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The Red Wine Diet
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Dear Wine Lover;

I’m about to tell you the story of how one twist of fate during a vacation completely turned my lifelong beliefs–and my career–upside down…

And how I discovered that a large portion of the science we thought we knew about weight loss is just plain false…

I’ll admit…It was a “WOW” moment that changed my life…and could quite possibly change yours.

The old-school thinking goes like this:

Drinking alcohol is bad for you…

It makes you gain weight…

It gives you the dreaded “beer belly.”

Well, it turns out they’re WRONG.

By the time you’re finished reading this, you’ll see that it REALLY works like this:

If you combine a glass of red wine with some of your favorite foods, in this very specific way, you shift your metabolism into hyperdrive!

It’s important you get the full story about how one “off-the-wall” observation I made during a West Coast vacation will change how you look at alcohol and weight loss forever…

This quirk of science–which on the surface is a complete contradiction to what we’ve all been told, has been right under our noses for decades…even centuries.

I’m a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Certified Nutritionist, hired to help people lose body fat.  


I have been in the fitness industry for roughly 30 years.  And for the last decade, I’ve keep detailed records of how much weight my clients have lost.

At last count, my clients have lost over 5000 pounds of body fat!* 

That’s two and a half TONS of ugly fat.

*NOTE:  This is fully documented through my in-house Biometric Tracking software.

Frankly, if you lived anywhere near my facility north of Boston, I’m the guy you went to when you absolutely needed to lose weight…kinda like a “hired gun of weight loss”, if you will.

I only mention it to highlight an important point…

I’m a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Certified Nutritionist, hired to help people lose body fat.  


I have been in the fitness industry for roughly 30 years.  And for the last decade, I’ve keep detailed records of how much weight my clients have lost.

At last count, my clients have lost over 5000 pounds of body fat!* 

That’s two and a half TONS of ugly fat.

*NOTE:  This is fully documented through my in-house Biometric Tracking software.

Frankly, if you lived anywhere near my facility north of Boston, I’m the guy you went to when you absolutely needed to lose weight…kinda like a “hired gun of weight loss”, if you will.

I only mention it to highlight an important point…

Do you think all of my successful clients STOPPED drinking wine while they lost all that weight?

Of course not!

In fact, many of my clients started drinking a little more wine…(not to excess, of course!)

But…now I have a bit of a confession to make…

At first, I had no explanation of why they were losing this weight so easily (of course, I could take some of the credit, but I knew inside there was more to it).

Not that long ago, I was one of those trainers who was telling my clients that they had to stop drinking alcohol if they wanted to lose weight.

The thing is… many of them had no intention of giving up their favorite glass of red wine…yet time and time again, they still lost weight!

And even though I never fully understood the reasons behind their fat loss success, I thought…

“Hey, if they’re happy, I’m happy!”

But all the while, something kept gnawing at me.  I just knew there was more to the story…

After all, 5000 pounds of fat loss doesn’t just happen by accident!

My personal revelation, and how it triggered the journey that changed everything!

I was on vacation visiting friends in California I hadn’t seen in at least 15 years.  

I was really looking forward to getting together with them again…

And as I figured we would…we had a great time.

Now, this is a really fun crowd, and as expected, the wine was flowing freely.

The weather was ideal and Northern California looked as beautiful as I remembered…

I’d lived in California for a while in the 80’s and early 90’s when I was competing at a world-class level in the shot put and discus.

Back then we throwers all had one dream in common…

To throw as far as we could…and if everything fell into place at the right time, earn a spot on the US Olympic Team.

Staying ‘fit and lean’ was not our concern.  Our dream required us to get as big and powerful as possible.

But that was then….and, as  life goes on, our priorities change.

These days–with all of us in our 50’s or older–most of us pay close attention to our health and nutrition.

(In fact, I have made it the focus of my career.)


After back-to-back days of socializing with old friends, lots and lots of good food – and plenty of wine – it was time to head back East.

And this is  where things took a strange turn…

When I got home, I couldn’t help but notice something…

My pants fit a little looser than normal, and I could feel something was different.

I stepped on the scale expecting bad news from a week of eating and drinking way more than usual; but, instead of gaining weight, something really bizarre happened…

I actually lost about 5 pounds over the course of 4-5 days!

On top of that, I didn’t even notice the weight loss happening…

The weight was just gone.

And, I’ll admit to one thing for sure…

It was certainly not for a lack of calories!

I overindulged a LOT during this trip.  Eating plenty of food and–yes– getting a little “buzzed” on a pretty regular basis.

That’s exactly why none of this made any sense.

As a fitness pro, this was just weird…

I mean, I’d been doing the weight loss thing for over 25 years, and was at a total loss as to what was happening.

I was experiencing first-hand the exact same effect I saw in my other weight loss clients for years.

And I was more than a little intrigued.

Something unusual was going on here, and that’s when the professional side of me took over.  I could no longer sit back and take credit for something I didn’t fully understand.

So I sat down, grabbed a pen and paper and did something that I ask of all my clients to do…

I wrote up a complete ‘food recall’ of everything I ate over the course of my trip.

Every meal.  Every snack. All of it…

I even tracked how much red wine I drank…admittedly that was a little tougher…(hey, don’t judge me)!

As I looked at my food log, an unusual pattern started to emerge…

As the guest, of course, I was eating whatever food I was served, and since my friends could be considered “foodies”, the menu had a lot of things on it I didn’t normally eat.

Apparently, the change in my menu was the trigger.

And there it was, right there on the paper…staring me in the face.

A food-wine combination that burned fat like gasoline!

It turns out, I had accidently stumbled onto something science had just recently proven in the lab.

A newly discovered process that turned “traditional” weight loss assumptions upside down!

Because of my eye-opening vacation experience – and my geeky love for research – I dove in and quickly became an expert on alcohol and its powerful connection to weight loss.

I soon realized that a lot of the warnings about alcohol and red wine just didn’t hold up. 

As you may have already heard, not all alcohol is created equal.

Red wine is actually one of the healthiest types there is.

Studies on red wine have been popping up in the media for a long time now.  You may have seen some of them…

Here is summary of an expert opinion from the Mayo Clinic.2

The alcohol in red wine can…

  • Help prevent artery damage caused by high levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, the “bad” cholesterol

  • Produce positive changes in blood pressure

  • Raise high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol

  • Reduce the formation of blood clots

In fact, there was some great news for women specifically!

“A study of more than 19,000 middle-aged women from the Archives of Internal Medicine found that women who drink a moderate amount of alcohol, such as a glass of red wine a day, are less likely to become overweight or obese than women who don’t drink.”

Here’s another one…

“Scientists followed nearly 16,000 middle-aged women in a seven-year study for the Women’s Health Initiative found that women who drink moderately are more likely to maintain a healthy weight than non-drinkers.”

However all of this good news comes with one important warning:

If you make a common mistake and combine your wine with the wrong types of food, most if not all of these health benefits can be lost!

You’ll shut down your fat burning machinery completely!

It all started with research being done at the Washington State University and Harvard Medical School.  

Professor Min Du’s work at Washington State verified the existence of a previously unknown fat burning process in humans.

And it even has a name:  “The Fat Conversion Pathway”

Let me explain…

Without diving into the details too deeply, here’s how it works:

Dr. Wu and other researchers discovered there’s a powerful enzyme with the sole function to trigger the conversion of stored fat into energy.

The problem is (and the reason you haven’t lost weight with wine before) there are toxins common in most diets that makes it impossible for this enzyme to do its job…

This enzyme (called AMPK for short)–when activated–ramps up your metabolism and melts fat off your stomach, arms, and thighs faster than nearly any other nutrient out there.

The problem is these toxins inactivate this enzyme.  Now, I’ll give you one guess where this “fat-converting” enzyme can be found…

Yup.  Red Wine.

Right away, I’ll bet there’s one question in your head you’re just dying to ask…

Can I really drink wine AND lose weight?

The short answer?  

Yes. Absolutely!

In fact, I now believe that drinking wine is exactly what you SHOULD be doing to lead a healthier life, while you get rid of those unwanted pounds…

…even if you drank wine in the past and actually GAINED weight!

…even if you’ve tried all those MISERABLE fad diets…

…even if you DESPISE working out.

Because today, you’ll discover how to lose weight

...without giving up your favorite glass of wine…

without spending hours at the gym…

…and without weeks or months of deprivation spent trying to get that body you’ve been longing for.

Believe me, as a wine-drinker myself, I’d be skeptical too…but since I’ve pulled all the pieces together and witnessed this approach work soooo many times, there’s just no denying it!

In fact…

My newly discovered approach has helped my clients collectively lose more than 5000 POUNDS total!

And I’ve pinpointed a simple food-wine combination that reignites AMPK, and turns on a fat-burning pathway inside your body that’s so powerful…

You could lose 15 pounds in just 60 days

Keep in mind, like so many fitness experts,  I’d sworn off alcohol for both myself and my clients whenever weight loss was the goal.

But, because of this new discovery, now you don’t have to choose between enjoying your favorite wines and losing weight.

You can have both.

Listen, if you’re over 45 like me (OK, so I’m actually over 55)

  • You’re not looking to get ‘ripped’…

  • You don’t have illusions of being a fitness model…

  • You’re not training for a bodybuilding competition…

This may sound weird coming from a fitness business owner and former All-American athlete, but the reality is –

It is NOT my mission in life to see how shredded I can get my abs.

The majority of us simply want to…

  • feel better…

  • move better, with fewer aches and pains…

  • have plenty of energy throughout the day…

  • maintain a clear mind…

  • keep stress levels in check…

  • enjoy life with family and friends…

  • and yes, lose weight and look good while doing it!

I suspect most of you would agree, these are not outrageous goals.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if these simple desires fell into place?

No longer carrying around that extra 10, 15, 20 or more pounds…

No more waking up with aching and painful joints…

Walking through your day with a surge of additional energy, without that jiggly fat slowing you down…

Noticing your endurance levels suddenly skyrocket…

Stepping on the scale every morning and seeing the numbers drop lower and lower…

Breaking out in a big grin when your clothes start to fit the way they’re supposed to…

Feeling a renewed confidence as you make your way through the day.

Realizing your stress levels are plummeting…

And even starting to turn heads like you did years ago…

But, all the while, never giving up one minute of your valuable social life.

This is all possible with this newly discovered approach.

In fact, putting this process into place involves nothing more than “tweaking” the things you ALREADY do!

Here’s why this matters to you…

I had finally figured out the one simple factor that can make the difference between weight-loss success or failure for the average wine drinker…

Now, I can finally explain how you could be sabotaging your own weight loss, without even realizing it, by rendering your own “fat-converting pathway” inactive!

When you take red wine and combine it with this simple food trick you push your own metabolism into  overdrive – by re-activating AMPK!

In fact, it turns out that drinking red wine may actually be the ‘missing link’ to your weight loss goals.

I realize this is completely contradictory to what every fitness expert in the industry may tell you, but research has verified it!

Losing body fat does NOT have to involve weeks and months of starvation and stress.

Just as I had proved it to myself over the course of a few short days in California…

I don’t mind telling you that once I figured out that AMPK was the weight loss explanation I was after…

I was ecstatic!

…And it’s something so simple, ANYONE can put it to use!

This powerful secret explains how red wine can go from being a cause of your weight gain to your most powerful weight-loss ally!

So, here’s what I did next.

I wrote down what I consider to be a simple set of guidelines for anyone looking to lose body fat, but still have a full and vibrant life…

…including drinking red wine!

It’s called

The Red Wine Diet is your complete guide to putting the power of this simple daily food-wine technique to work… quickly and easily… so you can slash up to 15 pounds of ugly body fat in the next 60 days.

The Red Wine Diet pulls all these factors together into a plan that you can literally live with for a lifetime. 

You CAN drink red wine and lose weight!

In fact, The Red Wine Diet will show you how you can target body fat, get the physique you’ve been after, AND enjoy your life while you do it!

…even if you drink wine but have watched helplessly as the scale moved in the WRONG direction…

…even if you’ve tried–and failed–with all kinds of other diets in the past…

…even if you don’t have any intention of living in the gym in order to achieve your goals…

And you can do this without...

…giving up your social life and

…passing up that relaxing glass of wine at day’s end…

…plodding along endlessly on a treadmill…

…giving up the things you enjoy in life in order to achieve the body you’ve been after.

Very quickly, let’s talk about what The Red Wine Diet is NOT…

  1. It is not physically demanding
  2. It’s not complicated
  3. It’s not expensive

Again, my clients – and now hundreds more who have purchased my book in a dozen different countries all over the world- have lost thousands of pounds of body fat by following the simple, science-backed approach in my book…

Most importantly, in “THE RED WINE DIET” you will also find simple and easy-to-understand explanation of…

  • A listing of the foods that can halt your results almost instantly, so that you can avoid ‘self-sabotage’

  • A step-by-step plan to guide you to fat loss success -even if you have stumbled and failed before

  • How to shut off your fat storing mechanisms, while cranking up the Fat Conversion Pathway

  • Exact meal plans based upon the proven, but little known, food-wine combination

  • A list of “weight loss accelerators” designed to speed your progress by as much as 30%

  • A “Done for You” list of 9 simple rules, proven to put you on the path to a leaner, healthier and longer life

All for a price LESS THAN a decent bottle of Pinot Noir!

I clearly spell out…

  • How just one simple food trick could hold your key to fat loss by turning on your own fat burning machinery…
  • When you drink and with what foods will determine whether you gain weight or lose weight
  • How to CRUSH the obstacles holding you back…
  • Why alcohol is not the enemy of weight loss…
  • What the REAL health benefits of wine are…
  • A list of foods you must avoid like the plague…
  • A list of specific steps you can start today to speed up your results…by as much as 30%!
  • The 9 science-based rules for living a LONGER, HEALTHIER LIFE…

And if you order my book today…I have a few more treats for you!

BONUS #1:  “The Red Wine Diet Cookbook” – FREE!

What possible good is a diet book without a matching cookbook?

So I went “all in” and commissioned this cookbook from a professional European chef.

My one requirement?

I needed 150 recipes that fit your lifestyle, and are in line with my unique Red Wine Diet approach…

The finished product is a cookbook I could not be happier with!  It’s a perfect fit!

Bonus #2: “Stress Elimination Solution” – Free Report!

Throughout my years as a weight loss expert, I have encountered one enemy of weight loss that seems to be EVERYWHERE!

It has become an integral part of our lives…

It disrupts our sleep…  

Harms our health…

It literally shrinks our brain…

And is a direct cause of weight gain!

I’m talking about STRESS!  

…but, stress is more under our control than we realize.

Stress also happens to be one of the most powerful causes of weight gain known to man!

Since the vast majority of my clients are fighting the same battle against stress we are, I HAD to study stress in serious detail.

So much so, that eventually, I became certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Brain Fitness…

To that end, I produced a 21 page report on the topic called the “Stress Elimination Solution”

Previously, I have only provided this finished paper to my clients, but to help you battle against this relentless enemy…

I want you to have the report for FREE, when you purchase The Red Wine Diet!

BONUS #3: “Successful Aging Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide To Reclaiming Your Health And Developing A Resilient Mindset After Age 45”

Also FREE!

This is  something I’m also incredibly proud of…

I’ve dedicated my life to helping the clients at my facilities, as well as coaching clients across the country, to OWN their aging process.

(And believe me, you don’t need to be over 50 to start planning!)

My latest book–available on Amazon for $9.95 presently–picks up where The Red Wine Diet leaves off…

You’ll get instant access to my best and proven lifestyle changes that will allow you to dictate your health for decades to come…on your terms!

If you have any intention of maintaining an independent and vibrant life for the rest of your days, you’ve found a roadmap for the process in my latest book.  

Inside you’ll find an exact plan to “OWN” the coming decades by:

  • Developing an ability to achieve any goal you set
  • Understanding the unique nutritional needs of anyone over age 45
  • Learning how to design and execute the ideal workout to suit your needs
  • Identifying the REAL enemies of successful aging we all face
  • Keying in on ‘core concepts’ of being a Successful Aging Rebel!

Yes, I’ve included a LOT of bonus material here because I truly want to get The Red Wind Diet into your hands, and have that decision be a “no-brainer”!

So go ahead and click the “Order” button and grab “The Red Wine Diet” NOW!

The price for instant access to my incredibly popular book, The Red Wine Diet is only $14.95!

*No physical product will be shipped

One final note…

Over the years, clients have paid me thousands upon thousands of dollars to get results, and to get access to the kind of information found in these books.

But I’m not charging you thousands…

I’m not even charging hundreds…

Actually, if you priced The Red Wine Diet  book plus all the bonuses out separately, it totals just around $65.00…

That’s FAR less than I would charge for a single workout with me at my facility.

And I’m not charging that much either…

So why would I practically give way years of research and insights for $14.95?

Because I have seen first hand how frustrated people are by the entire weight loss process

AND I know that the myths that persist, along with confusing headlines are NOT helping you reach your weight loss goals!

You need clarity.

You need this information.

And it’s now priced at $14.95.

You may say, “Hold on Art, what if I read the book and decide this approach is not a good fit?”

Well frankly, in that case, I don’t want your money.  It’s that simple.

If you are not satisfied for any reason within 60 days of purchase, I will happily give you back every penny of your investment.”

No questions asked.

You can drop 15 pounds in as little as 60 days, all while you’re drinking wine every day…and finally be rid of the weight.

All for $14.95

AND it’s completely risk-free because it’s fully covered by my guarantee.

You have zero risk, so why not?

Is there any reason not to check it out?

I stand behind The Red Wine Diet” without reservation!

(I DARE you to find a guarantee like that from any diet book on the market!)

So click the button below to start losing weight today.

*No physical product will be shipped

I look forward to helping you along your journey.


Founder – Successful Aging Academy

Author | Speaker | Wellness Activist

Enjoy Life.  Lose Fat.

P.S. – If you have read this far, I HAVE to believe you are truly interested in losing that stubborn body fat AND having a fun-filled life.  

I am so eager to get my book into your hands as soon possible, I am offering “The Red Wine Diet” for only $14.95…

AND I am adding the Cookbook (Also a $14.95 value)

AND the Stress Elimination Solution report (A $29.00 value)

AND my latest book “Successful Aging Blueprint” (priced at $9.95)

All Bonuses FOR FREE.

*No physical product will be shipped

P.P.S. – Keep in mind, you have nothing to lose…except unwanted body fat, that is…you’re protected by my irrefutable, unshakable, ironclad, no-hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee.

(Did I include enough adjectives for you!!!)

Click on the “Order Now” button to get instant access to EVERYTHING described and be reading my book in just minutes.

NOTE:  This is a digital product. A physical book will not be shipped.

If you prefer a physical copy, you can simply order my best-selling book on Amazon.  

However, neither the cookbook, nor any of the other bonuses items are available for free with Amazon…

*No physical product will be shipped

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