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Amazing Secrets And Forbidden Knowledge

Amazing Secrets And Forbidden Knowledge
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None of my friends will have anything to do with me when it comes to wagers or “strange
feats” anymore. I think that if I told them I could walk on water they would believe
me (grin). By now, they think I can do just about anything. I LOVE this book. Thanks!”

Ruben in Oregon by email

  • Power, power, who’s got the power? YOU DO after you read this book!
  • It’s a tough but interesting world out there. Learn the secrets of psychics, levitation,
    mind reading, con men, magicians and even some religious charlatans. All are tricks.
    All explained.
  • Learn to do what others think is impossible. Amaze and astound your friends, co-workers,
    relatives even strangers.
  • How would you like to freak someone out so much, they thought you had “special powers?”
  • Want to challenge the strongest person in the room and beat them at their own game?

Oh the possibilities . . . All this and more you will learn in just this one truly
amazing book. I can not only promise you this, but I back it up with a full money
back guarantee (like many of the bets, wagers and games in this book,
you can’t lose!).

So many ways to utilize this incredible knowledge. I once worked as a manufacturers
rep. There was a store that almost never allowed displays. I spoke to the owner and
told him I had heard that getting a display in his establishment was next to “impossible.”
He agreed. I politely told him I specialized in “impossible.” When he asked what
I meant, I told him I could do the “Black Hole” revealed in the Impossible Chapter.
He laughed at me and told me if I could do that, he would allow the display. He actually
laughed at me. 20 minutes later, I was putting the display up in the front of the
store. I became a sort of legend amongst the other reps, and they all wanted to know
how I did it. It even earned me a bonus!


  • AND MORE . . .

Imagine walking into a room, a party or a bar and being able to:

  • Literally “take over” the room
  • Have the opposite sex fighting to get close to you
  • Make an “impossible bet” or two and not have to pay for another drink all night.
  • Control another persons reactions with your voice
  • Establish instant rapport with the person of your choice
  • Life of the party? You can OWN the party!

Perform feats that will have everyone asking “How the hell did you do that?” Have
them talking about you to their friends the next day. YOU CAN BE THAT PERSON. Enjoy
the power of Astounding Secrets. Relish life. Be AMAZING!

Here are just a few of the many things you will learn

  •  Imagine people’s surprise when you challenge someone to balance a coin on the edge
    of a dollar bill, and then you proceed to show them!
  •  The party is a little slow. Liven things up by showing how a person can be “levitated”
    or lifted with just a few fingers!
  •  It borders on mind reading, yet it is a simple, proven, physical manifestation that
    can tell you when a person is lying, when they desire something and even when they
    are sexually interested in YOU!
  • Learn how to give Astrological readings
  • Read palms
  • Read tea leaves
  • Analyze handwriting
  • Become a Phrenologist (really!) read bumps on the head, whatever.
  •  Learn the techniques of what is known in the trade as a “cold reading.”

Amaze and stun everyone with your “psychic knowledge and abilities” and your “talent”
for telling a person about their Past, Present and Future.

Don’t abuse this please. I have actually had people break down and cry when giving
a reading. One gentleman once offered me a nice sum of cash to pick his stock investments.
Of course I refused. Remember, this is a trick. You can amaze people, but do NOT
take advantage of them. Ever.

But . . . You can still have a blast with these techniques. People will actually
think that you have some sort of power, some psychic insight. And they will flock
to be around you. Just don’t get carried away.

” (this is)The easiest way to meet women I’ve ever seen! It’s almost embarrassing
when I start “reading palms” or “analyzing handwriting” [I always have them write
their phone # : 0)], they practically fight to be next”

Mario P. By snail mail

  •  Challenge some big guy with this one. You’ll learn how to tear an apple in half
    with your bare hands (try it, it’s tougher than it sounds). You will do it easily
    (once you know how).
  •  You can actually drive a nail with the bottom of some bottles. Imagine their astonishment
    when you “pop” the bottom out of a soda or beer bottle using just your hand!
  •  Strength challenges where you can beat the strongest man in the room, no matter
    what your size (even if you are a woman).
  •  The biggest man won’t be able to lift you once you learn this “secret pressure point.”
  •  How to keep someone a prisoner in a chair with just one finger. They’ll look ridiculous
    trying to rise.

Of course there’s more. Don’t want to give it all away now do we? We do have to give
you a warning here though:

Some guys just have no sense of humor. If you embarrass some big muscular fella with
one or more of these stunts, he might be insecure enough to get angry and perhaps
do something stupid. Choose your “victims” with care!

Try a few of these goodies and the group will be “eating out of your hand.”

Imagine this. You are at a party or gathering and . . .

  • You “wow” the crowd by bending keys and spoons with “your mind.”
  • What would their reaction be when you “melt” spoons with your “mind” and watch them
    break in two?”
  • You make a compass move just by concentrating on it? North becomes East just because
    you “will” it to be.
  • Picture this: You are at someone’s house for a party or gathering. They ask you to
    bend some silverware for them with your “powers.” You not only proceed to do so,
    but you dump the silverware drawer on a counter and tell others to try it! Now imagine
    their surprise when they find some of their silverware “bending,” sometimes right
    before their eyes! Now you have made everyone else amazing! They love your for it!
  • What if you were to have a seance and make a table “dance,” sometimes clear across
    the room? People (especially women) freak out over this one. Some of them will become
    so frightened they may need consoling.
  • Impress those around you with various mind reading and telepathic methods that will
    convince them of your “powers.”
  • What if? How would people react to you if you could seemingly move things with your
    “mind?” How the hell did you do that?
  • What if you could spin a coin on a bar or table, any bar or table (almost) and control
    the way it lands!? Would they be impressed?
  • You will learn the  Secrets of Telepathic Drawing. Reproduce a drawing made by someone
    else by “reading their mind.”
  • How to “stop” your heart. Picture this; You ask for a volunteer or two. They each
    feel your pulse and begin tapping the rhythm with their other hand. Suddenly the
    tempo becomes irregular, the beats on each side of your body may even be different.
    The beats become sporadic and finally stop as you exhale and seemingly collapse.
    “There’s no pulse!” screams one of your volunteers. You suddenly jump up and grin
    at everyone. How the hell did you do that?
  •  How to lay on a bed of nails unharmed. It’s a simple principle of physics (not psychics).
    But if you don’t know the secret, it’s amazing.
  • Fire Walking: Oh what fun! What a way to spend an afternoon eh? Dig a big pit and
    start a bonfire in it and then hours later you spread the coals around and go for
    a little stroll right down the middle of it. You are incredible aren’t you?
  •  How to seemingly block pain and do very weird things to the body. Such as pierce
    yourself with needles etc., with no pain.
  • Ever see a martial artist or wonder boy slice a melon resting on a persons chest
    with a sword? Revealed!
  • The secrets of Meditation and more!

“I liked your idea about the spinning coin! My boyfriend now owes me 10 hours of
slave labor! That alone was worth the price of this book.This is great!”

Nancy in Colorado


This is not a book plump with fluff and filler. It is straight to the point when
it comes to “How To.” You don’t need a bunch of history or background on these tricks
and mysteries. You just want to know
“how do I do that?”

Well, you are within minutes of finding out.


What this book is: You get 165 pages of fully illustrated “How To’s.”

Heads or Tails? You’ll learn to call it with virtually 100% accuracy. Challenge your
local hot-shot that thinks they are a gambler and watch them panic when you are right,
time after time.

  •  Would you believe that you can drop a light bulb onto a concrete floor (from waist
    high!) and it won’t break!
  •  How to make steel burn with an ordinary match.
  •  How to balance an egg upright. This can drive people nuts when they don’t know how.
    They are a lot of people out there that think this can only be done on a solstice.

By now, you are starting to think some of this stuff is pretty good eh? You haven’t
seen anything yet. There is a LOT that we haven’t talked about. A lot more.


Bar bets aren’t just for getting free drinks or attention from onlookers (believe
it though,
you will get LOTS of both), they can also be a nice source of “extra income”
if played just right. Witness the following true story (I was on leave while in the

During his rebellious youth, the author once accepted a bet. That I could be dropped
into any city in the country without a dime and never miss a meal or sleep without
a roof over my head.

Four hours after being let off in downtown San Francisco without a penny, credit
card etc, I had 400 bucks in my pocket and called the other person and asked if he
were ready to concede the bet. I called him from a rather nice hotel while I was
enjoying room service. He paid me the six pack of Dos Equis without a whimper.

Here’s how I did it. I panhandled and asked three people for quarters. The last one
of them gave them to me. I then took the quarters and used them to get into a newspaper
machine. I took out all of the papers and sold them on the street. Total including
tips . . . $6.75. Not enough money to buy a decent meal unless . . .

Armed with this small fortune I found a bar with a pretty good afternoon crowd and
a happy hour. I ordered one draft beer for $1.50 (the bartender left my five sitting
on the bar), made three of the bets found on this site and won over $200.00 in a
little less than an hour.

I then went to two more bars and repeated the process making about $110.00 at one
and over $160.00 at the other.

Pure gold. Not bad for starting with absolutely nothing a few hours earlier.

As a little bonus, while waiting for my friend to show up, I went down to the hotel
lobby bar and won another quick $60.00 with one of the tricks found in the “Impossible”
section. In each bar I drank for free after making a little wager with the bartender.

And yes, for those of you that are wondering, I went back to that same newspaper
machine and left exactly double what they would have made from selling those papers.
Karma y’know.

These days I only use this stuff for amusement or occasionally for free drinks at
a bar, just to keep in shape.


The Challenge: You will set a shot glass full of your “marks” favorite beverage on
the bar or table right in front of them and they will not be able to drink it. You
take the shot glass, do this and set it in front of them. They blink, look at you
and say something like “Oh #$%&^ and then play with it a little before they pay you
off. You did it again! You win! (This little jewel is one of my favorites, you can
do it anywhere without any preparation).

The Challenge: You can can drink three (or four or five) glasses of beer before they
can drink one tiny little shot of their favorite beverage. You do what we reveal
and then leisurely drink your beers while they freak out. You win again. Imagine

The Challenge: You can make a coin land on  the side of your choice 7 out of ten
times (The odds are 50/50 right?) Wrong. Not for you my friend, you are now a winner.
If they don’t take the bet offer to do it 8 out of ten times. If you have to, bet
9 out of 10 (but always start out lower, adds drama and gives you some fudge factor).
Do it like you will learn here and once again, you win. Even if
they handle the coin.

The Challenge: Have your “mark” trace around a dime in the center of a piece of paper
and cut it out. Then bet that you can put a nickel through that very hole without
making it larger. Get out a nickel and then pocket your winnings.

The Challenge: Tear out a match from a book, light it and hold it up (this is the
set up. Let them see the match and how fast it burns). Make your bet that you can
hold a lit match from this same book of matches upside down directly under your hand
for twenty seconds. Hand them the lit match and tell them to hold it upside down
with the flame no less than an inch or two away. They will quickly drop it. You take
any new match, light it and proceed to hold it upside down for twenty seconds and
even 30 seconds is no problem when you know how. You are still a winner, but don’t
be too greedy. Save a trick or two for the next time. In fact, just do one or two
of these bets at a time at any one place. Keep the mystery going.

There are many, many more bar bets in this section. All of them guaranteed winners.
Don’t get too greedy. Use the right patter and set this up just right and you can
make a few bucks wherever, whenever.

  • You’ll learn how to make a real egg bounce like rubber! After they see it and pronounce
    that it can’t possibly be real, you split the egg to reveal the yoke and white! It’s
    a real egg!
  • Learn how to restore a “dead” fly to life! The scene: A fly is captured and “killed.”
    Everyone agrees that it is dead. You do a little mumbo jumbo and the fly is miraculously
    resurrected and promptly flies away, leaving your friends with their mouths hanging
  • How to force a choice on people! You can actually control the choice they make! This
    can be seriously abused. Please be careful how you use this one!


As if all of this isn’t enough, you are also going to get two very special BONUS
 when you act right now.


Learn how to do the best tricks that David Blaine does on television!

You’ll learn things like:

  • Levitate a Match – Take a match from someone, place it in your palm and make it levitate,
    rise right up.
  • Cigarette Through a Quarter – You borrow a quarter from someone and a cigarette from
    someone else. You then push the cigarette straight through the quarter, right in
    front of their eyes!
  • How He Levitates!
  • How to Float or Levitate Small Objects!
  • Incredible Card Tricks
  • The Twisting Arm Illusion! Make your arm twist completely around! Hear the bones
  • Resurrect a Dead Fly
  • Amazing Card Tricks
  • Mental Freak Outs

Well over 30 different Street Magic tricks fully explained and illustrated. Another
chapter worth more than the price of this book.
You can and will completely freak
out friends and strangers alike.


NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It’s a simple yet incredibly dynamic
principle that you can easily learn. It does take practice to become proficient,
but OMG is it worth it!

You speak a few sentences and suddenly your girlfriend or boyfriend announces that
she wants to “be with” you..

A short conversation with your boss and he offers to take you to lunch . . . To discuss
your raise.

Give your partner a signal that he or she doesn’t even recognize and watch as they
become amazingly agreeable to your wishes.

A different signal and your partner becomes amazingly affectionate.

Brain washing? No. Drugs? No. Hypnosis? No. NLP is simply a process that takes advantage
of association and belief systems and nothing more exotic than simple, predictable
modes of human behavior.

To get what you want, when you want it. It’s truly wondrous to see this in action,
to actually experience and control this amazing “power.”

You will learn:

How to establish rapport

Change a persons mood or behavior with just a phrase or touch. Alter their state.

Establish and set what are called “anchors” to induce desired behavior and responses.

Create positive emotional states.

There is even a section titled “HYPNOCOMMANDS”

This is a How To of what is called waking hypnosis. How to use your voice to give
subliminal commands that will induce behavior and actions that
you want.

No, it’s not crazy. It’s real. And now it’s available to you. All you have to do
is join us now and you can have all of this incredible knowledge within minutes.
Even if it’s 2:00 AM and you just can’t wait.

You are just minutes from owning this knowledge. Move that cursor now and click below
and you will have all of this and more for only

That’s what it USED to sell for. For a limited time you can get all of this incredible information right now, for only . . . $2.99 Each! That’s over 40% off the already discounted price of $19.95! Buy them now at Amazon and save!



“A truly amazing amount of information. Easily worth many times the price.”

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