I think i THE BEST workout in The Old School New Body core program. However…

Every year or so I test out new workouts and these are the cream of the crop. Working out is a personal thing and that’s why I wanted to include a variety of routines for you. All 20 minutes, all fat-burning, youth-enhancing powerhouses…

… and all FREE when you claim your copy of Old School Body Hacks™  today.

Now you can see why Old School Body Hacks™ is worth at LEAST $97. And, when you add in the bonuses, the retail value of the program is an easy $247…

Yet, that price is NOT for you…

Right now, I’m building a huge tribe of like-minded Old School Body Hacks™ members dedicated to slowing aging… regaining the energy, the body, the appearance of your youth.

That’s a kickass, worthy goal, don’t you think? I want to help you, like I wish to God someone would have helped me when I needed it.

So I’m not going even going to try to get rich off this. It’s just my way of giving back and wanting to help people who are going through perhaps what I went through.

Maybe a little less, maybe a little more.

Here’s the deal:

You’re not gonna be paying the retail value of $247 for Old School Body Hacks™ plus all of the bonuses today…

It’s not even gonna be $200, or $100 or even $50.

Your total investment today, including the Old School Body Hacks™ program, PLUS all the bonuses I’ve described is the price you see below…

Click on the button below to lock in this price today:

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You just have to promise me one thing…

The only thing I want is when you see results, when you start to see lean, sexy muscle, when people notice your new, more youthful appearance…

Shoot me an email and a picture, ok?

That’s what’ll keep me inspired to give more…

That’s what keeps me adding and improving and upgrading the system for you and all the other Old School Body Hacks™ members…

And the cool part is… you don’t even have to decide right now…

Go ahead and take Old School Body Hacks™ for a 60-day test drive…

The Old School Body Hacks™

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it all out for 2 full months. WATCH the weight fly off and your lean and sculpted body reveal itself…

And only THEN decide if you want to keep the program…

And if you don’t? Not a problem. Just drop me a line for a full, no hassles refund…

There’s zero risk for you today when you hit the button below…

Go ahead and click the button below now!


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Sure, you could just walk away, chance it, and keep going down the road you’re on now.

You do know where that leads to, right?

Honestly, I don’t even want to speak it, lest put that out in the universe.

Let’s just say it’s NOT what I want for you and truth be told, I don’t think it’s not what you want either.

I want you to have… and you know by now you DESERVE… that lean, fit, healthy body.

A body you can be proud of—a look that turns heads so fast, they’re gonna get WHIPLASH!

Just listen to what Shari said about the Old School Body Hacks™

“Old School Body Hacks has kind of given me a second lease on life. I’m a 47 year old wife and mom and amazed at how terrific life is!

And Mitch Meyer had this to say…

“When your doctor asks what are you doing to stay in shape, you know you’re doing something right, especially at 66 years old.”

Take a look at the results men and women are enjoying inside the Old School Body Hacks community (now you can join them)…

Now you can see the same, if not better results…


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For INSTANT ACCESS to everything, Click on the button below… You’ll be granted immediate access to everything:

  • The Old School Body Hacks™ core program…
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  • The HabitFit™ program to guarantee your success…
  • The Old School Body Hacks™ Workout Plan For Every Shape, Size And Schedule…
  • PLUS: Your FREE 60-Day Day Trial to The Old School Body Hacks™ Inner Circle….

Remember, I don’t know what your particular situation is. But my educated guess is you’ve been struggling with your metabolism, getting your body back, your life back, for FAR too long…

I know what it feels like. Frustration. Resentment. Anger.

You feel like hitting something, don’t you?

It feels like life is slipping away.

Out in public, you hide it. The low self-confidence keeps you from fully living.

You don’t take chances. You play it safe.

But if you can get a big win? With something that’s totally in your power to change?

You’re golden. You’re on your way.

You’d be amazed at what changing your body can do for you.

Here’s the next step:

Click below and choose the metabolism-surging, fat-burning principles inside the Old School Body Hacks™ program and experience what it’s like to be in control again.

  • You look in the mirror, loving what you see…
  • You feel ALIVE, bursting with confidence and certainty…
  • These feelings floods every area of your life…
  • Your relationships, your job, your success in life ALL gets a positive boost because you cracked the code to the one thing holding you back…

I felt it. I experienced it. YOU CAN TOO! Tons of other guys and girls who invest in Old School Body Hacks™ have.

Now, you’re living the confident lifestyle you always wanted… and enjoying every second of it…

And you’ve regained that tight, lean, strong, sexy body you deserve.

Today is your day to CLAIM your power and take control:

You do it by taking action… doing what you know you MUST DO in order to see REAL fat loss results with a unique program that JUST PLAIN WORKS!

Here’s the GOOD NEWS: unlike all those pathetic weight loss gimmicks you see out there, I’m personally guaranteeing this will work for you.

You have 60 full days, that’s two solid months to try Old School Body Hacks™ ON ME – risk-free – and if you’re not looking totally hot… if you’re not totally blown away by how quickly the fat melts away from your body leaving the lean, toned body underneath…

You pay nothing!


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Remember, having a healthy, fit, lean kickass body doesn’t just reward you physically…


Once you’ve transformed your body, what happens to you on a mental, emotional, social and even spiritual level is even MORE Exciting! You’ll:

  • Feel more confident in shorts, a tank top or a bikini (or naked!)
  • Feel better about yourself and even reduce depression
  • Look more attractive (and attract someone attractive!)
  • Increase your energy and vitality
  • Be more social, enjoying pool parties or time at the beach
  • Be more active with your family

And re-ignite your passion for LIFE!

Listen, I couldn’t say it if it didn’t happen to me.

But I did. That’s what this program did for me.

I got my life back and more. And that’s what it can do for you.

If you want to change your body, if you want to change your life, 20 measly minutes a 2 to 3 times a week isn’t much of a commitment at all to make it happen, is it?

It ain’t hard, it doesn’t take long, but the results can be truly amazing.

You deserve this,

this *IS* your moment.

With the body of a 20 year old and the mind of someone with a lifetime of experience… there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

Take it from someone who knows.

Join me and thousands of others, by hitting the button below right now, and let’s get you started today!


Buy Now


John Rowley, Personal Trainer

P.S. Old School Body Hacks™ is perfect for those who: have demanding jobs; have to juggle work, family time and personal time; have jam-packed schedules; don’t have time to go to the gym; feel uncomfortable working out at the gym; or just want to see results fast!


Buy Now













13. Schuenke, et. al. Effect of an acute period of resistance exercise on excess post‐exercise oxygen consumption: Implicationsfor body mass management European Journal of Applied Physiology. 2002;86:411‐417.

14. Schuenke, et. al. Effect of an acute period of resistance exercise on excess post‐exercise oxygen consumption: Implicationsfor body mass management European Journal of Applied Physiology. 2002;86:411‐417.

15. Tremblay, et. al. Impact of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism. Metabolism. 1994;43:814‐818


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