Believe It Or Not, You Can Give Her The Most Intense Orgasm With These 3 Tricks And Never Worry About Her Leaving You Ever!

We show YOU exactly what it takes to turn any girl on and make her beg for sex! You will know the “SEX-crets” of turning every girl on, giving them the most intense orgasm of their lifetime and convincing them to do anything you want them to do in the bedroom…

From: Janessa Brazil & Her Girlfriends

Women Teach Sex

Dear Future Sex God,

I’m going to cut the small talk and get straight to the point…my name is Janessa Brazil and I love sex. I love being with both guys and girls. If there is something that my girlfriends and I know, it’s how women like to be touched and what drives them sexually crazy! We also know how to make a woman have the most mind-blowing orgasm, sexually stimulating a woman to the furthest extent possible!

My girlfriends and I are here to provide you with everything you need to not only be perfect in bed, but to be the best when it comes to having great sex. Our proven foreplay and sex advice will make it possible for you to turn any woman on in literally seconds! But first…here are a few facts about sex that you may not know:

Sex Fact #1:

Amazing sex starts with the foreplay!

This might seem like a no brainer to you but believe it or not most men out there just don’t know what to do when it comes to foreplay. Bad foreplay will kill the sexual mood of your partner and ruin the moment entirely. Trust me, women don’t ever forget these moments and that is the reason why some women may reject you or stop you from taking things any further. Just like in other aspects of life, you only get one chance to make a long lasting perfect sexual impression. Don’t blow it! 😉

Sex Fact #2:

Women are addicted to good oral sex too!

Just like men absolutely love oral sex, so do women! Stimulating a woman with oral sex can make her sexually addicted to you. This may sound crazy to you but often times women fantasize about receiving oral sex multiple times, daily. How would you like to be such a pro at it that women are picturing you in their heads and fantasizing of how you go down on her better than anyone on this earth? This will surely make her want to be with you again tonight and for many nights to come.

Sex Fact #3:

Give her the ultimate orgasm along with multiple orgasms, and she will never leave you!

Women NEVER forget their most amazing orgasm. They always remember where it happened and whom it was with. Every little detail of that moment is played back in there head over and over until they get a chance to do it again! Women often times end up spending hours on end having sex with the individual that “understands them” sexually and can really make them climax to no end.

Girls will often times do anything to remain in a relationship where they are having the best sex of their life! If you can keep her satisfied sexually and have better sex than anyone else, there is a definite chance that she will never cheat, leave, or ever lie to you. There is nothing better than a relationship consisting of perfect sex with no stress or commitment issues.

So what is it that I need to know?

Well, there are certain secret methods that women have kept all to themselves for decades on end. These methods are the same unspoken techniques that adult film stars like myself have been using to reach maximum sexual stimulation and peak orgasmic performance. We want to share with you every single one of these proven techniques to help you prove to any woman that you are a true sex god.

You might also ask questions like: “What do you know about sex?” and “Why should I listen to you over guys that claim to be sex gurus themselves?” Well, my girlfriends and I have been featured in hundreds of adult films.  We have also been featured in Penthouse Magazine and on famous radio shows like “Bubba” The Love Sponge and Howard Stern because of our “sex” expertise and experience. I even have my own site up at and was nominated for an AVN Award in 2012 ;-). Check my girlfriends and I out if you’d like! 🙂

Back to your question though…YES, you are correct, there are many guys out there that claim to be the world’s best pickup artists and kings of seduction. Do you really believe them??? In reality, who knows how to fulfill the needs and wants of a woman better than a REAL WOMAN? Certainly not some guy claiming to be a pickup artist and the “world’s best” sex guru. The bottom line is this…if you use our detailed techniques you too may become a foreplay master with the ability to please many girls and keep them sexually satisfied to the fullest extent. You will have them coming back for more over and over again.

Making women have multiple orgasms in one night is possible if you use the techniques we show you. This may even lead to her having an exploding earth shaking gushing orgasm!

At…we share with you how it’s done. After all, sharing is caring! 🙂

Girls Teach Sex Heading

(This is a picture of one of my girlfriends and I getting ready to experiment with some of our new techniques.)

Are you ready to take some action and do something about this? It’s time to put an end to your dry spell and make it happen! Life is too short not to!

Hey Janessa, How Do You Know So Much About Sex?

Here’s why we know what works when it comes to sex: We are real women that love foreplay and sex. In fact, you can call us “Sexperts” since we are female porn stars having mind-blowing sex and body quivering orgasms on a daily basis.

Take our advice, use these techniques and tips, and become a real sex pro! Why waste your hard earned money taking advice and tips from those guys claiming to be sex gurus when you can get professional tips from women? After all, women know what women want!

Don’t pay hundreds of dollars and those outrageously high prices all those other sites offer. Try our techniques and sex methods out. Trust us, you won’t be sorry! You will get our 3 exclusive guides today for the price of 1! We are so confident in our products that we have put a cash guarantee on it too. 110% guaranteed to work within minutes of the first try or get a full refund and keep the books as our gift!

Our “Women Teach Sex” series is the only proven foreplay guide that exists written by famous adult film stars for guys that want to have a more confident and fulfilling sex life.

Here’s what you’ll discover…

  • Secret Step By Step Techniques to Turn Women On used by todays Adult Film Stars.
  • Various sexual acts that drive women crazy making them beg you for sex.
  • The “What, When, Why and How’s” of becoming a SEX GOD.
  • Proven Techniques to get any woman to sexually explore and try anything!

Here’s what you must do…

  • Keep every girl sexually satisfied and getting laid on a regular basis!
  • Make girls want to have mind-blowing sex with you all the time!
  • Say goodbye forever to those lonely crappy nights you’ve spent “jerking off”!
  • Talk to every woman you want to have sex with confidently and being with her!

Chill out because our product DOESN’T REQUIRE…

  • Expensive magic sex pills that cost you hundreds monthly and drain your bank account.
  • Crazy so called sex “pheromones” that turn women on.
  • Hours of tiresome practice and trial before perfecting the techniques.
  • Spending hundreds out of your hard earned paycheck just to be good at sex.
  • Annoying credit card charges that continuously show up after making an initial purchase.

Have you been thinking of sex regularly without getting any action?

Thinking About Sex

Do you want hot girls like this calling you to have sex because you’re so good in bed?

Hot Girls

Trust us…You CAN get laid EVERY night just like this guy.

Girls Teach Sex

Any more questions? Good, then let our teachers show you the way!

Girls Teach Sex

Utilizing the techniques and tips laid out here will get you to the place you truly desire to be. Here are the products that you need in order to get there. You can enjoy them instantly with the click of a button!

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Foreplay Methods

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Product # 2:

Going Down Master

Girls love oral just as much as guys do. Become the master of going down and she will never forget it. We teach how to go down and give her the ultimate oral pleasure possible.

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Product # 3:

Rear Entry Approach

When it comes to doing it in the rear many girls deny you here. Not anymore…with our methods and tips she’ll be begging for you to put it in the backdoor every time.

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But that’s not it…since we love giving so much, as a gift you will also receive:

BONUS #1: Attraction Expert ($27 Value)

attraction book

BONUS #2: Between The Sheets ($24 Value)

sheets book

BONUS #3: The Orgasm Report ($12 Value)

orgasm book

This adds up to a total package value of $177!

So, Janessa, what ya gonna hit me for to become a “sex god” and own the “Women Teach Sex” package?

Well, the average frustrated guy will spend approximately $300 a month in a better sex program. That’s a $3,600 a year expense and that’s a lot of money to spend! Not to mention all of the health risks and harmful dangers they are exposing themselves to at the same time.

The reason I have priced this product so well is because there are literally MILLIONS of individuals out there whom are just not sexually satisfied at all. This package deal will lead each and every one of you unsatisfied individuals to “SEX-cess”!

You won’t need to invest $3,600 in this program! You won’t even need to invest $150!

Our product is not priced at $97 nor $67 but at an INCREDIBLY LOW $29.95! That gets you everything in our package too! All it takes is just a single one-time payment and you get instant access to it all!

We are confident that you will love our package deal so much, that we are even willing to let you try it for 60 days at no risk, today! Your personal life enhancement will cost you less than $0.67/day to invest in a better sex life if you purchase it through our “Invest In Yourself” Program Offer. That’s how confident we are and it doesn’t get any better than that!

There are so many sex secrets that you would never know existed. These are in fact the very reason why guys these days don’t get laid as much as they should. It’s because they don’t know what they are and they think they are doing the right things in bed when in fact it’s making the sex worse. Don’t be that guy anymore…learn how to make her orgasm for she doesn’t have to fake it!

It’s true…guys are addicted to sex. However, give a woman the orgasm of her life and she will be addicted to sex too! The best part is she will be addicted to having sex with you!

If you don’t believe us then see for yourself. Pick up a copy of our guides and try out our proven tips. If you are not satisfied with them let us know and we will give you your money back with no questions asked! It’s as simple as that really! What if you don’t find the answers you are looking for? Well, this will never happen because we will get all your questions answered always! Do you have specific questions you need answered or sexy situations or scenarios you need covered by one of us girls? Well, just simply ask us away and we will answer. This is for you. To make your sex life better! We are here to help!

Still not convinced? Here is some more reassurance for you! Keep reading below!

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Get to workin’ her right now!

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You are now on your way to becoming a sex guru. We appreciate you stopping by and congrats for taking the first step toward a better sex life!


Janessa & The Girls

P.S. We will even answer specific questions all customers send us personally. 🙂 We want you to be a pro and the best when it comes to getting laid and doing it right! Share this with your friends if you dare!