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Privacy Bible: How To Escape All Surveillance

Privacy Bible: How To Escape All Surveillance
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According to Edward Snowden (and Others):

You Are Under Electronic Surveillance

  • Your emails are being intercepted and stored in databases.

  • When your emails are not intercepted, most if not all American email provides, free and paid, may submit all your email’s contents to the powers that be without a court order. 
  • Window 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 may send your every keystroke to Microsoft and other entities. Some experts claim that when you disable data telemetry, this behavior continues anyway. 
  • Your phone conversations are likely recorded and stored in powers that be databases.
  • Your location is being tracked 24/7 by monitoring of your smartphone’s location. 
  • The proximity of your cell phone to other phones and devices is recorded and analyzed to determine whom your friends, family, associates and sex partners are.

Warning No. 2: Most Privacy Solutions Trusted By The Masses May Be Hoaxes

Here Is Just One Of Many Examples Revealed In Privacy Bible

The VPN Conspiracy

VPN is a widely trusted privacy solution that allegedly hides your IP address. However, most VPN does not hide your IP address as they are subject to VPN leaks and DNS leaks, both of which expose your IP address and allow your ISP and other to at least log the all the websites you visit. This defeats the whole purpose of using VPN. VPN also encrypts your data to hide your activities from your ISP. However, the vast majority of companies operating virtual private networks rely on third-party ISPs, and these ISPs may have no scruples about turning over a record of all your surfing activities to your government are law enforcement without due process. Especially if the third party ISP is located in any of the Fourteen Eyes nations of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Spain or Sweden. 

Now Read 3 Chapters Of Privacy Bible FREE Below To See If You Like It

The Privacy Bible: How To Escape All Surveillance


This Book provides simple solutions to all the above problems, made public by Edward Snowden and many other issues as well. 

My Privacy Knowledge Is Above Expert-Level

Considering the revelations of Edward Snowden, there is apparently a humongous conspiracy going on to take away all privacy from everyone worldwide. Numerous are the conspirators. 

Because I know that most of “The Experts” really are conspiracy insiders, I diligently scrutinize and test what they say and examine what their software programs are really doing behind our backs. I then use my above average intellect to create my own solutions and modify ineffective solutions presented by these entities until they are truly effective. Perhaps not all experts are conspiracy insiders. However, those that are not are more often than not too trusting of statements and software solutions presented by the insider experts to be discerning enough to scrutinize everything and think for themselves as necessary. They blindly support and give credit to the claims of the conspirators because the bad guys are wearing “Good” badges.  

My top-notch privacy solutions are in this book.

Chapter 1

Read This Entire Book Before You Start Using Any Of Its Privacy Advice

Each chapter of this book teaches you one of my many tricks to achieve a layer of privacy so that your communications and transactions on your phone or other devices can be carried out securely. The forces of anti-privacy are so formidable that you need many layers of privacy to avoid probably unconstitutional and/or illegal surveillance.  

Read ALL chapters before starting to apply any of the knowledge and decide how much privacy you need. Then, when you aim for that level of privacy, the effort won’t be wasted by not applying any additional layer of privacy you need to make that effort fail-safe. 

Otherwise, you could be like a bank robber that is smart enough to wear a paper bag over his head when doing a stickup but does not wear gloves and leave fingerprints all over the place. Or you could be like a woman who gets a new email account and set of ID to use stolen credit card numbers but gets busted because she did not know that her ISP records all websites she visits, allowing the authorities to quickly find out that she used the stolen cards. 

The above are dramatic illustrations to make my point. However, this book is not intended to assist criminal activity. There is an unnecessary or illegal surveillance epidemic worldwide, and this book offers education to combat this epidemic.

Chapter 3

How To End All Email Surveillance

Stop Email Interception, Retention and Sharing by Uninvited Entities

Step One: Don’t Use American Free or Paid Email Providers

Switch to foreign email providers. You need an email provider whose company and servers are both located overseas. It is possible for an offshore email provider to have servers in the US. In this case, all the powers that be have to do is go in and intimidate people where the servers are located to access your email (if they don’t already have access to your account). Conversely, it is possible for an American company to offer email service that is located offshore. In this case, all the powers that be have to do is go to the American company and harass people until they grant them access to your account – if they don’t already have a sinister information sharing arrangement. Therefore, both the company and its servers need to be offshore to protect your privacy. 

Here is a list of a few offshore email companies whose servers are also located offshore. 

Free Foreign Email Providers: – Belgium (Yellow alert country) – Czech Republic

Not totally in English. Requires very little guesswork, however, to sign up and use email accounts. – Germany (Red alert country) – Latvia – Switzerland – Russian Federation

Not totally in English. Requires considerable guesswork to sign up and use email accounts. 

Paid Foreign Email Providers: – Philippines – Switzerland – Hong Kong – Singapore – Netherlands (Orange alert country) – Switzerland

Step Two

Tell all your family, friends and business associates they need to get an offshore email account and give them a copy of the free version of this book as an email attachment. Then they’ll know where to go to get foreign email accounts, and they’ll also understand that it is imperative that they do. 

It will do you little or no good to have your email hosted offshore if most if not everyone you communicate with continues to use popular American email providers. 

The next step may be a bit too cumbersome for everyone to follow, so I have made it into Step 3, to make it sort of optional. However, Step 2, asking everyone you communicate with to stop using American email is essential! To make this easier, you can download the free version of the Privacy Bible at The free version presents several of the simplest and most straightforward solutions and is designed as a teaser to increase our sales and to assist you in the tasks of reducing the number of people you communicate with that allow you to be under continued surveillance: If the powers that be can’t read your email, what’s to stop them from just reading your family’s, friends’, associates’, business partners’, and lover’s/spouse’s emails and getting all the info they want about you anyway?

Step Three: Start Using VPN

When you visit a website using HTTPS (as opposed to HTTP), your surfing activities and emails are supposed to be encrypted. However, I have found conflicting information online as to whether the powers that be can decrypt HTTPS in real time or not. Moreover, there are different levels of security that various websites employ when you log in to your email and other services using HTTPS, and it is difficult to find out and track which sites use which level of encryption. 

Using VPN will not only shield your activities from your ISP and any criminal or PTB spy whom may be monitoring all communication going in and out of your ISP or your personal connection, VPN will also hide the identity of your real ISP from the foreign email providers and the websites you visit in the case of overseas PTB surveillance facilitated by hacking, backdoors or spyware. 

There are free and paid VPN services you can find online by searching for terms such as “Best VPN Services,” “Best Foreign VPN,” and the like.  

It’s probably best to search for and use Russian VPN. The use of VPN will make it much more difficult, but not impossible, for your communications to be traced and still more difficult for your communications to be monitored and modified in real time. 

Remember that just because a Russian or other feign VPN can provide you with a foreign VPN IP address, does not mean they are not a US or other Fourteen Eyes company. You must read information on the company’s website to ascertain such information and call them up and ask questions if you fail to find all of the information you need.

It is best to read the terms of service of any VPN provider you wish to sign up with and make sure they don’t retain any records of your surfing activities – preferably. Or if they do keep files, it is a minimal amount and only for a very short time. 

You should also make sure their terms of service doesn’t say that they can turn over your activities to law enforcement at their “sole discretion.” Who knows what they really mean by that? Because they are part of the surveillance network perhaps, and they consider anyone who wants privacy enough to use their service to be a suspicious person? 

Of Critical Importance

Read Chapter 15 – Web Browser & Profile Privacy for information on how to make sure you have no VPN or DNS leaks. Otherwise, even with the best VPN, your identity and activities may be at least partially visible through such leakage.  

Trying to get everyone you know to use offshore email will be a real pain. You can convince a few, but not your less thoughtful family members, friends, and associates. However, you can force them to communicate privately with you. All you have to do is click the link in Privacy Bible to make a donation to sponsor’s plan to eventually replace email by opening many secure messaging services overseas in countries that will not spy on you or submit your messages’ contents without a warrant. Here is how secure messaging can eventually replace email: You login to one of our secure messaging websites and write your message and enter the email address of the person you wish to talk to. Next, we send them an email, telling them that you value privacy too much to talk to them with all the insecurities and surveillance issues of using email and to read your message, they must click a link in the email to visit one of our secure messaging servers. They are then required to create an account and reply to any of your messages and send any new messages through the secure system. We’ll keep telling them when they log in how insecure and dangerous regular email is – especially in the US – and soon, many will ditch their email accounts altogether and just start using secure messaging.

Ready for Privacy?

Download Privacy Bible for Only $6.99. 


Here Is What You’re Missing If You Don’t Buy The Privacy Bible 

Section I

Getting The Most Out Of This Book

  • Chapter1: Read This Entire Book Before You Start Using Any Of Its Privacy Advice. [We showed you this chapter above]
  • Chapter 2: Beware Of The Fourteen Eyes: Did you know fourteen nation, lead by the US, UK, France, Canada and New Zealand, have set up a global surveillance network? It is dangerous to use VPN, proxies and other services for privacy produced by companies in these fourteen countries.  

Section II 

Email Privacy

  • Chapter 3: How To End All Email Surveillance: [We showed you this chapter above]

Section III

Phone Privacy

  • Chapter 4: How To Keep The Powers That Be From Monitoring, Recording And Storing Your Phone Conversation
  • Chapter 5: Stop 24/7 Tracking By Smartphone Location Monitoring
  • Chapter 6: Encrypt Your Smartphone
  • Chapter 7: Stop Associate Determination By Cellphone Proximity Analysts
  • Chapter 8: Beware of Fake Cell Towers

Section IV

Transaction Privacy

  • Chapter 9: Avoid Transaction Logging By Major Credit Card Companies
  • Chapter 10: How To Avoid Facial Recognition Software

Section V

Internet Privacy

  • Chapter 11: Instant Anonymous Internet
  • Chapter 12: Internet Privacy For All Operating Systems
  • Chapter 13: Beware of Persecutory Selective Updates
  • Chapter 14: Stop Laptop & Device Tracking
  • Chapter 15: Web Browser & Profile Privacy
  • Chapter 16: Privacy On Windows7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Chapter 17: Get Off Of The Cloud: Law enforcement does not need a warrant to access what you store on The Cloud
  • Chapter 18: Virtual Boxes And Cloud Desktops
  • Chapter 19: How To Stop Windows7, 8, 8.1 and 10 From Sending Your Every Keystroke To Microsoft And Hostile Entities
  • Chapter 20: Alternatives To Anti Virus Software
  • Chapter 21: Always Disable Auto Connect To The Internet Before You Start Or Restart Your Computer
  • Chapter 22: Stop Typing Biometrics
  • Chapter 23: Use Privatefirewall
  • Chapter 24: Blocking Your Firewall
  • Chapter 25: Don’t Use Tor, Use VPN
  • Chapter 26: Finding VPN You Can Trust
  • Chapter 27: Buy All Your Software And Internet Services Anonymously
  • Chapter 28: Privacy With Word Processors: Whey do they keep connecting to the internet for “updates” mostly when you save your work? We show you how to overcome this danger. 
  • Chapter 29: Private Software And OS Registrations And Updates
  • Chapter 30: Encrypting Your Data: Don’t use encryption programs with built-in backdoors. 

Section VI


  • Chapter 31: Do This To Make Sure You Have 100% Privacy

Are You Ready For Privacy? Download Privacy Bible for Only $6.99.