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Puppy House Training Secrets

Puppy House Training Secrets
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In just a matter of days, your new puppy (or adult dog) will be potty trained following easy-to-do steps!

End your frustration, strengthen your relationship with your puppy, and enjoy your fully potty trained puppy!

Your puppy house training WILL pay off, and your puppy will thank you.

  • If you just got your new puppy and don’t know where to begin with potty training
  • If your puppy house training isn’t going well with the techniques you are now using
  • If you have an older dog that is still not house trained
  • If you are getting angry at your new puppy for going potty in your house, and you are tired of cleaning up after them…
  • Or… If you feel you are at your breaking point, and are considering returning your puppy to the breeder or the pound because your house training has not seemed to work…

Don’t Give Up! Potty Training your Puppy CAN be done Quickly and Easily!

My name is Rick Delgado, and I am known as “The Pet Care Guy.” I own a dog walking and pet sitting business called The Woof Pack, and of course, these are the main services that I provide my clients. But, as a pet care professional, many of my clients have the same types of problems that you are having.

And, one problem clients are struggling with time and time again is potty training their puppy. Over the years I have helped a lot of clients house train their puppies. I thought to myself that if my clients are having this same problem, then there must be a lot of others out there having the same puppy potty training issues. So I thought to myself, “I want to help all of you too.”

That’s when I came up with the idea of writing out all that I know about potty training a puppy. Although I already know a lot about the subject, I still did some research, and I bought a lot of the other ebooks out there on puppy potty training. What I found is that a lot of the information products out there are not worth it.

Now, that’s not to say there isn’t any good information out there. There is, but, I have also included in “Puppy House Training Secrets – Quick and Easy” a whole lot more than what you would find in the other puppy potty training ebooks out there.

I’m also going to give you a full 60 days to read the book and use it with your puppy. I know, that if you truly use the tools and guidance that I give you, your puppy will easily be potty trained in just a few days, and you will be able to fully trust your puppy in your home as you continue to reinforce the potty training. Before your 60 days, if you don’t agree, just ask for a full refund.

I am accepting all the risk for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Just use this book and YOU WILL POTTY TRAIN YOUR PUPPY.

Before You Do Anything, Get Help With Potty Training Your Puppy, NOW!Plus, you will INSTANTLY receive a 73 page report teaching you the 6 Most Urgent Things to Teach your Puppy! (Value $49)

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Don’t Read any More, UNLESS You are Ready to Potty Train Your Puppy!

Your Puppy’s Potty Training Success Depends on You!

Whether you do choose this ebook, or any other training material you may find, one thing that most other sites will not tell you is that no matter what type of book or training you choose, your dog cannot learn by himself.

Your puppy depends on you to teach him all he will know, and this especially includes house training. When you do buy this book, you must take the time to read it, and to use it to teach your puppy.

When you do this for your puppy, he will learn quickly and you will be happy.

Others Love Puppy House Training Secrets

My Maltese puppy Benji came into our lives just recently. We love him [like a child], but we had heard from others that potty training a Maltese was very hard, and near impossible. We didn’t know where to begin for his potty training.

After searching all the online sites, we decided to get your book, after all, you are The Pet Care Guy. I was still thinking your book sounded too good to be true, but after 3 days Benji has learned quickly, and has learned how to ring a bell to tell me he needs to go outside to go potty! I couldn’t believe it, but I love it!

Thanks for saving me a ton of headaches!”

Nancy Fitzpatrick

You will learn many great house training techniques for your dog. Use them and you will be on your way to having a puppy that gets potty trained quickly!

  • Choose the right puppy potty training! Learn the different techniques for house training and which will work for you.
  • Potty training for the new puppy! Introduce your puppy to your home, when to start potty training, and your first night.
  • Schedules are all important! Feeding, playing, potty, training, and sleeping.
  • Training the older dog! Special considerations for house training the older dog.
  • Equipment you will need! What you really need for your potty training.
  • Dealing with common potty training problems! Learn how to deal with all issues you may face.
  • Much more! Learn everything in between.

I want to get started today!



Now, just $24.97!


No Risk! Take 60 days to decide, or return for a full refund.

What Others Say About “Quickly and Easily Potty Training Your Puppy”

Rick Delgado’s House Training Guide is the straight-forward, no-nonsense resource I was looking for. I so appreciated that it addresses potty training an older dog, because our 18 month-old Husky was still having occasional accidents.Rick’s explanations for why this could be happening, and how to work with her to finish the potty training job are simple and effective. I wish we’d had this guide when she was a puppy! Thanks, Richard.

Sue LaPointe

Port St. Lucie, FL

Rick, I just have to tell you about our adorable 12 week old puppy that we just rescued. Charlie is a cute little Miniature Pinscher. This is our first dog, and we were amazed that we saw results immediately!By the end of the first day that we had your book, he would go the the door and sit when he had to go potty. Your instructions and recommendations were easy to follow and very effective.

He was easy to house train. This was the best investment we have ever made! We are telling everyone we know about your potty training book. Feel free to post this testimonial.


Johnathan Moore & Charlie

Anaheim Hills, CA

Act NOW! Get in on a Special Deal I Have for You!

You MUST KEEP READING to find out what I have in store for you. You DO WANT to get in on this!!

Don’t delay. Get started potty training your puppy today!

While your ebook “Quickly and Easily Potty Train your Puppy” contains all that you need to fully house train your puppy, I want to make it so easy and quick for you and your dog, that I want to offer you a few more items that you are just going to LOVE!

Special Offer #1:

If you order in the next 15 minutes, I will include 3 weeks of UNLIMITED email support for your puppy potty training.Don’t pass up this OUTRAGEOUS gift!

At least $1300 Value!

Special Offer #2

I am also giving you a Bonus PDF report where I teach you how to Train your puppy to go into his crate… ON COMMAND!

Not only will make your puppy house training easier, but it will be a lifelong skill for your puppy.

$40 Value!

Special Offer #3

I am giving you a Puppy House Training Diary to help you keep track of your puppy’s progress and to easily establish your puppy’s routine. This is a MUST for your potty training.

$20 Value

Let me tell you a little more about these bonuses, because I want you to understand just how valuable these will be for you.

Bonus #1: 3 Weeks of Unlimited Email Support. This will be absolutely invaluable to you! Understand this. I know this book will be so valuable to you. I tell you everything you need to know to potty train your puppy.But, you are just learning. You WILL have questions. It’s only natural when you are learning something new to get stuck on something. And, when you get stuck, you may get frustrated, and your brain just may not see the answer in the book.

When you need help, who do you turn to? Turn to me. Use this 3 weeks of unlimited email support to ask me your question and get the help you need.

Bonus #2: Free PDF to Train Your Puppy to go into the Dog Crate on Command. Probably the single most important thing you will teach your puppy! This will make your potty training 1000% easier and more successful than not using a crate, and will serve you and your puppy for the rest of his life.

Do not underestimate the importance of crate training. I teach you about this in the book, and this free PDF will help you get him into his crate on command. No shoving him in and shutting the door. No fighting your puppy to get him in. Make his crate his safe haven where he wants to go voluntarily.

Bonus #3: Puppy House Training Diary. This diary will be a great help for you to keep your puppy on a schedule. One of the keys of success for your puppy is keeping him on a schedule. Use this diary faithfully, and you will be miles ahead of someone who doesn’t use it.

Here is what you get:

  • Important point #1 – Get your puppy house trained in a matter of days!
  • Important point #2Have your puppy TELL YOU when he needs to go potty!
  • Important point #3 – Form a strong relationship with your dog!
  • Important point #4Go to work and not worry about your puppy having an accident!
  • Important point #5 – Get your puppy on a schedule that works for YOU!
  • Important point #6Teach your puppy to go into his crate ON COMMAND!
  • Important point #7 – Finally potty train your older dog!
  • Important point #8Teach your puppy to go potty ON COMMAND!
  • Important point #9 – Keep a diary of your puppy’s progress to speed up the house training process!
  • Important point #10Learn how to handle ANY potty training problem you come across!
  • Important point #11 – Have a happy dog!
  • Important point #12 – $1360 in BONUSES!
  • Important point #1360 Day Money Back Guarantee!

BUY YOUR EBOOK NOW, and in the next 15 minutes you will find out how you can quickly and easily potty train your puppy!

I want to get started today!



Now, just $24.97!


No Risk! Take 60 days to decide, or return for a full refund.

Best Regards,

Rick Delgado

The Pet Care Guy

Puppy House Training Secrets

P.S. Don’t forget! Order right now and get your copy of Quick and Easy Puppy Potty Training!!
P.P.S.You have 60 Days to use this book. If your not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund. No risk to you!


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