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The Niche Blog Pack – 299 Niche PLR WordPress Blogs With Content

The Niche Blog Pack – 299 Niche PLR WordPress Blogs With Content
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fully loaded,ready to upload niche blog

ready made affiliate blogs

“This Is Hands Down The LARGEST Collection Of
Wordpress Niche Blogs Available On The Internet Right Now!”

Don’t waste time trying to build a blog empire – we’ve done it for you, ready to

” This is your chance to instantly grab
our ENTIRE collection of profit pulling blogs at one time! “

“Discover How To Put All Your Competition Away

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Grab These
299 Brand New Super High Quality Niche Blogs With

Private Label Resell Rights
That You Can Use For
Yourself Or Sell And Keep 100% Of The Profits…

ready made internet business


Bryan Hee

Dear Professional Marketer,

How would you like to own
299 fully monetized blogs producing profits on auto-pilot?

Blogs are far more
powerful than websites for ranking higher on the search engines!

Everything is handled from
within the blog admin area so you can add new pages and categories very easily –
there’s no need for any separate software or html design skills.

52 Premium Niche Blogs

Just Take a Look at Everything You Will

Receive With This Offer!

PLR Niche Blog Pack

Niche PLR Blogs For Sale

Niche PLR WordPress Blogs For Sale

Niche PLR WordPress Blogs For Sale

Niche PLR WordPress Blogs

niche plr blogs

Niche PLR WordPress Blogs themesNiche PLR WordPress Blogs themes with content

Each Blog Comes Preloaded

20 plr articles
20 PLR Articles –
these are high quality articles and have never been
published prior to this amazing offer

its own logo
Its own logo –
you will also receive PSD files for easy editing and a
great video tutorial that will guide you through all the steps

its own designIts
own design –
every blog uses eye catching graphics, perfect placement
of ads and functional readable content to make sure that every blog is easy on
the readers eyes

video pageVideo
page –
the latest and most relevant videos from YouTube that are
related to the website niche have also been added to keep your visitors educated
and entertained

Every blog is search engine friendly
including the proper use of tags to permalinks

Each blog is using the latest version of WordPress – the Internets
premier blogging platform

These Niche Blogs Have Been Optimized

to the Highest Level for:


the color blended 300×250 Adsense block has been strategically
integrated into the sidebar as well as 468×60 blocks in the individual posts.
This placement will ensure a maximum click-through rate and give you a great
stream of passive income

the highest converting Clickbank products have been hand picked and
added to each blog – you will receive up to 75% commission for each sale
generated from your blog

thousands of people make killer incomes from Amazons aStore script
and you should be too! Using an easily manageable tool a fully functioning
Amazon affiliate store has been integrated into each of the blogs

33 Complimentary Html Review site
-Ready to use

The review site is ready to go, simply plug in
your affiliate ID, upload and it’s ready to crank out some money.

Review Site Features:

* Ready to go out-of-the-box review website. Edit one file,
Upload, your live.

* Built in related Clickbank Ads and Reviews

* 1 minute or less, edit for affiliate links

* Layout matches blog colors and graphics

* PSD image files included so you can brand it as you want


Preloaded with five PLR articles related to that particular niche
market. Simple to edit in case you need to make changes.

Available Niches:

1. Acne 18. Online Surveys
2. Asthma 19. Online Traffic
3. Baby Care 20. Party
4. Body Building 21. Pay Per Click (PPC)
5. Cat Training 22. Real Estate
6. Christmas 23. Recycling
7. CPA 24. Reverse Phone
8. Dating 25. Search Engine (SEO)
9. Debt & Credit 26. Tattoo
10. Dog Training 27. Television (TV)
11. Easter 28. Twitter
12. Fishing 29. Video Games
13. Forex 30. Wedding

14. Golf

31. Weight Loss

15. Internet Business

32. Wind and Solar

16. Guitar

33. Yoga

17. Metal Help

154 Premium Niche Blogs

PLR Blogs: Make More, Work Less!

 plr niche blogs

plr niche blogs with content

mobile ready plugin

Have A
Look At Each PLR Blog Below

plr blogs 1-10

plr blogs 11-20

plr blogs 21-30

plr blogs 31-40

plr blogs 41-50

plr blogs 51-60

plr blogs 61-70

plr blogs 71-80

plr blogs 81-90


High Quality, Premium
Niche Blog Package!

Grab All 44 Of These New Super High Quality

Niche Blogs With

Personal Use Private Label Rights

All New Theme! –
Easier Install! – Easy Monetization! – Over Shoulder Videos!

How would you like to own all 44 of our TOP SELLING Niche Blogs,
fully monetized producing profits on auto-pilot?

How about if we give you a
matching PLR Ebooks* too?

Blogs are far more powerful than websites for ranking higher on
the search engines!

Everything is handled from within the blog admin areas so you
can add new pages and categories very easily – there’s no need for any separate
software or html design skills.

The affiliate ads,
affiliate URLs and other customizable content is ALL handled from option pages
in the Admin Areas

44 premium niche blog package

44 premium niche blog package


With This Illustrated User’s Manual!

niche plr blog installation

illustrated manual
takes you through the QUICK install process
from start to finish! Installation is literally done in 3 STEPS!
Upload 1 Folder, Drop & Replace 1 Database and then change 3 Settings!
There is no need to change or replace your configuration files and all
functions associated with affiliate IDs and ads are ALL handled from
option pages in the Blog Admin area!

Also Included Are Matching PLR
Ebooks That You Can Resell To End Users Or Use To Build Your Lists!

This Blog Package Comes With:

  • Premium Theme –
    Custom Designed, Premium WordPress theme (this alone
    would cost $70 without the customization!)
  • PLR Articles –
    100% unique articles (written specifically for this
  • New Design –
    100% unique design / color scheme
  • Royalty Free Images –
    High quality, professional stock
    images (featured articles)
  • PLR Ebook –
    Integrated PLR Ebook package
    (formatted + rebranded design)
  • Ebook Sales Page –
    Integrated sales page (integrated into blog page)
  • Custom Order Button –
    Custom ebook order button design
  • SEO –
    Pre-installed SEO Plugins including Site Map
  • Easy Layout –
    User friendly site layout
  • Source Files –
    All PSDs for site graphics, ebook, ads, etc.

Multiple Revenue Streams!

  • Sale Of Ebook –
    Sell Ebook and keep 100% of every sale
  • Ebay or Amazon Store –
    Integrated eBay or Amazon store (easily managed from
    the admin panel)
  • Adsense –
    Integrated Adsense (easily managed from the admin
  • Affiliate Ads –
    Customized Affiliate ads (easily managed from the
    admin panel)
  • Custom Blocks –
    Add any custom content (easily managed from the
    admin panel)

Plus Get a
FREE Copy of FlipTown

website flipping-flippa

Resell These Packages and Keep the Profits

You’ll be given access to an inventory of
high quality private label blog packages. “That means easy
money… Especially with the all new extended
resellers license that is included with your purchase!”

Your PLR
Style purchase includes an extended
PLR reseller
license, which means that you can not only build up your
niche business with these market-ready packages, but you
also have the option of selling these packages to your own
customers for quick and easy profits so that you can make
even more money from them (just like I was doing with them….
for thousands of dollars profit every month)!

Here’s some of the sales that one of my members has on

website flipping- flippa

The niche article content that is provided with each
PLR Style
blog package is researched and written from scratch from
native-English writers. These articles are well written
PLR articles
that by themselves would cost you more than the monthly fee
of this entire deal.

Professional Design

These packages are custom designed and built on a
premium WordPress theme. Managing your blog is a breeze
and you can do it all right from your WordPress admin
(without digging into source code, etc.) . In addition
to the hot designs, the packages also come with complete
layered PSD files so that you can easily edit the header
graphic, ecovers, ads, etc.



One of the main objectives of this offer is to provide a
way for you to make profit quickly and easily from my
packages. So, not only do you get to use these packages
for your own niche site arsenal, but now you can sell
them to your own customers for quick and easy profits!

There are very few restrictions in my new extended

license that is included with this offer and I have made
it so you can literally start making money with my
content as soon as you download it.

Here’s just a few of the things you can do with these complete
PLR blog

* You can edit the packages however you wish, including
content, products, graphics, text, colors, layers, titles, etc.

* You can sell these packages to your own customers for
profit. (edited or unedited!)

* You can combine these packages to sell a “bundle” to
your own customers. (mild restrictions apply)

* You can “flip” these packages on your own domains in
marketplaces like

* You can use the articles separately, either for your
own article marketing or to sell as individual article packs.

* You can use these packages for your own personal use
on as many domains as you like.

* You can sell the products (ebooks, etc.) that
accompany any of the packages for any price you wish.

* And lots more!

25 Health Niche Blog Sites PLR Package

Introduce –
25 Health Niche Blogs

Check Out What This

Package Looks like Live!

View Live Demo Here

Everything You Need To
Start Making Money In The “Health” Niche in one big package
(around 481 MB download – 1 GB extracted)!

Blogs are more powerful than websites for ranking higher on
the search engines! Everything is handled from within the Blog admin
area, so you can add new pages & categories very simply – no need
any separate software or html design skills.


1. Acne

14. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

2. Allergies

15. Kidney Stone

3. Anti Aging Treatment

16. Muscle Building

4. Attention Deficit Disorder

17. Obsessive Compulsive

5. Bedwetting

18. Panic Attacks

6. Chiropractic Care

19. Pregnancy

7. Diabetes

20. Psoriasis

8. Eczema

21. Schizophrenia

9. Gastric Bypass

22. Skin Care

10. Hair Loss

23. Sleep Apnea

11. Heartburn

24. Teeth Whitening

12. Hemorrhoids

25. Yeast Infection

13. Human Growth Hormone

So let’s take a look what are

with this complete

  • Niche – I decided to
    build sites around the “Health” niche because no doubt it is one
    of the hottest markets around!
  • Design – (worth $100)
    All design works are unique and professionally designed by
    professionals. I have ensure that the designs are eye-catchy and
    effective in building up income of the sites… in fact the blog
    customization itself costs $150.
  • Store – There is a
    section with books related to the particular Health niche. You
    can add more books with few clicks
  • Custom Header
    – You will receive PSD files for easy editing.
  • WordPress
    – These blogs are running on the internet’s premier blogging
  • Ebook Cover
    – You will receive PSD files and an ecoverscript for easy
    photoshop editing.

This Package Is A Money Making

In this package you will received ready
to go files that you upload to your webhost and update your mysql
database and your ready. You will also received a full instructions
on how to setup everything. Here is the list of tutorials you will

instructions on how to setup everything

So let’s take a look what are included with
this complete package…

* 25 Niche Blogs around the “Health” niche


Design – (worth $100) All design works are unique

* Store – a section with books related to the Health niche

* Custom Headers – You will receive PSD files for easy editing

* 25 WordPress Blogs

* 25 Ebook Cover – You will receive PSD files and an ecoverscript


10 Health Niche Blog Sites PLR Package


amazing offer

But there’s one catch.

You have
to act quickly because..

This offer will be
permanently removed
once all

private label licenses
have been

limited time offer

free bonus offer

Bonus #1:

8 Premium Niche Blog Business Pack

(Worth $1,576)

8 premium niche blog

Includes Blogs & Sites For:

Blogging Income, Email Cash System,
Get Your Ex Back, Organic Gardening, Social Profits,
Online Money Plan, Affiliate Profits, & Traffic

Templates also include:

* Headers * Footers * Accents * Order
Buttons * eCover Graphics! * 13 Affiliate Banners * CSS

AND PSD Files for all graphics so you
can easily edit them to suit your needs!

Take A Look At EVERYTHING You’ll

#1 Niche Market: Organic

* Complete Ebook: Organic Gardening
For Newbies – 52 pages

* Special Report: Organic Gardening Made Easy – 14 pages

* Bonus Keyword Swipe List

(Doc Files included for all content)

#2 Niche Market: Email Cash

* Ebook #1: List Building Profit
System – 37 pages

* Ebook #2: Email Marketing Strategies – 20 pages

* Bonus: Affiliate Swipe File

(Doc Files included for all content)

#3 Niche Market: Get Your Ex

* Report #1: Get Your Ex Back – 19

* Report #2: Love Restored – 13 pages

* Report #3: Save Your Marriage – 14 pages

* Report #4: Getting The Girl – 12 pages

(Doc Files included for all content)

#4 Niche Market: Affiliate

* Ebook #1: Affiliate Marketing For
Newbies – 52 pages

* Ebook #2: Quick Start Guide To Affiliate Marketing –
48 pages

* Report #1: Affiliate Money Machine – 22 pages

Report #2 :Commission Hijack System – 16 pages

(Doc Files included for all content)

#5 Niche Market: Social

* Ebook #1: Facebook Fan Gate Secrets
– 25 pages

* Report #1: Twitter Marketing Revealed – 20 pages

(Doc Files included for all content)

#6 Niche Market: Online Money

* Ebook #1: PLR Profit System – 30

* Ebook #2: Online Business Startups – 65 pages

* Bonus: Article Package, Keywords & eCourse

(Doc Files included for all content)

#7 Niche Market: Blogging

* Ebook #1: Profitable Blogging System
– 85 pages

* Ebook #2: Niche Blogging Powerhouse- 52 pages

* Report #1: Autoblogging Strategies – 12 pages

* Bonus: Affiliate Swipe File

(Doc Files included for all content)

#8 Niche Market: Traffic

* Ebook #1: Traffic Overdrive –
Complete Guide – 50 pages

* Report #1: Quick Traffic Strategies – 20 pages

(Doc Files included for all content)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to
get this Niche Pack in minutes.

Bonus #2:

[PLR] World of Warcraft
Blog Pack –

6 Loaded PLR Blogs –
Cash In On Popular Gaming Niche

(Worth $1,182)

World of Warcraft Blog Pack

World of Warcraft Blog

World of Warcraft Blog



10 Product Review Affiliate


Finally, you too can start
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“Now, Get The Formula Used By Super Affiliates To
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Other People’s Products With The Amazing Power Of
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product review affiliate websites

product review affiliate websites

product review affiliate websites

All The Hard Work Is Done For You…

Each professional affiliate review site contains:

  • Top 3 Clickbank Affiliate Products

    The Clickbank Marketplace has been
    researched for the best products – we’ve
    done the hard part for you.

  • Compelling Copywriting &
    Professionally Written Product Reviews

    No need for you to write anything. Powerful
    attention grabbing headlines and catchy copy
    will hook your prospects and force them to
    buy. We’ve hired expert writers to do it for

  • High Quality Graphics

    Makes you look professional so people will
    trust you and feel better about buying from

  • Privacy Policy page

    Another important factor these days for
    getting a higher search engine ranking. They
    also add a trust element for your site’s
    visitors, which will help improve

  • Your Affiliate Links Littered
    Throughout The Page

    Your affiliate links are tactically
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Here are 2 sample websites.

top workout guides review

Bonus #4:

Grab 6 Hot
New WordPress Niche Review Themes


best affiliates are raking in $1,000’s a month just from
their review sites.

Are You Ready To Join Their Ranks?

For a limited time only, you have a chance to pick up

all of the sites below
for one low price:

Deal Contains The Following WordPress Review Themes:

Theme #1

get your ex backTheme #2 – 2
different colors

forex robots reviewedTheme #3

best hosting reviewsTheme #4

make power at home reviewsTheme #5

best tattoo designsTheme #6 – 2
different colors

best diet reviews



themes do not come with any content. You have to write
your own reviews or outsource the content writing so
there will be no risk of duplicate content.

Bonus #5:

“25 Complete
Review Kits”


25 complete review kits

Affiliate marketing is
an ever-growing, powerful industry to be a part of and
with our ready-made review packages, you can start
making money with targeted information pages without
lifting a finger!

Review Site Kits offers pre-loaded review kits in some
of the hottest niche markets online! From electronics to
parent based products, we’ve covered the most
profitable, ever-green markets so you can generate a
consistent income online, easily!

Perfect for seasoned
marketers AND newcomers! Our push button review packages
require absolutely no HTML or programming knowledge!
Simply add your affiliate link to the pages, upload to
your hosting account and you’re good to go!

Review Site Kits provides you with full featured review
packages, that include all of the important marketing
tools you need to make real money online.

Just Take a Look at sample :

baby stroller reviewes

top 5 gifts for new moms

top 5 gifts for teens

kindle reviewes

digital slr camera viewes

Each Review Site Kit Comes Preloaded

Quality Review Content – these are high quality articles
and have never been published prior to this amazing

– Its own logo – you will also receive PSD files for
easy editing

– Its own design – every blog
uses eye catching graphics, perfect placement of ads and
functional readable content to make sure that every
blog is easy on the
readers eyes

– Affiliate Swipe Files – we want to save you as much
time as possible, so we’ve created affiliate swipe files
for all of the report bundles

– PLR Rights – change the content, the graphics and more
to really call it your own

With gorgeous review designs that come with PSD source
files and all of your keyword research done for you.


Bonus #6:

“WordPress Review


THE BEST WordPress Review Themes For Any
Affiliates Offers has just born….


Your Ordinary WordPress Blog Into The Most
Powerful Affiliate Review Sites in the next
few minutes”

Without knowing anything
about coding skill – and you’re ready to
skyrocket your affiliate commission …

Did you know that one of the
most simple and successful way to make money
online is by reviewing products and let your
potential customers go to the products using
your affiliate link?

Yes. you’re right. Reviewing product is one of
simplest and easiest way to make more profits

Let see what you’ll get with
Ultimate Review Themes (They say a picture is
worth a thousand words…)


Wordpress Review Themes

include step by step video tutorial on how
to set up the themes perfectly **


What is Ultimate Review

Ultimate Review Themes (URT)
is a brand new premium wordpress themes that
brings you simplicity in making a review site –
in just few minutes without any coding skill

The themes comes with multiple features that
ready to skyrocket your affiliate / product
promotion profits easily …



Ultimate Review Themes

helps you?

is overview of the feature of this themes :


  • easily add review box from your admin panel

  • easily add reveiw rating star

  • easily add best review rating box

  • easily add overview review box

  • visitor can also review the product on the
    comment box

  • build in exit
    pop up script that easily editable on admin

  • build in
    ultimate link cloaker that hide your
    affiliate link!

  • easily add slider option

  • easily add optin

  • automatically generate latest review

  • works extremly
    well with major autoresponders such as :
    aweber, getresponse and much more

  • easily add featured video

  • easily adding
    all content, change color scheme.

    MORE (see the demo and video introduction

  • What Make


    different with another review themes?

    1. It’s really easy to manage – as easy as 1 –
      2 – 3. I give you full screenshot step by
      step PDF manual on member area. It’s simple
      and easy – even my 13 years old brother can
      install and manage it!

    2. It Created by marketer to marketers. I
      personally made a living from the internet
      marketing industry since 2008, so i know
      what’s the best ‘tools’ for your marketing
      needs. I’ve do so many research before
      creating this awesome stuff.

    3. It comes with 12 ready made templates with
      hottest niche!

    over 12 ready made templates

    premium quality header

    Bonus #7:

    ” Review 2 Profit”


    If you’ve always wanted get paid
    for selling products that you didn’t even
    create, but struggled to get raw content to
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    It’s Time You Cheated
    A Little

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    …21 Quality Conversationally Written Review
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    reviews 2 profit

    You’ll receive
    21 quality review-style
    in Word .DOC format which you
    with your affiliate links!

    21 quality review-style articles

    These reviews are designed to promote some of
    the best products in the I.M. niche and you’ll
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    But Wait!… That’s Not


    The Link Wheel

    (Worth $97)

    To make sure you really get the most from
    these reviews and turn every visitor into a
    customer, you’ll also receive the special link
    wheel tutorials that shows you how to rank your
    reviews higher than everyone else by optimizing
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    The Link Wheel Technique

    Inside this video series you’ll

    • See what a link wheel is and how they work and
    are constructed

    How to research keywords for your link

    • The secret keyword strategy for maximum success

    The 3 sources of content for your link

    • The 2 strategies for link wheels

    See exactly how to create a link wheel

    • What you need to do to configure and run your link
    wheel sites

    How to take your link wheels to the next

    • How to make the link wheel even more effective and

    3 steps to take with every spoke in your
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    • Where to outsource your link wheel creation

    and much more!…

    This detailed SEO and linking report contains
    techniques that 99% of online marketers don’t have a
    clue about
    – and now you get it free with these
    quality reviews! Even though we intend on selling this
    as a

    separate product the future, you’ll receive NOW
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    PLR reviews!

    Bonus #8:

    “Instant WordPress



    Are you
    hunting for free WordPress themes that don’t increase
    your bottom-line profits in any way?

    “Multiply Your Blog Traffic and Skyrocket Your Blog
    Income With These Custom-Built, Plug-in-Profits 30
    ‘Instant’ Niche Blog WordPress Themes”

    Finally, a system so easy that even a newbie can use

    more money from Google Adsense and Clickbank
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    instant wordpress

    Super Adsense WordPress Theme
    is amazingly different, and here’s why:

    advanced seo titles Advanced SEO Titles

    No need for plugins or insane theme
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    flexible navigation menu Flexible Navigation Menu

    Link to a custom page, a specific
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    affiliate site! Now you’re not limited
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    affiliate ready profits Affiliate-Ready Profits

    Simply enter your Affiliate ID and
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    adsense ready profits Adsense-Ready Profits

    The Adsense-Ready features will
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    mybloglog ready MyBlogLog-Ready

    Just enter your
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    Get 30 Amazing Niche
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    You’ll be getting not one, not ten, but

    THIRTY different designs
    different niche markets
    You can easily use these money-making themes yourself,
    and sell them to anyone with a blog in ANY niche market.


    beach theme

    business theme

    business 2 theme

    Beach / Holiday Theme

    Business Theme 1

    Business Theme 2

    car theme

    celebrity wordpress theme

    cellphone wordpress theme

    Car / Automobile Theme

    Celebrity Theme

    Cell Phones Theme

    cooking wordpress theme

    dating wordpress theme

    ebay wordpress theme

    Cooking Theme

    Dating Theme

    Ebay / Auction Theme

    fitness wordpress theme

    iphone wordpress theme

    laptop wordpress theme

    Weight Loss Theme

    iPhone Theme

    Laptop Theme

    love wordpress theme

    make money online wordpress theme

    music wordpress theme

    Love Theme

    Make Money Online Theme

    Music / Band Theme 1


    music wordpress theme

    nightlife wordpress theme

    nutrition wordpress theme

    Music / Band Theme 2

    Parties / Nightlife Theme

    Nutrition Theme

    photography wordpress theme

    real estate wordpress theme

    shopping wordpress theme

    Digital Photography Theme

    Real Estate Theme

    Shopping Theme

    sports wordpress theme

    tech wordpress theme

    travel wordpress theme

    Sports Theme

    Tech Theme

    Travel Theme

    video games wordpress theme

    wedding wordpress theme

    world of warcraft / WoW wordpress theme

    Video Game Theme

    Wedding Theme

    World of Warcraft Theme

    Xbox 360 wordpress theme

    yoga wordpress theme

    fashion wordpress theme

    xBox 360 Theme

    Yoga Theme

    Fashion Theme

    Bonus #9:

    Ready-Made Clickbank Websites

    (Worth $3,619)

    Attention Hungry
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    Skyrocket Your Income By Selling 47

    Of The Hottest
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    These Brand New Turnkey Websites!

    Money-Making Site Is Fully Optimized For Adsense,

    And Amazon… Plus You Can Even Replace Or Add Your Own

    Here Are The Exact Sites You’ll Receive…

    dog food secrets

    DUI process manual


    Create A
    Website For ANY Niche In Minutes!

    multi profit websites

    Here are just a few examples of websites
    that have been created using Multi Profit Websites.

    Please note that these websites all take
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    If You Want To Make Stacks of Money
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    personal settings
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    ninja graphics kit

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    ‘As Seen On’ Graphics

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     Squeeze Page Template #4

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    Squeeze Page Template #4

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    Squeeze Page Template #9

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    cPanel Web Hosting from HostGator

    cPanel Web Hosting from HostGator

    If you want to use cPanel, then make
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    the first place!

    In this video we show you how to get
    cPanel web hosting from one of the most
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    hostcommando cpanel web hosting

    cPanel Web Hosting from HostCommando

    HostCommando is another great place
    to get cPanel web hosting.

    This web hosting provider makes it
    easy for you to not only use cPanel, but
    install new WordPress blogs complete
    with SEO optimization and the latest

    cpanel introduction

    Introduction to Using cPanel

    In this video, we give you a brief
    introduction to using cPanel.

    We give you the grand tour, and help
    you identify some of the key features in
    any type of cPanel layout.

    cpanel email accounts

    Creating Email Accounts in cPanel

    One of the most popular tasks in
    cPanel is creating your own email

    In this video, we reveal how easy it
    is to get started by creating your first
    email account, and managing your email
    account settings.

    cpanel web mail

    Checking Your Webmail in cPanel

    With cPane, you can easily check all
    the emails you receive and even send out
    new emails using the web mail service.

    In this video, we show you how to get
    started using the Horde webmail service
    that comes pre-installed in cPanel.

    cpanel spam assassin

    Blocking Spam With Spam Assassin in

    Nobody likes SPAM, but not everyone
    knows how to eliminate it using cPanel.

    In this video, we reveal how to turn
    on the default Spam Assassin feature in
    cPanel and put a halt to annoying SPAM
    once and for all.

    cpanel autoresponders

    Creating Autoresponders in cPanel

    Autoresponders are instant replies to
    received emails, and you can use it for
    many different purposes.

    In this video we reveal how to create
    new autoresponders that are 100%
    customized to your visitors.

    cpanel filemanager intro

    Introduction to Using File Manager

    File Manager is an awesome feature in
    cPanel that allows you to add, edit,
    rename and remove any file in your web
    hosting account.

    In this video we reveal how you can
    save loads of time and avoid the
    technical aspects of managing your host
    using File manager

    cpanel filemanager compress

    Compressing and Extracting Files
    with File manager

    File manager can be used to easily
    compress files and download them from
    your host, as well as to upload and
    extract any existing compressed file on
    your computer.

    This video shows you how to do it
    easily, one step at a time.

    cpanel file manager permissions

    Editing File Permissions in File

    Sometimes you will need to edit a
    file’s “permission” setting to get it to
    work properly with the rest of your
    script or software.

    This video explains how file
    permissions work, and how to edit them
    using File manager

    cpanel file manager upload

    Uploading Files Using File Manager

    No FTP or don’t want to use it? No

    Using the default File manager, you
    can also upload files quickly and easily
    to any folder in your web hosting

    This video shows you exactly how to
    do it.

    cpanel ftp accounts

    Creating FTP Accounts in cPanel

    If your web hosting is managed by
    freelancers, staff members or other
    people, you’ll want to create new FTP
    account for them.

    This ensures that only you know the
    primary FTP login details, and you can
    easily remove the new FTP account
    whenever you want without effecting your
    primary FTP.

    cpanel inde manager

    Managing File Index in cPanel

    This shocking video reveals exactly
    how easy it is for people to “sniff” the
    contents of your website.

    By managing your file index, you can
    keep your content hidden from nosy
    visitors, as well as ensure the safety
    of your files and information.

    cpanel mysql databases

    Creating a MySQL Database in cPanel

    No matter what type of script you
    want to install, you’ll be asked to
    create a MySQL database in cPanel first.

    The good news is that our video shows
    you the easiest, fastest way to create a
    fully functional MySQL database.

    cpanel password protect directories

    Creating Password Protected
    Directories in cPanel

    Creating a members-only section of
    your website, or just want to make
    content available to people in your

    In this video we reveal how to create
    password protected directories, and
    specify who can access the protected

    cpanel redirects

    Cloaking and Redirect Links in

    Are you an affiliate marketer who
    wants to cloak their affiliate links?

    Using cPanel’s redirect feature, you
    can do this easily without expensive
    software or much technical skills.

    You can cloak and redirect an
    unlimited number of links!

    cpanel subdomains

    Creating Sub-Domains in cPanel

    Sub-domains are a great way to divide
    your primary website into many different

    For example, you may want your blog
    or forum to have it’s own sub-domain,
    and Google will treat it as a completely
    different domain name.

    Our video shows you how to create
    sub-domains using cPanel.

    cpanel addon domains

    Creating Addon Domains in cPanel

    In cPanel, you can add new domain
    names to your main hosting account
    instead of paying for new hosting every

    In this video, we show you how to add
    new domains, and how to manage them,
    using the “Addon Domains” feature in

    cpanel backup

    Creating Backups in cPanel

    How would you feel if you got up one
    morning only to realize that all your
    hard work for the past year has vanished
    into thin smoke?

    Most people never backup their work,
    and they eventually pay the price.

    In this video, we reveal how to
    create complete backups using cPanel.

    wordpress cpanel

    Installing WordPress with cPanel

    WordPress is a growing, popular
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    create a blog, but any kind of website
    you want.

    In this video, we reveal how to
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    In this video we explain everything a
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    How to Use The ClickBank HopAd

    Did you know you can create
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    In this video we reveal the two
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    Introduction to Commission Junction

    Commission Junction or “CJ” is one of
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    physical products to financial products
    and Pay-Per-Lead offers.

    This video reveals everything you
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    Overview of Account and Merchant

    In this video, we reveal how your CJ
    account works and how to navigate your
    dashboard or affiliate home page in CJ.

    We also reveal how merchant offers
    and incentive programs work, and how to
    determine profitable products to


    Finding and Joining Profitable

    CJ has tens of thousands of
    merchants, but not all of the are equal.

    In this video, we reveal how to sort
    through the clutter to find proven
    merchants with high commissions and
    converting websites to join


    Creating Banner and Product Links

    Once you’ve joined a merchant program
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    banners, affiliate links and product

    This video shows you exactly how to
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    Using Smartzones to Manage Banners

    If you’re not using SmartZones in CJ,
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    We’ll explain how SmartZones work,
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    How to Cloak and Track Your
    Affiliate Links

    Cloaking your affiliate links is one
    of the most important things you should
    do as an affiliate marketer.

    In this video we reveal a software
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    Getting Viral Traffic from FaceBook
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    FaceBook and Twitter are huge sources
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    Automatically Convert Keywords to
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    How to Manage Affiliate Banner Ads
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    Affiliate Blogging Secrets

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    HERE’S A

    Introduction to Affiliate Blogging Secrets

    MODULE #1: Introduction to
    Affiliate Blogging Secrets

    — Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript

    credibility, no list, no website, no traffic… no

    This is how you get started. In the first Module I kick
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    Even if you have some or a lot of experience already
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    The premise of Affiliate Blogging Secrets is that even
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    Blog Building: Research and Choosing Topic

    MODULE #2: Blog Building:
    Research and Choosing Topic

    — Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript

    The second Module sets the pace in uncovering profitable
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    profitable. And if you want to make more bang for the
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    Setting Up Your First Affiliate WordPress Site

    MODULE #3: Setting Up Your First
    Affiliate WordPress Site

    — Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript

    Technically challenged? No problem! I show you
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    It’s like watching over my shoulder as I walk you every
    step of the way on how to get this seemingly daunting
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    Turning Your WordPress Blog PRO

    MODULE #4: Turning Your WordPress

    Blog PRO

    — Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript

    This is not some wordpress blog you’d learn to set up
    from a 5-minute guide… I show you specifically how to
    set up in a way you can start making money from this
    blog of yours – and duplicate the model OVER AND OVER

    Finding Profitable Clickbank Affiliate Products

    MODULE #5: Finding Profitable
    Clickbank Affiliate Products

    — Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript

    How to uncover profitable niches you can get into and
    pick products to promote. Not all products are made
    equal, and if you can identify which products will sell
    well or not before will save you plenty of time and
    effort from investing wrongly.

    Finding CPA Offers

    MODULE #6: Finding CPA Offers

    — Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript

    Cost-Per-Action. The new wave of making money and a new
    income stream to add to your online empire of affiliate
    marketing! How to maximize dollar value for every lead
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    Creating Follow-up Series to Capture Leads

    MODULE #7: Creating Follow-up
    Series to Capture Leads

    — Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript

    One-time sales are redundant, and any business that
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    Invaluable Blog Post Creation Secrets

    MODULE #8: Invaluable Blog Post
    Creation Secrets

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    One-time sales are redundant, and any business that
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    The Free Bait Method

    MODULE #9: The Free Bait Method

    — Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript

    How to build your list super quickly using “the free
    bait” method!

    Create A Viral 'Infection' With Resale Rights Reports

    MODULE #10: Create A Viral
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    Working on your own produces finite results. I show you
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    celebrity blogging

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    Video #1: How To Get Started with Celebrity
    Blogging and What You Need Beforehand

    (4 minutes and 46 seconds)

    Before you begin any task or any business plan,
    you should know you need to expect before
    jumping on the bandwagon, such as basic concepts
    and tools you need. Fortunately with this
    Celebrity Blogging plan, you won’t need to
    invest much money upfront, so you can easily
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    Video #2: Creative Ways
    to Find a Catchy Domain Name

    (3 minutes and 43 seconds)

    Are you sick of having to sit around trying to
    think of catchy domain names and when you find
    one you like, you find out that it is not
    available? We’ll show you tools that you can use
    to find creative domains and know whether they
    are available or not, so you can get a domain
    name and start creating your blog.


    Video #3: How to Find
    Cheap and Quality Web Hosting

    (10 minutes and 27 seconds)

    There are thousands of web hosting companies out
    there. Not all are created equal, which comes to
    a question that maybe on your mind — “Which one
    is good and which ones should you avoid?” To
    answer that question, you will learn in this
    video what you should look at for when finding a
    good host and what you should look out for to
    avoid the bad ones. Then you will learn where to
    find extremely low bargain deals for web hosting
    that you didn’t know existed.


    Video #4: How to Setup
    Wordpress on Cpanel’s Fantastico Platform

    (3 minutes and 46 seconds)

    Most web hosting companies use the Cpanel
    hosting panel, which generally comes with
    Fantastico, which is a software containing many
    free scripts that you can easily install on your
    website. In this video, you’ll learn step by
    step how to install WordPress using Fantastico.


    Video #5: How to Setup
    Wordpress Manually on Any Site within 5 Minutes

    (12 minutes and 19 seconds)

    In relation to video 4, let’s say that you don’t
    have Cpanel on your web hosting account? We’ll
    you don’t have to worry, because I will show you
    in this video how to install WordPress on any
    website even if it doesn’t have a Cpanel hosting
    panel. Our goal is to cover all bases so we
    don’t leave you in the dark if you don’t have


    Video #6: Where to Find
    Wordpress Themes and How to Install Them

    (8 minutes and 45 seconds)

    Want to know where you can find quality
    Wordpress Themes so you can change that boring
    look of the original WordPress look? In this
    video, you’ll be pointed to places with quality
    Wordpress Themes, and you’ll also learn how to
    correctly install them.


    Video #7: Where to Find
    Wordpress Plugins and How to Install them

    (3 minutes and 15 seconds)

    Plugins act like pieces of software that work
    together with WordPress. There are thousands of
    free WordPress plugins on the ‘net that you can
    use to customize your blog. Installing WordPress
    Plugins is very similar to installing the
    Themes, however slightly different, but you’ll
    lear how to do just that in this video.


    Video #8: How to
    Customize your WordPress Themes

    (6 minutes and 45 seconds)

    Customization of your Blog look is optional, but
    highly recommended especially when you are
    trying to brand yourself. You don’t want to look
    like everyone else do you? Right. You’ll learn
    how to brand your name and domain name into the
    header, footer, and other areas of the WordPress
    theme without being required to know how to read
    the PHP code.


    Video #9: Ways to Build
    Backlinks to Your Blog to Make you Stand Out and
    Drive Traffic

    (7 minutes and 21 seconds)

    Building backlinks to your blog, tells the
    search engines that your blog is important if
    done right. You’ll learn how to gain high
    quality backlinks without blackhat or spamming
    techniques. These white hat techniques will
    allow you to not only get better rankings on the
    search engines, but drive real traffic directly

    through those backlinks and we’re talking about
    high quality traffic here!


    Video #10: Top SEO
    Plugins to Optimize Your Blog

    (5 minutes and 16 seconds)

    So there are thousands and thousands of
    Wordpress plugins out there, and you may not
    know which ones to choose. No worries. We’ll
    point you to several that you can use to
    optimize your blog better.


    Video #11: How to Write
    Blog Posts Wisely

    (9 minutes and 3 seconds)

    Writing a blog post can’t be boring; it’s gotta
    engage the reader. Whether you write well or
    not, you’ll learn how to write blog posts so
    your readers will come back wanting more. You’ll
    also learn how to add more life to your posts by
    using royalty free stock photos to illustrate
    your points. At the same time, you want your
    blog posts to be first, reader friendly, but of
    course search engine friendly. You’ll learn more
    about that in this video.


    Video #12: Building other
    Blog Pages for Branding Purposes

    (5 minutes and 47 seconds)

    Want to know how to add pages to your blog?
    We’ll learn how to do just that as well as how
    to write your About Me page professionally. All
    blogs should have an area that talks about you,
    and other optional pages for photos,
    testimonials, opt-in boxes to build your list
    and much more. Adding pages will be a breeze
    after you watch this.


    How You Can Create Profitable Blogs for
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    “this video series will take you by the hand step by
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    clickbank cash blogs

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    So…What about Traffic?

    Traffic can be a big issue. A lot of
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    leave you in the dark on how to market your blog. With
    this video series, you aren’t left in the dark. The
    three videos at the end will keep you in the loop on the
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    With that said this video series will
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    Here are the seven
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    Getting Started, Tools You need, etc.:
    In this part
    of the video series, you’ll learn what you need to get
    started, including tools or even what to expect.
    Once you understand this and the quick overview you will
    be given, you’ll know what to expect

    2. Find a Profitable product to
    promote from’s Marketplace:
    profitable products to promote from is one
    of the most important steps in this video series, but it
    is not hard at all. In fact, you’ll learn how to use
    Clickbank’s stats to pinpoint a good converting product
    Yet at the same time, you’ll learn a few tips that will
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    product will truly convert well or not.

    Purchase a domain name and redirect to your affiliate link: If you
    haven’t setup your first website, then purchasing a
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    going to be learning about HTML in this video. You’ll
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    4. Setup a quick and easy blog and
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    how to write a
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    When you write your review you will learn two different
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    5. Traffic: How to
    Write…and Submit Press Releases:
    Writing press
    releases are different from writing a basic article, but
    that doesn’t mean that you can’t do well with them. In
    this video you’ll be given resources that will allow you
    to write better press releases and we’ll
    use examples of press releases to show you easy it is.
    After we go over the writing part, you’ll learn about
    different press release sites that you’ll want to start
    submitting too, whether they cost money or they are


    Submit to Article Directories, Squidoo: In this
    video, you will learn about article directories, what’s
    available and how to use a simple concept when
    submitting to article directories to gain tons of
    . Squidoo lenses are a great way to drive
    traffic to your sites, so we’ll go into that as well.


    Three Other Traffic Sources:
    There are three other traffic sources that you’ll learn
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    So…with that said, don’t dream. Grab
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