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400 Breakthrough Stress Elimination Strategies.

400 Breakthrough Stress Elimination Strategies.
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Read these
unvarnished reviews from
some of our thousands
of users:


tips? Fantastic! More like

wisdom for living. They have
helped to

streamline life, refocus on
priorities, endorse

my humanity, appreciate
diversity,accept my

limitations, welcome beauty,
question status

quo, challenge norms, and regain

when the frenzy of busy-ness


London, UK

* * * *

“I work full-time
do a lot of

work afterwards. The stress tips
help keep

me level in my very busy life!
Thanks for

supplying these great strategies
for living!”

—Del Cleek
County, IN

* * * *

“My life is
extremely hectic. I am a widow

with a toddler and a teenager, work

hours a week, and take care of a

and a yard. Stress is my middle

These tips, which I always read

thing in the morning, are my reality

They enable me to take a deep breath

and think, ‘Oh, yeah. This is my
life I’m

supposed to be living.’ It sorta

put things in perspective and
reminds me there is something
larger, something greater

than the simple little problem I am

with at the moment. They help me see

big picture.”




Dothan, AL

* * * *

simple,easy to put into practice and
particularly relevent to our modern




* * * *


stress tips are remarkably intuitive
and they always provide practical strategies
for addressing real life

—J. DeLaMater

Marietta, GA

* * * *


sense, easily identifiable
situations and behaviours that leave me
laughing at myself because they are
US! Thank you

for your insights and helping me to
leave behind the rat race. I
thought I was

alone in my dissatisfaction of our way of
life until I
read your many eloquent words.”

—Bernadette Keane


* * * *


love these and find them very
timely and


—Lori Killian


* * * *

stress tips are the perfect remedy
for a bad day! They make you stop to
think, and appreciate what you have.
They also offer practical advice on
how to achieve a more stress-free
life. Who wouldn’t want


—Michelle Jones-White


* * * *


well thought out strategies that
keep one from going crazy. Tips
that, when reminded of, you laugh
right out loud, knowing you’ve done
just that: procrastination,
disorganization, trips to guilt
country, too much on the plate of
life, super Mom, Dad, employee etc.
Thank you very much!”


* * * *


stress tips get
right to the heart of the issue; elegantly
concise and free of superfluous


New Hope, PA

* * * *


am very thankful to
you, because I get  good

tips from you and they made me to
act what I want to be
in my life!”


Bangalore, India

* * * *

“Your tips
remind me that it is the little
things that I control that bring the
real simple quality to my life. It
is so easy to let myself go “crazy”
and it is usually a simple thing
that starts the ball rolling in the
wrong direction. I love the brief,
positive, to-the-point tips that
speak volumes to me…I am
constantly asking myself and others:
“Why make yourself crazy???”


Encondido, CA

* * * *


never miss reading your stress tips.

are especially true in our most



Haifa, Israel

* * * *

“The tips were

wonderful that I included them in an
informative speech I had to do in

—Rhonda Reilly

Anahuac, TX

* * * *

“Like a
sharp, merciless scalpel, these
stress tips cut away the fluff, the
fads, the senseless distractions in
our culture that tend to rob who we

—Linda Maxwell

Richmond, KY

* * * *


last a collection of stress tips
that doesn’t

drive you crazy. G. Gaynor McTigue writes in a
clear, straightforward,

practical way that will soon help
clear the mental and physical
clutter from your life, eradicate
the thinking errors

and set you on a course for a
happier, healthier existence.”

—Jeff Petersen

Cove, Oregon

* * * *


didn’t realize how unnecessarily
crazy my life had become until I
started reading your
guide. Needless to
say, I’ve cut WAY down on the things
that used to
make me nuts! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you!”


Baltimore, MD

* * * *


I feel stress coming my way, I open
up the stress tips

and they help me get through the


Freehold, NJ

* * * *


my stress tips every morning is like
hearing a favorite song on the radio. It’s
quite a mood booster! The tips are
helpful and realistic and if
employed, can facilitate stress in
anyone’s lifestyle.”


Atlanta, GA

* * * *


actually work!”



* * * *


thank God for giving the writer of
these stress tips the vision and the
words to put it into black and


Missouri City, TX

* * * *


a fabulous resource! I conduct
Stress Management Workshops around the World and
recommend this to my students. The
tips are digestible and on point.”

—Rosemary Rein

Costa Rica

* * * *


tips loosen the stress knots that
accumulate daily.”

—Nicole Wilcoxson

Deer Park, TX

* * * *


aren’t just stress tips–they’re
LIFE tips! Stress is your body’s way
of saying that your priorities are
out of whack…and Mr. McTigue’s
stress tips are the PERFECT way to
bring it all back into focus.”

—J. St. Pierre

New Orleans, LA

* * * *


stress strategies help me get a
handle on the stressors that
regularly creep into life. I have
learned to look

at things differently because of your tips.
Thanks for being such vital part of
my day!”

—Linda Williams

Chattanooga, TN

* * * *



—Allan Blackman


* * * *


changed my life. I
had a heart attack at 39. I did the
opposite of everything you guys say!
Well done, keep it up and hope you SAVE
LIVES from the lessons learned!!”

—Mark Nathwani


* * * *


think that they are extremely
helpful in my everyday thinking.
When I feel stressed out I now look
at the bigger picture and think
before I jump or shout. The stress
tips are like a “little voice”
inside my head saying chill out and
relax..why make myself crazy? Thank
you from the bottom

of my heart.”

—J. Russell


* * * *

“Kudos. I’ve
used a few tips in my food column
for The Daily Herald in Provo, Utah
(of course always giving credit!) to
strengthen the point I’m trying to
make. Thanks bunches!”

—Karen Hoag

Provo, UT

* * * *


enjoy them so much and try where I
can to put them into practice.
Please continue with your excellent

—J. S. Hughes


South Africa

* * * *


are like apples of gold on pictures

silver. Just right, and what’s


Warri, Nigeria

* * * *


love the stress tips! They make
sense and

help me cope with real life…”


Worcester, MA

* * * *


have found the stress tips to be
invaluable, in both my work and home life. Many of
them are so simple to apply, yet
they can make an enormous



South Africa

* * * *


a daily pleasure to read them and to
memorize them even. I haven’t a clue
how many have bought the book,
however, I highly recommend


—Meggie Mohr

Stuttgart, Germany

* * * *


tips are innovative and simple to
follow. One step at a
time, big changes are possible in
one’s life!! Thanks

for the tips.”


Bangalore, India

* * * *


stress tips are wonderful. SHORT AND




* * * *


stress tips proved to be extremely
encouraging and useful.

I took in the tips and they affected
my life right away. The stress
seriously just seemed to trickle out
of my life.”

—Andrew J. Breland

Gulfport, MS

* * * *

“Your stress
tips have helped me think
differently. Your “meat &
potatoes” strategies are full of
practical, down to earth suggestions
which we often overlook in our daily

—Magdalene Dawson

Petaling Jaya

West Malaysia

* * * *


lost my husband, age 55. Your stress
tips have gotten me through a lot of
rough days. They helped put things
back into proper perspective. I
thank you.”


Arapaho, OK

* * * *

“The tips
provide a laugh, a chuckle, a nod,
or a sigh… and then I feel I can
go on with my day. The writing style
feels as if I am hearing from a
friend, telling me to slow down,
take care and listen! Good job and
please keep going! Cheers.”


Chatham, NJ

* * * *

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