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Backward Bets

Backward Bets
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So I suppose you’re wondering what this new and revolutionary betting strategy is and how we came to discover it.

Well first I’ll share with you at little of our back story, and I’ll start by introducing the Backward Bets team…

Meet The Backward Bets’ Team…

One afternoon in early 2016, the three of us met for lunch, and you can probably guess as to the topic of conversation. I talked to them about a new method I’d been developing and how my betting profits were up 34% on the previous month.

It was at that point that we were joined by my nephew Ryan, a third year Computer Science undergraduate, who’d just come from a lecture. We brought Ryan up to speed, the conversation continued, with each of us bouncing ideas off one another.

Lunch quickly turned into dinner, with Ryan skipping his 4pm lecture and before we knew it, it was 10pm, we were in a quite corner of our local pub, scheming over beers and laying the foundations for what would eventually be the Backward Bets method.