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Sculptations: Audio Tool To Sculpt Your Life!

Sculptations: Audio Tool To Sculpt Your Life!
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On those days, you just seem to have an edge, your energy is super high, everything seems effortless and you are In ‘The Zone’ Possibilities are Limitless.

What if there was a way to optimize your brains ability to

attract positive results and induce permanent change in your life?

It started when I decided to take my life back. I got sober and got my life back on track…Here’s where the switch flipped in my brain. I became very interested in how the brain is a catalyst in creating success and how mindset and habits determine why we do what we do.

I wanted to understand what makes certain people achieve and master success and live their ideal life and why other people stay stuck, constantly have mental blockages around success and fail to make some simple changes in their habits and behaviors that could lead to their success in every area of their life.

I was on a mission studying the greatest success stories, learning about how the brain can be retrained, re-coded and re-wired. I poured myself into understanding the concepts of Neural Plasticity, Neural Focus, The Master Formula Of Attainment, The Positive Feedback Loop, The Law Of Reinforcement Concrete Indicators Of Success and how to overcome the Brains Built In Immunity To Change.

I also studied brain entrainment, meditation, visualization, guided imagery, affirmations and how the right frequency in music along with these other disciplines could alter the conscious mind and bridge the gap with the subconscious mind.

The ‘Million Dollar’ Difference Between

the Successful and The Mediocre

Have you ever wondered what the “secret” to being successful is?

How come some people seem to have it all, while others stumble and fall?

Wouldn’t you like to know what the richest, happiest and most successful people do that the average person is not?

The answer is actually very simple:

“Successful people have figured out how to control their ‘success states’ a.k.a “Be In The FLOW At Will”.

They are “ON” more often than not and when they aren’t they know how to shift their mindsets to get back in FLOW.

From professional athletes, to fortune 500 ceo’s, to top performers, to leading health care professionals… no matter what industry, the top 1% got there because they have the ABILITY TO CONTROL THEIR SUCCESS STATES.

When I was consistently in flow, I was able to accomplish any goals I set my mind to — building and rebuilding my success up from scratch. Focused on finding solutions to any challenges.

When I was consistently out of flow, I spiraled down a deep abyss of addiction, negativity, and self sabotage… MY MIND WAS MY WORST ENEMY!

Now most people may never find themselves with such extreme low points, but many find themselves in a similarly dangerous situation — living a life of mediocrity and unfulfilled potential.

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

Henry David Thoreau

WHY… Because they do not know how to control their state of mind so it works in their favor.

Without the ability to control their mind states, they are never able to consistently move toward their goals. Some days when they feel good, they make a couple of steps forward. Then on the average or bad days, they stay put or worse — or even move in the opposite direction.

The problem is that their conscious and subconscious minds are never aligned (What we call Neural Harmony). They want to lose weight, but they eat fast food. They want to start a business, but they get caught up spending hours watching TV. They want to talk to an attractive girl, but they don’t make a move.

Experts call this phenomenon: ‘counter intentions‘.

The secret behind why the richest, happiest, and most successful people are able to do what they do is that

they know exactly how to remove these counter intentions by controlling their success states at will.

It sounds so simple but think about that for a second.

Imagine if you could be your ‘best self’ at will. Get completely in the zone at will. Spark creativity at will. Wake up energized at will. Unlock your unbridled passion at will. Overcome fear at will. Clear your head at will. Be motivated. Be inspired. Be fully present and alive.

Now imagine if you could do this not on most days… but every day.

How could you NOT be successful would be the real question…

So How Do You Get In the ‘The Zone’ At Will

Up until recent scientific breakthroughs, the ability to tap into your success states was relatively left to chance and self-introspection.

In order to master your minds ability to get in the zone, control your emotions, and create success at will, you need to really learn about your thought patterns and behaviors.

And everybody has their individual set of beliefs, mental blocks and false limitations to sort out, so the process is different for each person.

Some are able to figure it out quickly and go on to lead lives that are full of abundance, wealth, and happiness.

However, most people never actually do and are forced to leave their success to chance. (and you know how that usually ends up)


The Secret To Resetting… Rewiring… Recoding Your Brain And Controlling Your Mental States

Sculptations is a revolutionary brain training system that uses a proprietary blend of meditation, visualization, guided imagery, affirmations personal growth, mind tiltalating music and brain entrainment science to reset, rewire and re-code your mind so you tune into your full potential.

By simply slipping on a pair of headphones for a couple of minutes a day, the program uses a series of targeted MindSculpting audio tracks to bring you into your desired success states at will.

A control center that allows you to step in and out of states at will…giving you complete power and control over your emotions, feelings, and mind states…

Can you imagine what kind of impact this would have on your life?

Consider this…

How many times has being ‘out of state’ (aka not feeling the right way at the right time) prevented you from doing what you wanted?

You have big deadlines coming up and you absolutely have to get your work done. But your mind is tired, lazy, and distracted. You try all kinds of ‘tricks’ to try to focus, but you inevitably find yourself procrastinating.

You have a problem to solve. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to come up with a good solution. You can’t seem to get past the creative “block”.

You had a rough day that put you in a bad mood. However, you have big plans for the evening and you want to clear away the negative emotions. You try to get yourself in a fun mood, but you can’t shake off the bad feelings you keep focusing on…

You have a big presentation in an hour, in front of a large audience. You’re incredibly nervous and you know that you are going to mess it up… unless you calm down.

You try to clear your mind and relax, but you can’t…

You’re on your way to a social gathering. There will be some important people there, so you feel a bit intimidated. You want to be as charismatic as possible. You know that you need to get out of your head and get into the flow before you get to the venue, but you mind won’t shut up.

You have a big exam in the morning, and you need to get a good night’s sleep. You get into bed early, but your mind is racing. You spend hours rolling around and staring at the ceiling, and you end up falling asleep too late again.

You are trying to lose weight and feel better about your body. You know that you should be eating right and going to the gym consistently, but you can’t seem to stay motivated and fully disciplined for longer than a few days. Inevitably, you find yourself straying from your diet and exercise regimen… falling back into the routine that you where trying to change in the first place.

Well… all this is about to change and become a thing of the past…

What Can You Expect To Gain From Sculptations

Built on over a century of brainwave research and modern neuroscience advancements, Sculptations is scientifically proven to:

Magnetically Attract Wealth and Success

When you’re in the “The Zone” for a day, the day simply works in your favor. As Sculptations helps you tap into this peak performance state day in and day out, life just seems to work in your favor. You will possess a natural flow with the universe that seemingly attracts success and abundance out of thin air.

Clear Your Mind of Useless Chatter

Sculptations will guide you into a deep neural harmonic Tuning In state of perfect clarity. Clearing your mind of the usual mindless chatter, inner dialogue, and self-sabotaging thoughts. When your mind is still, your thoughts flow freely. You open yourself up to sculpting new ideas, behaviors, success patterns and habits.

Spark Your Creativity and Inspiration

Sculptations helps you boost creativity. With Sculptations, your inspiration flows and you think up solutions to problems that normally would stump you. With Sculptations, the ‘creative block’ will never again be a problem for you.

Sharpen Focus and Productivity

Sculptations seamlessly puts you in a state of laser sharp focus and heightened productivity. You’ll discover how you can block out all distractions and put an end to perpetual procrastination. Get more done in less time. Get better results with less effort.

Calm Your Nerves and Remove Stress For Good

A case of the jitters may get in the way of a big meeting, date, event, or presentation. Not anymore. With just a couple minutes of Sculptations, you free yourself from restlessness and nervousness. Watch as your stress melts away miraculously, leaving you feeling relaxed and at ease.

Boost Your Energy

You can say goodbye to the vicious cycles of caffeine and sugar. Sculptations helps invigorate your body and mind, giving you the jolt of energy you need when you’re tired. Speed up your thinking. Sharpen your mental edge. Elevate your energy at the push of a button.

Experience A Deeper Sense of Happiness

Sculptations helps you let go of the day to day stress and worry that prevents you from enjoying the precious moments of life. After listening to the audios, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off you. You’ll feel happier, brighter, and more lighthearted — leaving you with a deeper sense of happiness.

Unleash Your Natural Charisma

Charisma is one of the key traits of highly successful people and a game changing piece to making new friends, networking with high level people, growing your business and attracting support and admiration. Unfortunately, most people are way too stuck in their heads to tap into their natural charisma. Sculptations bypasses the usual psychological resistance to letting your charm flow.

Mindblowing Sex With Your Partner

Peak Performance doesn’t just have to apply to your career and work. With Sculptations, you’ll be able to clear your mind of any insecurities that might be holding you back from truly experiencing your partner. Simply listen to a Sculptations audio, and you’ll be more confident, in the moment, and uninhibited in minutes.

Overcome Your Fears and Limiting Beliefs

Sculptations audios contain specially engineered subliminal messages that bypass the conscious brain to rewire your subconscious beliefs and habits. Using a special blend of personal development methodologies, Sculptations can actually retrain your brain to let go of false beliefs and fears… without any conscious effort on your part.

Greater Sense of Self-Awareness and Life Purpose

Everybody was born to with their own set of interests, passions, and strengths. Some were born to create music and perform. Others were born to help the less fortunate. Still others are destined to change the world through entrepreneurship. Isn’t it time to live in your purpose?

Simply put – Sculptations enables you to achieve optimal performance in key areas of life for a richer, happier, and more successful you.

How Does Sculptations Work To

Deliver Such Amazing Benefits?

The Process can be divided into 6 parts

This unique blend of 6 mind-training disciplines is what we call MindSculpting.

Seamlessly blended to create an experience that some have called mind blowing.

When you listen to a Sculptations audio, you are first gently (but swiftly) guided into a deep Tuning In state of openness, relaxation and receptivity.

“The philosophies behind meditation are very current today and are a way of finding some sort of peace.”

Orlando Bloom

This is the exact state that Tibetan Monks and Master Meditators spend years trying to achieve, however with this breakthrough audio technology, within 5 minutes you’ll be able to enter this state effortlessly the first time (and every time) you listen to the audio and experience the many benefits that meditation itself brings – such as deep relaxation, mind and body rejuvenation, heightened creativity, a deeper connection with people, improved sex drive, greater self awareness and more.

Once in a deep Tuning In state, where your mind is open, the audio will apply a special blend of proven personal growth methodologies like guided visualization, precision affirmations, empowering mind tunes, subliminal programing, and MRT brain entrainment directly to your subconscious mind to “sculpt” deep and profound identity level changes.

  • You’ll be able to control your brain states at will. Get into “The Zone” or other success states whenever and wherever you want… on command.
  • You create deep level changes to your subconscious mind each time you listen, resetting, rewiring and recoding your brain so the quality of your success states actually gets better over time.
  • You’ll develop the same thought patterns, habits and behaviors the top 1% success achievers in the world use to create massive success and abundance.

Automatically and without ANY conscious effort on your part!

“This is no joke, this stuff is awesome. I use Brain Wave Entrainment all the time, but these tracks are definitely different from all the rest I’ve listened to. It’s got some sort of extra punch to it. One word: MIND-BLOWING.”


“Good Stuff! Beautiful, Peaceful, Relaxing sounds! Thanks. My body is relaxed, I feel like I’m floating, and my mind feels its in a different state, that’s for sure. Making this a daily priority.”

Molnar Gy

“This is an amazing sound. It’s amazing how quickly you relax! I also experienced the pause in the chatter, which is wonderful. I think this would be a great tool to possibly use in my coaching to help melt away stress before a session or even get creative during a session. Truly beautiful.”

Celeste Ulucan

Connecticut School of Broadcasting

“Without a doubt, the best synthesis of musical instrumentation and harmonics I’ve experienced. It really pulled me in and sharpened my focus. I had the sense of some subliminal vocal content coming through.”

Steven Adams

“It takes your focus to a whole new level and it causes you to see in depth. It opens your mind. It’s something you have to experience! I’ve been using meditation for a while now and this is a whole new game. Can’t wait to try the others!”

Jennifer Jones

“I was feeling unhappy and sad this morning. Listening to the music brought me back into my own heart, which is LOVE filled. The sounds calmed my Being, magically! Saved me from wasting any more time in sadness thoughts. Thank you! I am grateful for this moment!”

Chuck Meares

Georgia State University

“I love the music. The experience was awesome and meditation was much easier and deeper than ever before. I went within and the external world became the fantasy I was so connected with myself after the music quieted away its vibration continued for a while couple of minutes more. Thanks.”

Bill Kaplan

“Good stuff! Beautiful, peaceful, relaxing sounds! Thanks. My body is relaxed, I feel like I’m floating, and my mind feels in a different state, that’s for sure. Making this a daily priority.”

Tory Cross

Instructor & Personal Trainer at Vertical Fitness Dance Studio

But How Does It Actually Work?

The answer starts in the scientific field of “brainwave entrainment.”

Your brain naturally emotes energy frequencies called brainwaves depending on the mental and emotional state that you are currently in (happy, sad, driven, inspired, motivated, relaxed).

As you change your mental state, your brainwaves shift accordingly.

Respectively, “If you shift your brainwaves, your mental state changes accordingly.”

A natural cause and effect.

Back in 1839, renowned physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, discovered a special type of sound, called binaural beats, that could affect brainwave patterns.

Different combinations of these sounds produce different brainwaves and emotional states.

If you think back to when you listened to raindrops on a cloudy day, the sound of the waves in the ocean, or even your favorite song on the radio, you’ll know exactly what effect different sounds can have on your mood and thoughts.

Recent technological breakthroughs have allowed us to map out exactly what brainwaves correspond to which states of mind.

What Makes Sculptations Unique

Unlike other brain entrainment programs out there…

We wanted to push the envelope further and see how we could make the state inducing effect of the sounds we were creating, even more successful. So we added 3 more components to create an even more sensory experience.

Sculptations uses an advanced techonology to create specific brainwave patterns and induce certain states of mind – on command.

But Even At This Level, We Didn’t Stop.

Our goal was to create something that would not only provide listeners with real world results right now, but also provide long term, permanent benefits for life.

So we sought out and consulted with top personal development gurus and trainers to pick their brain on what were the most powerful aspects of “Self Development” which we then incorporated into our technology as well.

With this added component, you not only get the immediate benefits of getting into more empowering success states now, but you also improve the power of your core subconscious beliefs — over time, this deep level of personal development will improve the quality of your success states.

Think of it as a constant cycle. With Sculptations, your success states (highs) will become your regular operating state on a day to day basis.

When this happens, your new success states will be even more powerful, allowing you to break into higher and higher levels of performance.

Experience This Next Generation of Personal Development and Brain Training System For Yourself And See Why Thousands Are Raving About The Sculptations MindSculpting Process

Available exclusively on this website, The Sculptations Level 1 Alpha Collection is designed to provide a healthy introduction to brain entrainment and get you started on mastering your brain states in 8 specific areas throughout the day.

We are already developing higher levels of MindSculpting so you can take your brain training to a new level however we recommend you start with, Level 1.

It is more than powerful enough to introduce you to MindSculpting but also to bring you all the benefits we spoke about.

Having these audios is like having a control center in your brain that allows you to snap into the “The Zone”, melt away a stressful day at work, clear your negative self talk, align your inner and outer belief systems, and perform at peak performance everytime, whenever you need to.

Can you imagine the impact that would have on every area of your life?


Now lets take a look at the selection of audios that make up Sculptations Level 1 and how easy it is to use in the different scenarios of your day.

The Good Morning,

Great Day Series

Start your day with The Good Morning, Great Day Sculptation. No matter what happens throughout your day, you’ll keep a laser-sharp success mindset that helps you stay in constant flow, and accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

The Sharper Focus Series

Get rid of the mind chatter, nonsense, and distractions that keep you away from what you want. Empower yourself and be at your best with strong intuition and insight that helps you to succeed.

The Inspiration And

Creativity Series

Use The Inspiration Sculptation to enhance your mind and make decisions with creativity, inspiration, and a mindset of excellence so you become a magnet for success. Expand your point of view about what’s possible.

The Advanced Millionaire Mindset Collection

Success emits certain frequencies as well. Use your natural power to attract wealth and abundance with The Advanced Millionaire Mindset Collection. Feel the wealth frequency that attracts abundance and success with your money magnet mind.

The Love & Intimacy Series

Fall in love with your partner again and again with The Love & Intimacy Sculptation. Express your love, and feel the physical and spiritual connections you have with your partner each and every day.

The Ideal Weight Series

Encourage yourself and love your body with The Ideal Weight Sculptation. Sculpt the body you want and stay determined with a positive outlook that inspires the discipline it takes to reach your ideal weight.

The Good Night

Sweet Dreams Series

Use positive energy in your subconscious mind with The Sweet Dreams Sculptation. Get deep, natural, uninterrupted sleep, and wake to a new day filled with possibilities.

The Relaxation And

Rejuvenation Series

Take a quick break from the high pace and stress of the day to rejuvenate and re-energize your body and mind. Science has proven that if you take as little as 5 minutes a day, you’ll be able to get back to your days goals with a dramatically sharpened focus and drive.

The Unstoppable You Series

Overcome your insecurities, limiting beliefs, and fears… even if they have been holding you back for years. Cut through negative and false belief systems like a hot knife cuts through butter to help you develop a deep level “core” confidence and discipline to achieve anything you wish.

Get Started Now

Sculptations Is Designed For Busy People.

You can listen to all the tracks everyday or your can select which ones you need on an on- the-go basis.

Each track comes in 5, 10, 15 and 30 minute sessions so you can find something that fits into your schedule.

And dont worry, although we recommend you listen to the tracks consistently to get the full benefits, its ok if you miss a day or two.

Just get back on track when you can.

Now Before We Offer You A Chance To Get

Sculptations Level 1 For Yourself,

Lets Talk About The Cost Of Program.

Here’s The Thing:

We’ve spent over two and half years, consulted with top neuro scientists and brain entrainment experts, and worked with the best personal development leaders in the world to create this technology that’s going to transform your life.

Now originally, we were going to ship out a hardcopy version of the audios, the full 9 cd set plus manuals and bonuses. The reasonable regular price for that would have been $492.

However, since we’ve decided to deliver the program as an instant download, we

cost Reason

This means that we can reduce the overhead fees and pass the savings on to you. Now to make the program affordable for everyone, were not going to charge anywhere close to the original $492.

You can get instant access to Sculptations Level 1 not for 397, or 295, or 197,

It’s yours for just


Red guaranteeWhat if I don’t like it?

And With Our Unconditional 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. THERE IS NO RISK FOR YOU. WE ARE SO CONFIDENT THAT SCULPTATIONS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE WE ENCOURAGE YOU to try out the audios for a full 3 months and return them if they don’t work for you or you just change your mind.

Its 100% Risk Free.

gold guarantee

What’s Included:

  • The Good Morning, Great Day Series
  • The Sharper Focus Series
  • The Inspiration And Creativity Series
  • The Money Map Wealth Series
  • The Love & Intimacy Series
  • The Ideal Weight Series
  • The Good Night Sweet Dreams Series
  • The Relaxation And Rejuvenation Series
  • The Unstoppable You Series

Now Here’s Your Chance To Order.

Just click on the button below and you’ll be taken to a special secure page

where you can order your copy of Sculptations Level 1 today.

And on top of that we’ll throw in, as a bonus, The Sculptations Series For Kids.

This Series helps Your children relax and rest, learn the importance of their dreams, and improves their self-esteem.

Sculptation CD

Get Sculptations And Sculpt The Life You Dream About

For Only


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Its 100% Risk Free.

If for any unlikely reason your Sculptations audios don’t absolutely blow your mind, just drop us an email. You can opt for FREE personal coaching, or a prompt and courteous refund within 90 days of your date of purchase.

Still not convinced?

Time You begin to sculpt the

masterpiece known as you?

That inner person who’s calm and focused, creative and intuitive, inspired each day to step into your vision with passion and purpose. Who has a loving soulmate, amazing relationships and a sexy and healthy body. Who has all the abundance you need to live on your own terms, and to make a difference. A you that is falling in love with that masterpiece known as you all over again.

That inner person who’s using Sculptations MindSculpting Technology to take your life to the next level. And loving every minute of it!

YOU will find your subconscious mind chasing and pushing you toward the love, success, relationships and wealth you’ve always wanted almost automatically….

Now, the way we see you Sculpting The Life You Dream About is basically in one of the following four options. And let me remind you, only one of them will truly get you in tune with the person, you desperately want to become.

Option 1: Leave This Page And Do Nothing…

Go back to living the life you are living now in a Universe Where Nothing Changes…miserable, desperate, frustrated, overwhelmed, longing for passion, searching for love, broke and helpless. I guarantee if you have read this far then what you’re doing in your life is not working for you…and you are stuck. If you decide to do nothing we wish you well.

Option 2: Spend Thousands Of Dollars Once Again…

Once again, buying some unproven program that promises you the world and requires you to spend hours upon hours of what precious little time you have to yet again learn something new while you finally hope this is the answer to your dreams.

Option 3: Figure It Out By Yourself, Like I Had To…

It took me years to figure out how to control my success states and it wasn’t fun or easy. I went through so many up and downs. Going down one rabbit hole after the next. Can you relate? And then I did what usually happens in those circumstances… I BECAME frustrated and hopeless and just gave up…once again!

Option 4: Buy This Program And Start Using Sculptations Today…

Be one of the first people in the world to say yes to Sculptations—let the powerful process of MindSculpting sculpt the mental states that the top 1% use to create success on command. Let us to the work for you as you see the new you begin to show up within minutes.

Get Started Now

Our Advice? Do Yourself A Favor And Pick Option 4.

Order your digital copy of the Sculptations Level 1 collection now,

and start listening to the future of Personal Development.

To Change Your Life You Will Be Required To…Change YOUR MINDSET…

that’s what we help you do!


Like Nothing Else Out There!

The Easiest Way To A Mind Of Possibilities

Activate Your Subconscious Mind To Achieve Any Goal.

Experience The Breakthrough Audio Technology Hundreds Of Thousands Of People

Are Using That Helps To Quickly Transcend Mental And Physical Barriers.

Just Slip On A Pair Of Headphones…

And In 5 Minutes start living the life you truly want.

Click The Buy Button And Experience A Proven Technology The Rest Is



90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any unlikely reason your Sculptations audios don’t

absolutely blow your mind, just drop us an email.

You can opt for FREE personal coaching, or a prompt and

courteous refund within 90 days of your date of purchase.

LIFE Is What YOU Make It.

The Sculptations Team

P.S. If you want to PERMANENTLY Transform Your Life, THIS IS IT! Sculpt the Life You Dream About TODAY!

P.P.S. Take it from us, the key to success is inside of you right now. It’s all a matter of tapping into your natural ability to create the life you want without negative thinking!

Get Sculptations And Sculpt The Life You Dream About

For Only


Add to Cart

Its 100% Risk Free.

If for any unlikely reason your Sculptations audios don’t absolutely blow your mind, just drop us an email. You can opt for FREE personal coaching, or a prompt and courteous refund within 90 days of your date of purchase.