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The Freelance Profit Academy Membership For Freelance Writers

The Freelance Profit Academy Membership For Freelance Writers
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You are getting: 8-Week Success Bootcamp | Members-Only job board

Private community | Monthly training events

Bonus: 6-Figure Freelance Writer Interviews

Everything You’ve Been Told

About Freelance Writing…

If you’re not making a full-time income as a freelance writer, then
it’s time you knew the truth. It’s time you knew what’s really holding you back and what six-figure freelance writers know that you don’t.

And I Guarantee, It’s Not About Being

A “Good Writer”

If you can write –
even at an average level – then you already have what it takes to quit your day job and make an incredible income as a freelance writer.

Today, I’m going to reveal the
real reason so many writers fail to make the six-figure income they deserve…

…and how you can
finally start attracting long-term clients and high-paying writing assignments within just hours from now.

…and over the past decade, I’ve seen what it truly takes to become a successful freelance writer.

Starting from scratch with no experience, no contacts and no clue where to begin, I clawed my way to the top to become a six-figure freelance writer.

But don’t worry.

You don’t have to spend years figuring this stuff out like I did because today, I’m going to share the real secrets to success that I’ve had to figure out the hard way.

I’m going to show you

how to get started, how to find high-paying clients and jobs, and ultimately, how to run a successful freelance business from anywhere in the world.

(Plus, if you already have some writing experience, I’ll show you how to scale your freelancing business to a six-figure income too.)

But first, there’s an important issue I want to address, and that is…

Really Stopping You From Becoming

A Well-Paid, In-Demand Freelance Writer?

You’re likely here right now because you enjoy writing and you like the idea of working for yourself and having freedom over your own time. You may be dreaming of quitting your day job, becoming your own boss, and earning great money as a freelance writer.

But You’re Struggling To Get Started…

Becoming a freelance writer – and I mean the kind of writer who earns enough money to quit their day job – is probably harder than you thought.

Tell me if any of these
4 things sound familiar…

#1 You can’t find any work

This is one of the most common obstacles most aspiring freelance writers face.

Well, what if I told you that there were
dozens of jobs that you could apply for – and win –
every single day?

I know it doesn’t seem that way right now, but I promise that once you know where to look, (and it’s not always on the freelancing websites) you’ll
never worry about finding daily work again.

It’s easy to think there’s no work out there or that all the best jobs are always snatched up by experienced writers, or that nobody wants to pay you more than 5 cents per word.

But I promise,
that’s simply not true.

Right now, freelance writers are in
BIG demand and that

trend is only increasing.

Why? Becasue every business needs a webisite (heck, I’ve even seen

household pets
with their own webstires).

And you know what that means?

That means there’s a virtually unlimited number of people who need help with their website content.

From ecommerce store owners, to bloggers, to business coaches, and even other freelance writers…

…there are millions of people and businesses that need content…
…not just today, but every single month.

Again, you just need to know where to look. Or better yet, let somebody else find the work for you (more on that in a second).

But, let’s look at what else could be holding you back…

#2 You’re worried that you’re not “good enough” as a writer

I think most writers feel this way at some point.

But I guarantee, you can make a
small fortune as a freelance writer, even if you have
no previous experience and even if you’re an “average” writer.

Take me, for example. I don’t have a journalism degree. I didn’t study literature. And frankly, I’ll never be an award-winning writer.

And when I started freelancing nearly 10 years ago, I certainly didn’t have any previous experience or business savvy.

Yet, here I am today, looking back at an incredible 10-year freelance writing

career that shows no signs of slowing down.

I’m not saying this to show off, but to prove to you that even if you have an average writing ability, you can make a very nice living from freelance writing.

Okay, next up

#3 You don’t feel confident

You’re worried about approaching new clients, staying focused, meeting deadlines, or raising your rates. All of these worries create fear that stops you in your tracks.

I felt this way too when I first started freelancing.

But you know what helped me overcome all of that?

One word:


I figured out the best system for overcoming
every hurdle that stood in my way

A system for improving my writing skills.
A system for knowing when and how to charge more.
A system for managing deadlines and staying focused.
A system for approaching clients and winning jobs.

When you have the
right systems in place, you can simply follow a script – or a process – to get results, day after day. I’ll show you the systems I’ve developed over the past
10 years to win high-paying jobs consistently, and attract awesome clients who keep coming back for more.

And that brings us to our third and final roadblock…

#4 You don’t know where to begin

Right now you probably feel lost, confused, frustrated, overwhelmed and maybe a little scared to start freelancing if you are new to this, particularly if you’re thinking about quitting your day job, and if you have a family to feed.

And I don’t blame you. After all, there’s just
way too much confusing and conflicting advice out there, mostly from people who have never made a single dime from freelance writing in their lives.

But that ends today because I’m going to show you…

How To SMASH DOWN These Roadblocks

Finally Become The Well-Paid

Freelancer That You Deserve To Be…

To succeed as a freelance writer

…there’s a hard way, and an easy way.

For me, I was forced to take the


YEARS learning from blog posts, books, and expensive seminars…

trying to figure out the secrets to success as a freelance writer.

And although it was worth every drop of sweat, I don’t recommend you take that route, unless you have a lot of patience and years to spare.


I’m Going To Show You A Much


Way To Start Making Money As A

Freelance Writer

Look, I’m not here to brag, but there’s a reason why I made

over $100,000
from freelancing last year when so many other writers – who are twice the writer I’ll ever be – struggled to pay their rent.

And it’s because I have proven

in place…

…systems that have taken me years to figure out and fine-tune.

…systems that eliminate the same roadblocks you’re facing right now.

And today I’m sharing with you every single system, tool and shortcut I’ve developed…so you don’t have to.

And they’re all waiting for you inside…

The Freelance Profit Academy (FPA) contains all of my hard-won secrets and systems along with ongoing coaching and support, all designed to help you become a five or even 
six-figure-per-year freelance writer
in the shortest time possible.

And I GUARANTEE that within the next 8 weeks, you’ll be able to use the top secret tools and systems inside my Freelance Profit Academy to launch your own successful freelance writing career from home, or it’s FREE.

I know that sounds like a big promise, but I also know that FPA is second-to-none, and it is…

“Nothing short of amazing”

What Maggie teaches is nothing short of amazing, making it all seem doable, including finding work, avoiding scams, and, of course, getting paid.

Deirdre Brennan | New York, NY

Here’s What’s Inside…

From the moment you join the Freelance Profit Academy, you’ll get access to
everything I know and use to make six figures per year as a freelance writer.

These are things that have taken me almost a
decade of blood, sweat and tears to figure out the hard way, so you don’t have to.

Starting with my flagship…

Based on my original book and my most popular training programs over the past few years, the
8-Week Success Bootcamp is packed with nearly
70 in-depth, over-the-shoulder videos, revealing every secret, shortcut, trick and tip to quickly take you from total rookie to running a successful freelance writing business from home.

Let’s take a closer look inside…

Week 1 | The Success Launch Pad

Week 1 is all about setting up a
rock-solid foundation for success… everything from workspace setup, to time management, to work/life balance, to the “boring” but necessary stuff like client agreements, accounting and taxes. By getting all of this going in the beginning, you’ll give yourself a
springboard for locking in great clients and jobs and ramping up your income quickly (all of which we cover later in the course).

We’ll cover:

  • 5 ways to make money as a freelance writer
  • How to approach freelance writing as a business (not just a hobby)
  • Creating a productive work-at-home environment
  • Simple mind-set “hacks” to stay focused and get stuff done
  • A 5-step, realistic goal-setting trick every writer should know
  • Calculating your business expenses (and why it’s a critical first step before finding clients)
  • How to truly calculate your hourly rate (and it has nothing to do with what you or what your client thinks you’re worth)
  • How to create a “fluid” rate and why you need one and when to use it
  • How I divide my daily hours to make sure I get paid and grow my business (and why those that don’t do this are destined for failure)
  • A simple way to create a business plan so you can stay on track and achieve your income goals easily
  • My kick-butt time-management system that ensures I get stuff done, keep happy clients, grow my business, and have a healthy social life (including specific free tools I use to speed things up)
  • How to write more in less time and avoid burnout with 3 simple tricks I was lucky enough to learn early in my career
  • NDAs, taxes, accounting, and all that stuff you must do to avoid costly legal battles and enemies at the tax office
  • How to protect your physical and mental health, avoid burnout and keep sharp in your career
  • My “alternative outsourcing” trick to get you ahead of the game when things start to get too busy

Week 2 | Let’s Get Visible

In week 2, we’ll get “down and dirty” with some
simple but highly effective marketing tactics to get your name out there and start attracting great clients.

You’ll discover:

  • The most essential places to be, and be seen online, to build your presence and get in front of your perfect clients…
    for free
  • An in-depth guide to creating a professional website that positions you in the best possible way including choosing a domain name, “tech-free” website creation tools, putting together your website layout and essential pages, understanding persuasion and influence tricks, and other tips for creating a client-attracting website
  • The 3 biggest and best websites to grow your presence and attract clients for free, starting tonight

Week 3 | Let’s Get Visible

By raising your writing game, you’ll be able to attract
bigger pay checks, better clients, great testimonials and a whole bunch of referrals. In week 3, we’ll cover the essential strategies for getting good at writing and creating a name for yourself.

You’ll discover:

  • The 13 common grammatical errors that give writers a bad reputation and ensure they don’t get hired again (and how to fix them fast)
  • 11 simple fixes to improve your writing style, impress clients, and raise your prices
  • 7 types of writing gigs that you can become a specialist in, and earn more money as a result
  • An in-depth guide to online research (the real secret sauce to becoming a darn good writer who stands out from the herd and who is worth

Week 4 | Getting Clients

In week 4, you’ll learn exactly how to attract
all the clients and work you’ll EVER need, and
then some. I’ll show you the best places to find clients, how to avoid scams, and tips for beating the competition and winning the best jobs (including what to say and how much to charge).

Heres what you’ll discover:

  • How to find quality jobs on Craigslist (and easily avoid the scams)
  • Free tools to automate your Craigslist job searches
  • Little-known places to find fantastic job opportunities on Craigslist that most writers always overlook
  • How to post an effective Craigslist ad that gets seen and filters out the time-wasters
  • How to quickly vet clients who approach you on Craigslist so you avoid fraudsters from day one
  • A simple trick to get fresh job opportunities delivered to your inbox, for free (and be the first to apply before the masses rush in)
  • Dozens of little-known, legit and high-quality job resources for writers that you can tap into tonight (without the usual competition from freelance bidding websites)
  • The 7 biggest job opportunity scams to avoid so you never get burned out wasting precious time, energy and money
  • My 4-step system for replying to job ads that can dramatically boost your chances of getting hired (including real-life examples and templates)
  • Should you quote an hourly fee or a fixed fee? The truth might surprise you, and I reveal all!
  • The only 2 times you should lower your rates when applying for jobs and why
  • Should you offer rewrites? If so, how many? And should they be free? Find out inside!

Week 5 | Tripling Your Income As A Specialist Writer

In week 5, you’ll learn all about the
biggest secret to success as a freelance writer, and also get step-by-step instructions and examples. You’ll also discover the
#1 golden opportunity for freelance writers and how you can exploit it to earn
hundreds of dollars
per day

You’ll discover:

  • The 3 golden rules and 4 simple questions to finding your specialist subject
  • The biggest mistake when choosing your specialist subject that will literally make the difference between a 5 and 6-figure-per-year income (plus a detailed strategy for avoiding this mistake from day one)
  • A 7-step process for branding yourself as a specialist writer and attracting higher-paying clients from all around the world
  • How to further specialize your skills to truly stand out in your field, with 10 real-life examples you can use today
  • The BIGGEST specialist opportunity to make insane money as a freelance writer, and why it pays so well

Week 6 | Autopilot Clients

In week 6, we’ll ramp up your marketing to create an

endless stream of clients who
already want to hire you
, before you even talk to them.

Heres what you’ll discover:

  • The 4 things you must have to become a respected, “seen everywhere” freelance writer that clients can’t ignore
  • The #1 FREE client-getting strategy that most freelance writers ignore (and it’s much more reliable and effective than relying on word-of-mouth referrals) – INCLUDING an in-depth, step-by-step training session to set this up fast
  • A highly detailed, step-by-step plan of action to attract clients on Facebook all day long, for free
  • A step-by-step strategy to attract clients on Twitter for free (including a few secret free tools that will make your life so much easier)
  • Another highly detailed plan of action to attract clients on LinkedIn for free

Week 7 | How To Find (And Keep) Higher Paying Clients

In week 7, I’ll reveal how to create a captivating pitch that wins more clients, how to develop a practically
unbreakable bond with your best clients, how to price competitively without getting ripped off, how and when to raise your rates, how to earn more per client, and the secret places to find top-paying clients online.

You’ll discover:

  • The real difference between a good client and a bad one (and 6 signs that allow you to spot problem clients before you ever waste a second working for them)
  • 10 places to find higher paying clients that most freelance writers overlook
  • A simple strategy to pitch higher paying clients and win the job (even if they’re not looking to hire you!)
  • An actual email template you can use to send to potential clients and land high-paying gigs tonight
  • How to move into the six-figure realm of freelance writing by charging your clients more, without them flinching or backing down
  • How to create professional job/project proposals for high-end clients so you don’t get screwed
  • A freelance writer agreement you can swipe to use for your own business to protect you from legal troubles and ensure you get paid
  • How to create professional invoices to send to clients
  • The tool I personally use to track time, manage invoices and make my tax returns so much easier
  • How to interact with clients professionally to gain respect and ensure the job gets done to their exact specifications (and one of the biggest mistakes a lot of freelancers make when talking to clients that could seriously damage your business)
  • The 10 things you must do to make sure each client keeps coming back for more
  • A couple of simple tricks to land work with old clients who have fallen off your radar (this is super important if work ever dries up, which does happen even to the best of us!)

Week 8 | Quitting Your Day Job And Scaling To Six Figures

In this final week, I’ll give you a
proven plan to help you fully transition from your old 9-5-day job to a lucrative freelance writing career,
without ever looking back. I’ll show you how to cement your reputation as an in-demand writer, how to have clients lined up around the block at all times, and how to ensure you never worry again where your next paycheck comes from.

Heres what you’ll discover:

  • A quick review of everything covered over the past 8 weeks
  • A 4-step action plan to put everything into motion and eliminate any lingering doubts or fears (if you haven’t already!)
  • 7 ways to earn even more money from your work, including passive income opportunities!
  • How to ensure your success after the training is complete and your “training wheels” are taken off!

That’s A
Total Value Of $1,132 Worth Of Video

Training That’s Been Carefully Designed To Move

You Along The Optimal Path To Success As A

Freelance Writer…

In addition to the step-by-step videos, we’ve included additional resources to enrich your learning experience and help make it as easy as possible for you to absorb and apply everything that you learn, including:

#1: Video Transcriptions: Every single video is transcribed into written format so that you can read the content if you prefer.

#2: Ready-Made Templates: A variety of plug-and-play templates such as our “cut-n-paste” email templates for approaching and interacting with clients, and many more.

#3: Worksheets: Helpful fill-in-the-blank worksheets to give structure to what you just learned and help deepen your understanding and enhance your ability to execute the material.

#4: Action Plans: Specific action steps to follow after each Module so that you’re never left wondering what to do next.

#5: Graduation Packet: At the end of the Freelance Profit Academy training, you’ll also receive a “Graduation Packet” that will give you guidance on using your newfound skills to apply in the real world so you can keep growing your business and your income long after you graduate.

Easy guidelines and structures, and always there to answer questions

“After going through Maggie’s Freelance Writing training, I am confident to try out what I have always wanted to, for many years. I have always dreamed of being able to provide extra support for my family but never had anyone or anything to encourage me. I’ve always wanted to find something which is truly effective and most of all, something I really enjoy.  I now have easy guidelines and structures on how to freelance, and for me, this is fundamental. Plus, when I need help, Maggie is always ready to answer. That convinced me that this training isn’t a gimmick.”

But We’re Not Done Yet…

Here’s What Else You’re Getting Inside

The Freelance Profit Academy…


Members-Only Job Opportunities

This amazing tool ensures you’re
never at a lack for quality job opportunities again.

The fact is, there are thousands of freelance writing jobs out there scattered across hundreds of online job boards.

Not only are there way too many jobs to choose from, but it can also be difficult to know which ones are legit and high-paying vs. those that are low-quality jobs or just downright scams.

You can easily waste
hours every single day trying to wade through everything and figure this all out.

Fortunately, we do all this hard work for you at the Freelance Profit Academy.

Every single day, my team scours
hundreds of jobs across the Internet, hand-picks only the
best opportunities out there, and posts them to your account.

This means that you’ll
never again waste your time on low-quality assignments or scams ever again.

Total value = $149

Thriving Support Community

Our private forum is packed full of writers at all levels, and it is where you’ll go to
get practical help and moral support from fellow writers, if you ever need it.

You’ll finally have a place to hang out with people that “get it.” Whether you want to make new friends, collaborate with others, or just get a quick pick-me-up, you’ll love being part of this
living, breathing community of like-minded people.

You’ll also find me, Maggie Linders, and several other successful writers and editors in the forum, on standby,
ready to help you smash through
any roadblocks that try to block your path to a successful freelance writing career.

  • Get feedback on your work
  • Get advice on your taxes
  • Get inspiration from other writers>
  • Find an accountability partner

Total value = $49

Monthly Training Events

Each month, we run
exclusive training events and hangouts where we get you up to date on what’s working, what’s not working and
where the next big opportunities are in the world of freelance writing. From writing techniques to pitching clients, to the hottest time-management tools and technology, we keep you up to speed in this rapidly changing freelance landscape.

Each event is not only recorded, but also transcribed so you can read, watch or listen to the training, wherever you go.

Total value = $99

I made $225 in my first week

“I LOVED Maggie’s freelance training. It not only inspired me, but it gave me particular “to-do’s” that are attainable and make sense. In particular, I really appreciate the straightforward writing style; it’s an easy but packed read — packed full of practical ideas that are presented in a respectful but challenging way.

Maggie addresses the whole phenomenon of the aspiring writer’s “mindset.” She gives the reader an uplifting reminder that you are the only one that can be determined and decide to succeed. This was a turning point for me.

After taking Maggie’s advice, I realized that my fears really were holding me back and that I was the only one that could break free of them. So I resolved to get my freedom. I set about honing my skills and polished my writing — and then I just put myself out there. I submitted proposals, I refused to get discouraged, and kept referring back to Maggie’s information as I went along. I made $225 in my first week.

And then an amazing thing started to happen. I started to get clients. I never thought I would actually make it to this point. It took about six months to see strong results, but here I am, getting clients regularly, and even getting repeat clients.  I have my own online editing and writing business now called Eagle-Eye Editing. It’s a great, great feeling, and the rewards are definitely worth whatever struggle you go through on the way. I’m getting paid. And I’m getting paid by REPEAT clients. Her training made all the difference between me sitting and staring at the computer and actually putting my skills to work. I risked enough to “get out of my comfort zone,” as Maggie says, and it continues to pay off.  I really thought I couldn’t do this at one time. Now I’m confident enough to branch out and try my hand at assignments that would have been too daunting to me in the past. Thank you Maggie Linders for leading me out of a crushing sense of inability into an exhilarating sense of self-empowerment!!”

Let’s Recap:

Here’s What You’re Getting When You Join

The Freelance Profit Academy Today…

  • 8-Week Success Bootcamp

    Includes nearly 70 in-depth, over-the-shoulder videos taking you from total rookie to a successful freelance writer, in 8 weeks or less. If you are a seasoned freelance writer, this course could also easily take you to six figures in 8 weeks or less if you apply everything I teach.

$1,132 Value
  • Members-Only Job Opportunities

    Enjoy high quality, pre-screened freelance writing jobs delivered straight to your account each week, saving you hours of job hunting and giving you a safe, reliable resource for locking in the
    best writing jobs online.

$149 Value
  • Thriving Support Community

    Unlimited access to our private community packed full of writers, editors and teachers, offering you the
    practical help and moral support you need to reach your desired income.

$49 Value
  • Monthly Training Events

    Enjoy exclusive training events and hangouts and get up to speed on what’s working, what’s not working and where the next big opportunities are in the world of freelance writing.

$99 Value
    Total Value: $1,429

That’s A
Total Value Of $1,429 In Tools,

Training, And Personal Support.

But, You Can Get Access To The Freelance

Profit Academy Today For

Just $1!

Yes, that’s right…

… I want to give you a
7-day trial to The Freelance Profit Academy, which includes all the tools, the job opportunities, the step-by-step training and the personal support you need to succeed…

… for just $1.

Then, once your 7-day trial period is over, you can continue your membership to The Freelance Profit Academy for just
$29.95 per month.

That works out to just
96 cents per day to create a lifestyle that most people can only dream of.

Now when you join today, you’re also protected by our
60-day money-back guarantee.

If within 60 days you decide to cancel, you can also request a full refund if the program didn’t meet your expectations in any way and we’ll gladly process it for you, no questions asked.

That’s how confident I am that you’re going to love the Freelance Profit Academy.

I’m willing to take on
all the risk because I know that the value you’ll get is going to well exceed the small cost to maintain your membership.

Come Join Me For A 7-Day Trial For Only $1

Cancel any time. No contracts. No hidden fees.

You are getting: 8-Week Success Bootcamp | Members-Only job board

Private community | Monthly training events

Bonus: 6-Figure Freelance Writer Interviews

But wait, join us today and you’re also getting…

Bonus Interviews With 6-Figure

Freelance Writers!

Want to hear the
insider secrets from three super successful freelance writers who walk the walk every day?

Now you can sit back and listen in as
three of the world’s top freelance writers share their stories, their experiences, and all of their hard-won secrets to success.

You’ll hear from…

Within these 3 rare and candid interviews,
you’ll discover…

  • How writing isn’t the most valuable skill of a 6-figure freelance writer
  • The secret to getting big clients to approach and hire you, when everyone else is chasing and fighting over low-paid scraps
  • The importance of pacing and how it’s crucial to keeping current clients happy and avoiding one of the biggest problems that can easily end a freelance writer’s career without warning
  • The single biggest thing you can do to land almost any gig over the competition, even if you’re not the best writer on the table
  • The prospecting formula that gets clients to pay attention to you, even if they’re flat out busy (and why you should avoid templates like the plague)
  • How to mentally deal with a client that has issues with your work, so that you don’t burn your bridges or destroy your own soul
  • How to position yourself and your subject to automatically command higher rates than the low-paid, starving freelance writers that plague the low-quality job boards and freelance bidding websites (and how this also eliminates so much of the competition to make it far easier to land clients)
  • A real-life, prime example of personal branding done right (and why this matters possibly more than anything else you can do to land clients and beat the competition with your little finger)
  • How to structure a website that lands clients without confusion
  • 3 places to find free portfolio-building tools to create portfolios that look clean, trustworthy and get noticed
  • The 3 essential social media profiles that every self-respecting, client-hungry freelance writer needs to have if they want to get found and win clients online
  • The simplest trick to landing hassle-free clients that love you (and hire you over and over again)
  • The one common tool almost every single one of your competitors will overlook when it comes to winning new business (it’s not software or hacks, but it will put you leaps and bounds ahead of your closest competitors)
  • How to know exactly what to charge clients so that you stay well fed and your clients keep coming back for more
  • The “big picture” strategies to keeping the clients rolling in, and so that you never worry where the next paycheck is coming from

So what are you waiting for?

Freelance Lifestyle Is Closer Than You Think!

You’re just a few mouse clicks away from
all the training, tools, and support you need to reach your financial and lifestyle goals.

Whether you want to spend more time with your kids, take exotic vacations, or simply buy a bigger house in a better suburb…

…freelance writing can enable you to earn a solid income without answering to a boss, commuting to work, or being a slave to the clock.

The Freelance Profit Academy gives you

you need to succeed…

  • The step-by-step training (to land better-paid jobs, improve your writing, raise your rates, manage your time, and smash your deadlines)
  • The tools and systems (to automate tasks, get more done, and scale your business to six figures)
  • The support (to keep you on track, eliminate roadblocks, clear the confusion, and help you reach your goals)
  • The members-only job opportunities (to put paid work on your doorstep saving you hours hunting down jobs by yourself each day)
  • The top secret expert interviews (revealing a wealth of shortcuts, tricks and wisdom to help you get paid more, win better clients, and get more done in less time, from real writers who are living the dream)

60-Day Success Guarantee

You’ve got an entire 60 days to test drive the Freelance Profit Academy to see if it is right for you. If you don’t love what is waiting for you inside, for any reason, or no reason at all, you pay nothing.

When you order today, you’re also getting
3 private mp3 interviews from successful, six-figure freelance writers who reveal their biggest lessons they learned the hard way.

But you need to hurry. Spaces are limited so that I can ensure all my students get the time and attention they deserve.

Try It For 7 Days, For Just $1!

You are getting: 8-Week Success Bootcamp | Members-Only job board

Private community | Monthly training events

Bonus: 6-Figure Freelance Writer Interviews

But You Need To Hurry…

We have a
limited number of memberships we can give out before we have to close the doors. This isn’t a scarcity tactic. The reason we keep spaces limited is so that I can carefully monitor every single student’s progress, and be there for you when you need me.

If I allow too many aspiring writers through the door, I simply cannot offer the level of support you deserve.

I don’t like turning people away and I wish I could help every writer that wants to join us at The Freelance Profit Academy, but it’s just not possible, so I have to operate on a first-come, first-served system.

So don’t leave it to chance. I can’t guarantee the doors will remain open until tomorrow, or even an hour from now.

So click the order button below to join The Freelance Profit Academy today for
just $1, and test drive it for an
entire 7 days.

Then, it’s just
$29.95 per month to continue getting access to everything we talked about today.

Get Access For 7 Days For Just $1,

Before Spaces Are Full…

  • Our Flagship 8-week Online Training Course
  • Exclusive Job Board
  • Thriving Support Community
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