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Appportunity – Mobile App Product For Apple And Android App!

Appportunity – Mobile App Product For Apple And Android App!
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The 6-Week APPportunity Coaching Program 2.0 Overview

Today, I’ll be accepting 30 new coaching students to teach them on how to make money from apps and how to build a long-term app business. How to create the golden goose like what many of our students are having. Making money like clockwork.

How The Coaching Program Works:

You’ll first start by generating additional “part-time” income with simpler apps and eventually move on to phase two, where your aim is to quit your job (or be able to let go of your existing business that is stressing you out). And finally, to build an app business that can allow you to retire, should you want to.

Previously, I’ve released APPportunity Coaching Program version 1.0.

What you’re getting is Version 2.0, which is even more comprehensive with NEW DISCOVERIES that I’ve found. I’ll teach you how to create content apps, utility apps, game apps and how to make serious money with ALL OF THEM.

In this new version, I’ll also be focusing on Android Apps.

There are 3 types of apps I’ll be teaching:

Content Apps: These are apps that provide necessary content. Just think of a website that has been turned into an app. Or think of Newsstand (for Apple devices). They are easy to create. The way to make money with these apps is to pick a niche market and create content solely for this niche market. Just like how you do with internet marketing. For instance, you can create an app about cooking that includes recipes, cooking videos, cooking material reviews, etc. in it – content.

Utility Apps: These are function apps that help the user to “do something”. Calculate something. Remind them of something. They can be alerts, simulations, recordings, photo frames, etc. For example Ifart — an app that makes funny fart sounds. It made over $700,000 revenue from a $0.99 app.

Game Apps: Exactly how it sounds, game apps are games. Angry Birds, Draw Something, Doodle Jump, Temple Run, Restaurant Story, Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, etc. Game apps are probably the most complex app to be developed because of the designs, animations and the interactions involved. However, if it provides good game play, it’ll probably yield the most repetitive usage. Similarly, the more times your app is opened, generally, the more money you’ll be able to make.

Anyway, you don’t need to understand any of these right now because I’ll be going in-depth with each of them later on.

Please keep in mind that it’s not a course for you to watch or read, it’s a 6 weeks coaching program. This way, I’ll have time to impart not just my knowledge, but a lot of my real life experiences with the app business. The stuff I’m CURRENTLY doing.

Each week, you’ll get my exclusive training for the next 6 weeks — they’re usually in videos. Sometimes, they’re in different formats, as long as they’re effective in teaching you.

Then there will be a client’s-only coaching area where you’ll be able to ask any questions so that I can continue to coach you to success. The coolest part is, it’s not just two ways — you’ll get to learn from the other students as well. We’ll create a “group” for you.

I would also want you to know that this is a STEP-BY-STEP coaching program, suitable for you regardless of whether you’re a newbie or indeed an experienced internet marketer.

And it’s designed for NON-programmers. No programming knowledge is required at all. Zero is fine. Totally cool.

Like me for an example, I don’t know squat about coding. And actually, as ignorant as it may sound, I don’t care. You see, I don’t want to be a programmer — I want to be a marketer and entrepreneur… and I want to show you how to achieve that level too. Needless to say, that’s where the money is.

We’ll start the coaching with the content app because it’s the simplest way for you to get started. To get your feet wet. To understand the game of this business and what it entails.

Finally, you’ll be taking action and watch your app being created – and it will be happening as quickly as in Week #2.

After that, I’ll teach you the utility and game apps.

Again, no programming skill is required whatsoever. I’ll teach you how to hire programmers to make the money for you.

Now you’ll know why it’s 6 weeks of training and coaching. I have so much to teach and share with you. I’m very passionate about this.

The good news is, you’ll be doing while learning, therefore, expect to start making some WHILE you’re still going through the coaching program!

Again, I need to emphasize this strongly — I’m NOT teaching you how to program apps.

Like I said earlier, I don’t even know how to do that. But what I’m teaching you is how to become an app entrepreneur and marketer, perhaps even becoming an app millionaire someday. I’ll be teaching you the secrets and strategies of making money with apps and turning them into real businesses. It’s about creating an easy, predictable and stable income for your life.