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Nitsova Personal Finance Web App

Nitsova Personal Finance Web App
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What diffrentiates those who became financially free from everyone else?

Those who achieved success understand that it’s not only about earning more and diversifying thier income streams.

It’s actually about:

1- Adopting a savings mindset.

2- And using a reliable web app such as Nitsova.

That’s definitely the foundation for reaching your goal.

Think about it for a minute:

How can you build assets if you don’t know exactly how much money you are spending, how often and where you are spending it?

How can you become successful if you don’t understand your spending habits, identify issues and fix them?

Nitsova automatically generates lots of data to let you manage and plan your financials effortlessly.

It litterally takes care of everything for you.

Just get into the habit of saving each transaction on the go and watch the magic happen. That’s it.

It takes a few seconds to save an expense or income transaction (using a smartphone, laptop or any device).

It’s even faster than sending a text message.



It really is important to keep track of how you are spending your money. It is the first step to understanding how you are managing your money, and to taking control of your finances. It may seem like a lot of work when you first begin, but you can make it as simple by using our software.

Tracking Expenses Creates Financial Awareness

The real reason you track your expenses is to create financial awareness. If you don’t know where your money goes or how you spend it, you won’t know what habits you can change in order to make your money work for you. Even your small daily expenses can make you blow your budget. Those who become millionaires are aware of the money that they make and that they spend. True wealth is built as you spend less than you make and to do that you need to know what you are spending. If you want to build wealth, then you need to stop wasting money.

It Also Helps Identify Spending Issues

Tracking your spending can help you identify serious spending issues. You can also see if your spending matched your priorities. It is easier to make changes when you realize that you are not reaching your financial goals because you eat out every night. Tracking your spending allows you to see where your money is really going. It is essential if you want to understand your financial habits and make changes to them. It can help you realize when you need to stop spending, so you do not end up with a financial hangover.

Stick to Your Budget

It is also essential when you are trying to budget. If you do not track your money, then you will not know when to stop spending in a category. it does not need to take very much time each day, but if you consistently track your expenses, you will be able to get out of debt and make the necessary changes to finances. This will allow you to begin to build wealth and go after the things that you want out of life.

Identify Where & When You Overspend

When you overspend in a few categories, it can be tempting to stop and then try again next month. It is important to continue to track throughout the month so you can identify what you need to change and by how much. A budget is something that evolves over time to help you meet your needs and goals. Recognizing that you are overspending consistently in one area can help you know if you need to increase that category and cut in other areas.

Awareness of Fraud of Unknown Charges

If someone doesn’t bother to keep track of their spending, their bank accounts, or credit card statements, they could be getting fraudulent charges and not even know it. It’s painful to see hard earned money lost or stolen, and it can cause lots of problems or even bankruptcy.

There is also the possibility of overlooking double charges, auto-pay charges, and sometimes not being charged as usual. Keeping track of expenses and financial information means a person will always be aware of where their money is and what’s happening with it, so anything unexpected is dealt with quickly, and is much easier to handle.

It’s The Best Way to Set and Meet Goals

When someone knows where their money is going and has a handle on their finances, they can start setting financial goals. Such as a goal to put away specific amounts each week or month, or have a certain number saved by the end of the year. If someone wanted to buy a new car in 2 years, knowing they need 10,000 dollars, they would have to save at least 420 dollars every month.

That being said, in order for someone to know if they can put away that much each month, they also need to know what all of their other expenses are and if they need the money somewhere else instead.

Take Control

If you have not noticed yet, keeping track of financial expenses can do a lot for those willing to spend a little time with it. You don’t have to be a math genius or a penny-pincher to make it work for you.

It can stop the spending impulses, remove needless purchases, force someone to focus on what their money is worth, help anyone from going into debt, and most of all it makes managing money easier and allows a person to be in total control of their finances and their financial future.


Tracking your expenses daily can save you money, but it can also help you set financial goals for the future. If you know exactly where your money is going every month, you can easily see where some cutbacks and compromises can be made. It will also give you a good outlook on your spending habits and those impulse buys will stick out like little red flags.


Here are some great tips on how to keep track of your expenses:

Our software is accessible from everywhere, from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone).

So if you have a Smartphone, you can create a shrotcut to it and make sure you enter every single transaction on the go.

Keep receipts from ALL of your purchases. Refer to your checkbook, online banking, ATM/debit receipts, bank statements, credit card statements, and other bills you may have.

Record every purchase, regardless of the amount spent. Remember the little things like that daily latte can really add up!

The software is able to calculate totals and generate reports automatically.

Organization is the key to staying on top of your daily spending!


Nitsova is a powerful online software that allows you to keep track of your income and expenses.

You can manage your budget and generate reports with a click of a button.

It is easy-to-use and it has an intuitive interface.

It is fully responsive, so you can access it with a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.

No ads on the website or in the app.

No need to connect any of your bank accounts.