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Hey fellow punters!

Ian Sutton and Rob Morris here from Raceonomics and we want to give you exactly what you came here looking for…

…an edge over the bookies!

Me and Rob met back in our university days and spent many hours and late nights combining our betting approaches to the next days racing.

We have been working together ever since.

In 2016 we developed an algorithm we refer to as Raceonomics and have been tweaking it year on year.

2017 saw us put our money behind the service and walk away from the bookies with a combined £72,540 profit. (£36,000 each)

2018 saw us both clear £60,000 taking the combined profit of £120,000

Further tweaks have seen profits increase and with us adding members to the service the total earnings for 2019 is fast approaching 7 figures for total earnings from combined profit/loss from us and our members.

Our increase in profits have come form a combination of increasing our stakes and tweaking the algorithm to give more profitable results.

So what is the Raceonomics Algorithm?

This is much more than a equation for picking out the best horse in a race, this algorithm picks the most profitable bets to place on a given day.

This is a results driven formula based on maximising profit and reducing losses through precision selection.

It may select a winner in a race but after checking the odds it may discard an odds on favourite in favour of another selection which will return more profit.

It may tell us that there are no worthwhile bets to place that day.

It may tell us to back horses at 50/1.

The goal is always the same, maximise profits, reduce losses and lost bets, every single day.

The Raceonomics Algorithm has selected horses that return a profit 84.7% of the time.

Picking the right horse to back is only half of the puzzle…

The algorithm picks out its selections based on profitability, this means placing different bets on the selection.

So it will give us a % stake to place against the win and a % stake to place against the place markets.

Look at a few selected highlights from last week…

  • 25/11 Kempton Park (3:10) Mthabir (10% Win / 90% Place)
  • 25/11 Chelmsford City (6:30) Atwaar (30% Win / 70% Place)

    Muthabir placed 3rd in the race at 12.0 place odds

    – Atwaar won at 15.03 BSP with place odds of 3.54

  • 27/11 Hereford (12:30) Pemberley (50% win / 50% place)

    Pemberley won at 5.5 BSP with place odds of 2.06

  • 28/11 Lingfield Park (1:55) Mr Scaramanga (10 Win / 90% Place)
  • 28/11 Ffos Las (2:05) Air Horse One (100% Win)
  • 28/11 Chelmsford City (6:00) Samphire Coast (40% Win / 60% Place)

    Mr Scaramanaga placed 3rd at 5.26 place odds

    – Air Horse One won at 2.72 BSP

    – Samphire Coast won at 7.8 BSP and placed at 2.79

  • 29/11 Kempton Park (6:00) Polybius (35% Win / 65% Place)

    Polybius won at 25.79 BSP with place odds of 6.4

  • 30/11 Lingfield Park (12:30) Roman Spinner (60% Win / 40% Place)
  • 30/11 Newbury (2:25) Epatante (60% Win / 40% Place)

    Roman Spinner won at 6.34 BSP with place odds of 2.34

    – Epatante won at 4.7 BSP with place odds of 2.28

Those were the highlights, a few other returns at the lower end of the spectrum were backed too but as you can see in just a week Raceonomics hits high levels of accuracy with odds for winners as high as 25.79

*BSP stands for Betfair Starting Price as is used for all our profit/loss calculations as its a price that everyone can get on the selections no matter what time you place your bets.

The algorithm is not perfect, some selections do end up losing money but big picture this has out performed any tipster we have been a member of or any other approach we have tried in over 10 years of betting on the horses.

Profits for 2019 currently stand at 957.83pts (as at 30th November)

That’s an average of 87.07pts per month over an 11 month period in 2019.

In cash terms that’s…

  • £870.70 per month or £9,578.30 in 11 months betting to £10 per point
  • £2,176.75 per month or £23,945.75 in 11 months betting to £25 per point
  • £4,353.50 per month or £47,891.50 in 11 months betting to £50 per point
  • £8,707 per month or £95,783.00 in 11 months betting to £100 per point

Here’s what you need to know…

Join today as a member and you will be able to take a risk free 60 day trial of Raceonomics.

What you will get is access to the selections and bet break down every day.

You DO NOT get access to any software, just the selections and bets that the algorithm suggests.

How much would you pay for over 87pts profit per month at Betfair SP?

Don’t worry, this will not cost more than £1 per day.

We charge £30 per month or £297 for an annual subscription.

But if you join today we’ll knock 50% off the lowest price available and offer you 60 days for just £24.75!

We also offer a 60 day money back guarantee so you can profit from Raceonomics for a full 60 days before deciding if you want your money back or not.

60 days would expect to make over 170pts profit, so even £10 staking would see £1,700 profit through your trial period.

This is a real no brainer.

  • 84.7% profitable bets
  • Over £1,700 profit to £10 bets in the next 60 days

AND…you get to see it all for yourself RISK FREE!!

Click below to start your 60 day Raceonomics full access trial.

Without a shadow of doubt this is one of the best BIG payout services out there…well it is for us and our clients ….The bookmakers can’t stand it!

Write to me at if you have any questions

Here’s to more winning


Ian Sutton & Rob Morris – The Raceonomics Team